Friday, May 14, 2010

Survivor's Final Five Is Set - May 14, 2010

The final five is set on Survivor and what a season this has been. This ranks right up there with the best seasons ever. We're down to Parvati, Russell, Jerri, Colby, and Sandra. Russell continues to jump all around trying to figure out his best move to get to the end. That was aligning with Rupert and Colby on the last episode with his target being Parvati. Parvati winning immunity took that out of the equation. Then, the target turned to Sandra by several but she played her immunity idol. That sent Rupert home. I wasn't sure what to make of Rupert's exit interview as he said that this was the best he had ever felt about a Survivor win. I felt the opposite on Rupert's chances this season. The villains have outplayed him and the rest of the heroes. If Parvati hadn't won immunity, it would be interesting to see what would have happened. So, who wins? Well, I'll discuss my thinking on it. Some prediction type thoughts that will probably be completely wrong. LOL. I'll start with Russell. He has such a strong game play but his end game is terrible. This happened last season too. Strong throughout and he just can't finish it. You can't threaten and bully everyone at the end that you expect to vote for you to win. LOL. I just can't see him winning. Parvati. I'm still putting her as the odds on favorite to win. I've been pulling for her since Boston Rob's exit. She is going to have to keep winning immunities though cause she has a target on her. Jerri. I really think Jerri is going to make it to the final. I don't think she can win unless she is up against some players that have made and make some more really ugly moves to upset jury voters. Even then, I'm not sure. Sandra. Sandra is kind of a wild card. I could see her making the final. If there was a final three, I could see her getting second place of the votes. I don't know why I think that but it's just what I'm thinking. Colby. I just don't think he has a chance. The lone hero going against four villains determined to not have a hero in the final tribal council. I'll take a guess on who the final three will be (assuming there will be a final three). I'm going to go with Parvati, Russell, and Jerri. Parvati gets the win. I can't wait to watch the finale.

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