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Looking Back At Six Seasons Of Lost - May 23, 2010

Lost Premiere On The BeachWhen I look back at Lost, I have so many great memories of it. Has there ever been a show that messes with your mind so much? Just when you think you have something figured out, you know nothing!! I remember the first time that I thought I had called something right and then it was proven wrong within minutes. LOL. Characters we loved and didn't like. Jack was the hero and leader from the beginning. Kate was the girl next door that you figured out quickly wasn't as innocent as she appeared. Sawyer was a character that I couldn't stand from the beginning and then he grew into my favorite character after a couple of seasons. Hurley was that lovable character that you just have to like. The episode with him winning the lottery and learning his background is still one of my favorites. Ben Linus. What can be said about him? What an incredible character and one of the best written characters that I've ever seen. We've been watching him for so many seasons now and we still can't figure him out. We got TV gold every time that he would appear in a scene with Locke. The way that those two characters played off of each other was great. You just always waited for that dry and smarty comment from Ben and then Locke would throw it right back at him. I've always liked Locke and really want to see a good ending for him. It's a sad ending for him on the island so far where he finally felt like he had a purpose to his life but yet it all ends badly. Now, Jack is in the position of fighting for what Locke believed in all along despite always arguing with him about it I guess I just still hold out hope for a happy ending for Locke, somehow, someway. Desmond is a favorite of mine and I'm still waiting to see what he does to finish up this story. We were introduced to Desmond in the hatch where the story took a really bizarre twist to start season two with the button.

A couple of amazing episodes that jump out at me are these two. I was going to do a list of my favorite episodes but realized it would be hard to do cause there are so many great ones.

Through The Looking Glass: Not Penny's Boat. That is always what I think of with this episode with Charlie's finale. Then, the Oceanic crew appears to be saved but what will that call for help do for them and who is on what side? The most awesome moment of the episode for me was the ending of it. We get the flashback scene with Jack and I'm trying to figure out where this scene places in his timeline. Then, Kate arrives. I'm thinking when did they meet each before the island? One problem. This isn't a flashback scene. It's a flash forward scene with Jack and Kate being off of the island. I will never forget how floored that I was when that was revealed to be a future scene instead of what we were used to with flashbacks.

The Pilot: The show opened up huge with the incredible crash scene that would put a lot of movies to shame with how great that it looked. That would set the scene for the wild ride that we were about to be taken on. This incredible thrill ride of the two hour premiere had us all in awe wondering what that sound was coming from the jungle?, what attacked the pilot?, what was up with that Locke guy?, Kate was the person being escorted???!!!, and the great twist at the end where they found the repeated radio signal.

The producers have always come up with great ways to reveal stories such as us learning that Locke was paralyzed before arriving on the island. We've had incredible moments including Michael, Jin, and Sawyer getting ambushed by the "others" as they went for help with Walt being captured (Wallllllllllllltttttt!!!), the shocker of Michael trying to save Walt and then shooting Ana Lucia and Libby, the drama of the "others" trying to get Claire's baby, the awesome reveal of that Jack was now full negotiator while leaving Ben on the operating table helpless, Ben not saving Alex, the reveal of the "others" on the island, learning just how evil Ben is when its revealed that he took out the Dharma Initiative, the shocker of Sayid shooting a young Ben Linus, and so many, many more. There have been fun moments on the island as well including learning that Sun could speak English, Hurley working on the van, trying to figure out why in the world Richard doesn't age, and more. Having the wrong person moving the island can result in major headaches in the time traveling kind. I LOVED the early episodes of season five as we saw the characters traveling through time. We saw things happen in real time of what we had only heard stories about, saw characters in the younger days, and got to see the history of the island as it happened. How awesome was it when that plane flew over Locke's head and you realized that it was Eko's brother's plane going down? The show did an incredible job of messing with the timeline of the island. Faraday and his gang arrived and the decision was made to try and change things in history. Did it change things or was that how it was supposed to turn out? We had the romance moments with Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, Jin and Sun, and the great reunion moment of Desmond and Penny. There are so many other random things too that were fun to follow on the show such as random crash survivors suddenly getting lines which meant one thing...their demise would be happening in a few minutes. LOL. Am I the only one that can get triggered easily into singing "You Are Everybody"? There are so many random moments that I could go over in the history of Lost but it is so incredible to think back on it. This show has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions for six seasons. Will we get all of our answers? No, we will not. Hopefully, we get a great wrap up to the story of all of these people and this island. How will the two realities play into one another? So many many questions....and only two and a half hours to get them.

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