Friday, May 14, 2010

Chuck Gets Renewed!!, Alyssa Milano Fights For Her Show, Allison Mack Tribute, & More TV Notes - May 14, 2010

Wrath of Con PartyChuck has been renewed for season four!! Way to go Chuck fans on fighting for the show once again. NBC has officially given it a green light and this is before upfronts week even begins. We were down to the wire this year on waiting but not as bad as last year. The fans waged a big time fan campaign last spring to help get the show renewed. The show returned around time for the Winter Olympics. One of my favorite shows and I'm thrilled for it to be coming back.

ESPN the Magazine Presents 7th Annual Pre-Draft Party - ArrivalsAlyssa Milano found out via Twitter Thursday night that her show, Romantically Challenged had been cancelled. She was shocked to get the news that way. Can you imagine? Wow. Well, that was apparently news to her based on what she posted later on Twitter. She posted that she had spoken to ABC and that no decision had been made yet on the show's future. If you want to help support Romantically Challenged, she posted this on Twitter of ways to help: "We're going to post the latest news on the status of #RomanticallyChallenged on the @RomChallenged account. Again, no "official" word from ABC that #RomanticallyChallenged is canceled. Until we get official word let's just smile. CALL in your message of support for #RomanticallyChallenged at 818-460-7477 follow the voice prompts."You can follow Alyssa Milano on Twitter: @alyssa_milano

I loved reading this story. Fans of Allison Mack have put together a Chloe Sullivan Tribute commercial which aired tonight on The CW in Los Angeles. The project is called Legendary and has been in the making for several months now. Fans raised the money and scripted the commercial as well. The concept of the commercial was to talk about the character of Chloe Sullivan and what she has meant to fans of Smallville. The commercial covered many of the milestones in her life with fans holding up various pictures as they talked. The money was raised to buy the air time and the rest is history. I have seen the commercial and good for them on getting this project rolling. I'm used to just seeing fan paid ads getting in magazines, newspapers, and billboards so seeing one of these roll over to TV is a big accomplishment. I wonder if we may soon see a day where more fans do things like this for TV with fan campaigns and such. I'm all for it. You can check out more on the Legendary project at:

I'm currently in the middle of season two of Dollhouse but I just have to say that Summer Glau is golden with her guest starring on the show. She has been amazing in the episodes that I've seen.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, May 18. 21 Jump Street (Season Two), 30 Days (Season Three), California Dreams (Season Three), Hunter (Season Two), The Jeff Dunham Show (Full Series), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Year Five).

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