Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Crowns Its Million Dollar Winner - May 16, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains has come to a finish and what a season it was. The finale was a lot of fun and had me on the edge of my seat. I was stunned with the winner obviously. I was SO CLOSE to picking the winner but yet so far away. I had picked Parvati to win about halfway through the season. When Boston Rob went out, I jumped and put my support behind Parvati. Anyway, let's get back to how the finale played out. The first immunity challenge of the finale was played. Parvati wins another immunity challenge which likely saved herself. Colby goes home leaving four villains in the final four. That gets us to the challenge which ends up in a three way battle for the win. Parvati, Russell, and Jerri were all right there for the win within seconds of each other. Incredible finish. Russell wins immunity and the talk is between Jerri and Parvati on who to vote out. Russell told Sandra that he was keeping her cause he could beat her in the final three. Remember that for later. Russell told Parvati and Jerri that he was voting for the other person to go. I really thought that he would take Jerri to the final three. I was already sitting on the couch bummed that Parvati was about to go home. Then, the vote goes for Jerri and she goes home. I was stunned!! My first thought was to laugh and say that Russell had just given away the money. He then had no chance at it. I thought he had a better chance against Jerri and Sandra. After the finale was over, I think that he didn't have a chance period. Russell again goes into his trash talking before the final tribal council just like last season. The jury questioning goes pretty harsh against Russell as expected. Parvati gets respect for how she played for the most part especially winning challenges. Sandra gets some big credit from Courtney and Rupert. Rupert talked of how he should have pulled Sandra in. She had earlier talked about how she wanted to make a move but the heroes kept slamming the door on her. Rupert saw it as a huge mistake that they didn't bring her in when she was trying to make moves. So, the voting goes down and Russell gets no votes. I'm not sure what the final vote was but Sandra edges out the win over Parvati. She becomes the only Survivor to win the game twice. I was stunned!! I thought Parvati had it wrapped up.

Overall thoughts on how the finale turned out. It went like I thought it would except for the winner. I thought Parvati had it locked and I was stunned when she lost. I just didn't think Sandra would get enough votes when you had two people up there that played such strong games. I thought Parvati should have won and I really am thinking that she is going to have to be mentioned in that category of best Survivor players ever. She has had the longest stay on Survivor which is now over 100 days total. She was a major player and played the best overall game as far as I'm concerned this season. She just lost it at the end. She did well with the final tribal council and made some major moves in this game. Major threat in the challenges too. Russell. Oh, Russell. It went exactly as last time with him getting to the end but losing. I said this last week but he has a great game play to an extent. His end game is one of the worst ever. He was rambling like crazy about how he should have won and how the game is flawed. He wants America to decide on who wins. Russell, that is part of the game. You have to figure out how to do all this game play but yet get the jury to vote for you in the end. Many have played really dirty games but yet got the jury to vote for them for the win. The game isn't flawed. Russell's end game is flawed. If he could put an end game to the rest of his game, he'd be a major force. You can't bully, threaten, and treat people horribly that you expect to vote for you in the end of this game. He's a great game player till he gets closer to the end. With Sandra, she definitely wanted to make some moves in this game but couldn't get people to go with her. She said recently that she was stuck with Russell cause she couldn't get anyone to sway. It was yet another capper on how bad the heroes played this season cause things might have been different if they would have listened to her.

The reunion show was very entertaining. Russell was furious over his loss and just would not back down. Sandra was very proud of the win and talking trash to Russell over it. LOL. I was watching Parvati wondering if she was going to be stuck in the middle of this war. Great to hear comments from the rest of the cast. Boston Rob threw out a challenge to Russell on his thoughts of how things would go down if they played again. The player of the season vote went down and it came down to Russell and Rupert. Russell won the $100,000. JT was given the award voted on by fans of the dumbest move in Survivor history with his letter being given to Russell. I should mention too that JT got very close to putting that letter in the fire on the reunion show. Russell had it laminated and JT got a hand on it. Amanda was brought up with her game play. She is such a great game player but is just so nice. I really think she is too nice for this game and that is a major compliment to her. Also, she was the only one on the heroes tribe that had a clue at times. LOL. She was the only one that questioned bad moves from time to time including the letter by JT. She had the most logical quote at the time of it happening where she said that it was a bad idea and that they had no clue what was going on over on the other tribe. Stephenie was interviewed and I still say that is the point where it all went downhill for the heroes. They lost a physical threat early on and that was the first of their bad mistakes. A definite sign of things to come. I want to give major credit to Jerri for getting to the final four after playing for three seasons. She did really well this season and I was happy to see it. A nice tribute to Jenn Lyon on the reunion show. She passed away recently and it was really sad news to hear. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. At the ending, we got the announcement that Survivor will next take place in Nicaragua. The new season will kick off in the fall.

What a great season. I don't know where this ranks overall but it ranks really high on the list of great seasons. Thanks to all the Survivor cast for giving us such a great season!! The game play this season left me speechless at times. We had our favorites to cheer for and our favorites to cheer against. What was funny is that a lot of the ones that I went against in previous seasons ended up being favorites of mine this season and vice versa. It reminds me of Big Brother All Stars with how that happened for me with that season too. I was excited for this season when I heard it was an all stars edition and it delivered. It lived up to every bit of the hype and more.

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