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NBC Announces It's Plans For 2010-11 - May 17, 2010

NBC has announced their 2010-11 lineup at upfronts week which is now underway. For me, the main show on the lineup is the return of Chuck. I'm very happy about Chuck returning for season four. Gone is Law & Order but a new one is in the lineup with Law & Order: Los Angeles. Parks & Recreation is not on this fall lineup but will be returning in midseason. Here is what NBC has announced for the fall lineup.
All times are central time.
7pm - Chuck
8pm - The Event
9pm - The Chase

7-9pm - The Biggest Loser
9pm - Parenthood

7pm - Undercovers
8pm - Law & Order: SVU
9pm - Law & Order: Los Angeles

7pm - Community
7:30pm - 30 Rock
8pm - The Office
8:30pm - Outsourced
9pm - Love Bites

7pm - Who Do You Think You Are/School Pride
8pm - Dateline
9pm - Outlaw

New Shows:
The Chase (drama about U.S. marshals hunting down fugitives).
The Event (drama about a guy trying to find his fiancee' who has disappeared).
Love Bites (comedy about two girls who are the last singles in their group of friends).
Outlaw (drama starring Jimmy Smits about a Supreme Court justice who quits and goes back to private practice).
Outsourced (comedy about a company from the midwest having their call center outsourced to India).
Undercovers (drama about a husband and wife spy team who get back into the business when a friend goes missing).
The Cape (drama showing up at midseason about a cop who is framed for a bunch of murders. He has to go into hiding including being away from his wife and son. He returns as a superhero from his son's comic books).
School Pride (reality show about a school getting a makeover).
Friends With Benefits (comedy about dating).
Harry's Law (drama about how fate brings people together).
The Paul Reiser Show (comedy with Reiser playing himself. His TV show was canceled and he tries to figure out what to do next with his life).
Perfect Couples (couples trying to piece together the perfect relationship).

When looking over this lineup and cast, my first thought was just how many people from various favorite shows of mine are in different new series on NBC. From My Boys, Jordana Spiro and Kyle Howard are moving over to NBC. Jordana is in Love Bites while Kyle is on Perfect Couples. Kyle will have a guest starring spot on Love Bites however. Brittany Snow is in the new show, Harry's Law. Friends With Benefits has several actors that I'm familiar with including Ryan Hansen (Veronica Mars), Fran Kranz (Dollhouse), Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place), and Danneel Harris (One Tree Hill). I looked at the cast photo of that show and was amazed at all the familiar faces in it.

Overall thoughts. I just realized how little of NBC that I actually watch by looking over this lineup. They have me for Chuck every week  Other than that, I don't really have any shows on NBC that I watch every week. I do like Parenthood but I've only seen a couple of episodes. I plan on catching up on that show. Who Do You Think You Are is a fun show that I've seen a couple episodes of it too. As far as the new shows, I have watched the trailers of several of them. The Cape could be all right and I did like the trailer for Perfect Couples. There really isn't anything new on NBC that has me really excited though. I'll be interested to see how Love Bites does. The casting is good with Jordana Spiro and Becki Newton and I like the guest star concept. You obviously have to keep an eye on any JJ Abrams project so Undercovers will have attention on it.

I thought I'd pick out a couple of the trailers for viewing and here are a couple of my favorites:
The Cape

Perfect Couples

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