Thursday, May 20, 2010

CW Unveils Its Plans For 2010-11, Schedule Changes Coming - May 20, 2010

2010 The CW Network UpFrontThe CW upfronts were held today and there is a lot of moving and shaking on that network. Actually, the pairings that they have going on does make sense. It's just a matter of whether new nights will help or hurt shows. I'm sure that Supernatural fans are freaking out right now just like all of us Smallville fans were last season with the move to Friday. I do like a pairing of Smallville and Supernatural. Friday is just a lousy night obviously. The official announcement was made about Smallville being done after next year and Tom Welling was in attendance. Dawn Ostroff did say that Allison Mack would appear in multiple episodes next season. One can only hope. Melrose Place is the big cancellation of the season after last year's much hyped return at the upfronts.

Here is the CW schedule for the fall. All times are central.

7pm - 90210
8pm - Gossip Girl

7pm - One Tree Hill
8pm - Life Unexpected

7pm - America's Next Top Model
8pm - H***cats

7pm - The Vampire Diaries
8pm - Nikita

7pm - Smallville
8pm - Supernatural

New Shows:
H***cats (drama produced by Tom Welling and starring Ashley Tisdale. Pre-law student loses her scholarship and has to join the cheerleading team to help her be able to stay in school. I really think that this show has the most potential out of the two new shows.)
Nikita (drama about a teenage girl being saved from death row by the government to become a spy and assassin.)

Overall thoughts. Interesting moves and they are definitely pairing up shows that go after similar genres. 90210 and Gossip Girl paired together. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected. Smallville and Supernatural. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected are back for 13 episodes each. I wish it was more but what can you do? Ostroff did leave the door open for there to be more episodes of each. I'm happy that they're back especially with being bubble shows.

Here are the videos for the two new shows mentioned:

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