Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CBS Does A Lot Of Moving For 2010-11 - May 19, 2010

CBS has people talking for sure with their news this week. I'm not sure that it is for the better either. I know I'm not happy with a lot of their decisions. First, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Cold Case, Accidentally On Purpose, The New Adventures Of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, and Miami Medical have all been canceled. It will be interesting to see if ABC tries to pick up Christine as there has been talk every year of them picking the show up if CBS dropped it. My annoyance with CBS is obviously with two shows, Big Bang Theory and Survivor. Both are being moved to other nights. Umm, why??!! This spells disaster for so many shows and I hope that it doesn't here. Shows build an audience where they are and people get used to it. You move it to another night ready to make it go boom and then it fizzes cause people don't follow it over. Is Thursday night on NBC with their comedies really that much of a threat that CBS had to build a comedy Thursday? That also moves Survivor to Wednesdays. Why again??!! All of us Survivor fans have been accustomed to watching the show for all these years on Thursday. Now, we're moving to Wednesday? Annoying. Just plain annoying CBS. CSI New York is being moved to a tough time slot on Friday nights. This network has been so strong in recent years so I just don't understand why they are making moves like this.

New Shows:
$#*! My Dad Says (comedy based off of the Twitter account of the same thing. Interesting to see if they can turn this idea into a successful comedy)
Blue Bloods (drama about a family that is based around the NYPD starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg).
The Defenders (comedy starring Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi about two Las Vegas defense attorneys)
Hawaii Five-O (remake of the old series about fighting crime in Hawaii)
Mike and Molly (comedy starring Billy Gardel and Melissa McCarthy about a cop and a teacher who fall in love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting).
Criminal Minds Spinoff (title says it all)

Here is their fall lineup. All times are central.

7pm - How I Met Your Mother
7:30pm - Rules Of Engagement
8pm - Two and a Half Men
8:30pm - Mike and Molly
9pm - Hawaii Five-O

7pm - NCIS
8pm - NCIS: Los Angeles
9pm - The Good Wife

7pm - Survivor
8pm - Criminal Minds
9pm - The Defenders

7pm - The Big Bang Theory
7:30pm - $#I! My Dad Says
8pm - CSI
9pm - The Mentalist

7pm - Medium
8pm - CSI: NY
9pm - Blue Bloods

7pm - Crimetime Saturday
8pm - Crimetime Saturday
9pm - 48 Hours Mystery

6pm - 60 Minutes
7pm - The Amazing Race
8pm - Undercover Boss
9pm - CSI: Miami

I've pretty much voiced my overall opinion on CBS. Definitely some risky moves going on and I just don't know if they're going to pay off. They're going to annoy some viewers with their moving shows around.

Here are some videos of a couple of the new shows that grabbed my attention out of the pack.
The Defenders

Blue Bloods

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