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Fox's Plans For 2010-11 - May 18, 2010

Fox 2010 Programming Presentation Post Party New York CityFox has announced their plans for next season and I like some of their moves. One being American Idol. I love American Idol but there are weeks where the show is too much. We don't need one hour results shows every week. They announced that the performance shows of Idol would move to 90 minutes while the results shows would be thirty minutes. I love that. No word from Fox on any ideas on who will replace Simon Cowell. There are some new shows from Fox which I will not tune into and that isn't the fault of the shows. It's the fault of the network. I've said this every year but I don't watch new shows on Fox unless they have the name Joss Whedon attached to them. Fox is notorious for canceling new shows so fast that they will make your head spin. I've been burned too many times by Fox in the past with getting interested in new shows only to have them throw it out quickly. Glee is going to get the big post Super Bowl time slot which should be great for that show. I think that is a good show to put in that time slot. I've always said that you need to put a new up and coming show in that time slot which had me baffled on why CBS didn't go with some of their comedies earlier this year when they had the Super Bowl. Glee is gaining major steam so it is a good show to put there. That is pretty much the major news out of Fox.

Here is the fall schedule for Fox.
7pm - House
8pm - Lonestar

7pm - Glee
8pm - Raising Hope
8:30pm - Running Wilde

7pm - Lie To Me
8pm - He**'s Kitchen

7pm - Bones
8pm - Fringe

7pm - Human Target
8pm - The Good Guys

7pm - 8pm Cops
8pm - America's Most Wanted

6pm - NFL Post Game
7pm - The Simpsons
7:30pm - The Cleveland Show
8pm - Family Guy
8:30pm - American Dad

New shows.
Lonestar (Drama about a guy who schemes and lives a double life in Texas. Married to one woman in one life and with a girlfriend in his other life while scheming money).
Raising Hope (comedy about a guy who visits his girlfriend in prison and finds out that she has had their baby. He takes over in raising the baby).
Running Wilde (comedy starring Will Arnett and Keri Russell about a playboy type guy trying to win over the woman that he has loved since childhood who lives a completely different lifestyle than he does).
Bob's Burgers (animated comedy about a family running a burger restaurant).
Mixed Signals (comedy about friends trying to figure out whether they want to be tied down in relationships or not).
Ride-Along (drama which follows a police department in Chicago. Scripted drama of course).
Terra Nova (drama with such producers as Steven Spielberg and David Fury among others involved. The story is about a family going back in time to prehistoric times to try and save humans.)

I have watched several of the trailers for the new shows and here are a few of my favorites. I do think Running Wilde has potential and liked what I saw of it. I was hoping for a preview of Terra Nova but can't find it if it exist cause it has all sorts of potential with the crew behind it. Anyway, here are a few trailers to watch of some of the new shows that caught my attention.

Running Wilde


Mixed Signals

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