Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Series Finale Recap & Thoughts - May 23, 2010

Lost has sadly come to an end. I watched the finale at a local theatre which was a lot of fun. Fun get together and it was great to watch with a group. You could literally hear a pin drop during the final scene as we all watched to see how it was playing out. I still need some time to digest everything but I plan on listening to a lot of discussion among fans. It will be interesting to hear theories and all. We got some questions answered but a lot of the finale is going to be left to interpretation. We had the two different universes going on seemingly. On the island, Desmond was used by the man in black to shut off the power source of the island. The island started shaking and all while Desmond seemed to be done. The power source left Jack and the man in black vulnerable. The final battle between them took place with Kate helping to finish off the man in black. Jack recruits Hurley to take care of the island passing off power to him as Jack goes back to restart the island. Jack does so but finds Desmond alive. Desmond is pulled to safety by Hurley and Ben while we see Jack later out in the open much like the man in black was after his experience inside the power source. At this point, I actually suggested that maybe Jack was going to be the new smoke monster but be a good spirit going around the island. However, Jack stumbles and passes away with Vincent by his side. What about the rest of the group? Well, Kate, Sawyer, and Claire got on the plane with Lapidus, Miles, and Richard. We saw them fly over Jack as he laid on the ground. What became of them is not known. In the alternate world, we saw the group all connecting with one another and suddenly seeing flashes of their island experience. The reunion is on from there and it was definitely focusing on the couples most of the time. About time we saw Shannon this season as she was a part of the reunion. Jack did surgery on Locke and he was able to walk again. The ending scene has the group gathered at the church and it appears that they have passed on to Heaven. Well, it was like they were about to go on there. They were all waiting on one another to go as a group is what it seemed especially with the comments of "we've been waiting for you". It was a powerful scene and there is going to be a lot of talk about who was not included in that scene. What happened to Miles, Lapidus, and others? No Michael in it either which was explained by Harold Perrineau on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the finale. He felt that Michael's fate had already been told with him stuck on the island whispering forever. So, the question is when did the group pass away? We know some obviously but what about the rest? What happened with Hurley and Ben? They referred to how great of a team that they were in that last scene. How come Aaron was a baby in that last scene? The show is now over and we're still trying to dissect everything. Interesting finale for sure and I'm looking forward to listening to all of the discussion of what happened. Watching the finale with a group was a LOT of fun. Tomorrow starts the mourning time of not having this show around anymore. Lost has concluded and it gave us a thrill ride of moments over six seasons.

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