Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Countdown To The Lost Finale - May 18, 2010

It's all down to the finale on Lost. Tonight's episode had a transfer of power while Desmond continues to get something together off of the island in Los Angeles. Good episode tonight. Jacob met with the final four candidates. I assumed that Jack would become the new Jacob and that is what happened. So, the names for replacement candidates were picked because he saw them as lonely and that they didn't have anything else going in their life. I did laugh at the simplicity of why Kate's name was crossed off of the list. Because she's a mother. Yep, that simple after all the fans' theories on why. LOL. He left it up to them on who wanted it and Jack took it. And, Ben Linus is back. I'm talking about the Ben we've all been used to on this show. Ben Linus has paired up with Not Locke. It was funny that he was offered the island by Not Locke and Ben told him right where Charles was. However, Ben gets his revenge on Charles. Not Locke goes for information from Charles after he threatens Penny's safety. Then, Ben shoots Charles saying that Charles doesn't get to save his daughter in obvious reference to what happened with Ben and Alex. Wow. That was a powerful scene. We did find out that Desmond was brought back as Jacob's fail safe in case the other candidates didn't work out. Off the island, Desmond appears to be working on a reunion of the survivors at Jack's kid's concert. We are definitely seeing major signs in this alternate Los Angeles reality of how they and the island are still linked based on Jack bleeding in the bathroom, Ben having flashbacks of Desmond punching him in the other reality, and Locke being told that he needs to "let go". So, how does this show end? UGLY. I have a feeling it is going to be ugly and sad. How many survivors will we have? Not Locke did say that he was going to destroy the island at the end of the episode. I have no idea with predictions on how it is going to end. I'm excited but sad waiting for the finale. What an incredible show and I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

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