Friday, May 14, 2010

Smallville's Epic Battle Closes Out Season Nine - May 14, 2010

The showdown that we've been waiting for all season came to a head in the season nine finale of Smallville. Clark in his epic showdown with Zod and it was a lot of fun to watch. It only lasted a short time but visually it looked mighty impressive. This showdown needed to look good and it did. What a bunch of cliffhangers!! Clark decides to use the Book of Rao which will send all of the Kryptonians away to another planet. Yes, that includes Clark and he decides it is worth the sacrifice. Zod had other plans including blue kryptonite. After Zod's people left, he told Clark that he had no plan to leave. Zod's army had left Zod at that point though after Clark's revelation to them of how they had been lied to. Zod stabs Clark with the blue kryptonite. Zod gets zapped out of there and Clark is falling to the ground with the blue kryptonite in him. That was how the episode ended and it was a great cliffhanger. One of the better written ones in several seasons. I was surprised to see that Oliver was the one that was in trouble instead of Chloe. I fully expected there to be a major cliffhanger on what was going on with Chloe. So, who was it that attacked Oliver cause he spoke of how it wasn't who we expected? I liked the way Lois played into the finale with her having to figure out which blur was the true blur that she knew. I really had a feeling that Tess was a goner in this episode. Her character had just kind of reached its peak on what else you could do with her. I would have been shocked if she survived. Who was the person waiting outside her room and is that person tied to the ones that are attacking Oliver? My guess is yes. I have really enjoyed the last several episodes of Smallville. Checkmate was a nice villain to have along with Zod. Nice twist with Tess involved in that along with Chloe having to deal with her. I loved the stuff with Chloe realizing that she had gotten herself away from reality all together becoming one with Watchtower and how she was ready to live life again. I loved seeing Annette O'Toole back as Martha Kent. She did a great job returning to the show in that role. She ended up being a bigger player in the story than I expected. Perry White and Lois being paired up on them getting a story was fun TV to watch. Smallville will return for season ten this fall and I'm excited to see where they go with things.

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