Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lucas Gives Kudos To Lost, Heroes Canceled, ABC & NBC Renewals & Cancellations - May 15, 2010

ABC's Lost Live: The Final Celebration - ArrivalsLost Live: The Final Celebration was held on Thursday night in Los Angeles with the creators, cast, and more in attendance. This letter has been posted online and I had to share it too. George Lucas sent a congratulatory letter over to the producers of Lost, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. The letter was read out loud at the celebration.. Here is what the letter had to say: "Congratulations on pulling off an amazing show. Don't tell anyone ... but when 'Star Wars' first came out, I didn't know where it was going either. The trick is to pretend you've planned the whole thing out in advance. Throw in some father issues and references to other stories -- let's call them homages -- and you've got a series. In six seasons, you've managed to span both time and space, and I don't think I'm alone in saying that I never saw what was around the corner. Now that it's all coming to an end, it's impressive to see how much was planned out in advance and how neatly you've wrapped up everything. You've created something really special. I'm sad that the series is ending, but I look forward to seeing what you two are going to do next." After it was read, Lindelof got laughs when he said, "I just want to apologize to Mr. George Lucas for everything I said about the prequels". LOL. I had to share that funny moment. We're just about one week away from the big finale and I'm excited for it yet sad at the same time.

Well, so much for ABC's hopes of FlashForward being the new Lost. ABC has cancelled the show after its first season. I watched the first several episodes of the show and it was interesting. It just didn't grab me for a long term viewing. I quit watching and just never got back around to watching it. ABC also cancelled Scrubs so its run on a new network is now over. V was renewed by ABC and I hear good things about it. I've been intending on checking it out but haven't gotten to yet. I didn't watch the old series so it would be brand new to me.

Lots of moving and shaking with cancellations and renewals. NBC also cancelled Law & Order which was big news. Heroes was also cancelled. The Heroes cancellation was kind of a middle ground for me as far as cancellation. Season four of the show was stronger than season three so that was a nice welcomed change. Season three was such a mess and hard to follow. Season four slowed down and was much better. It's such a shame with how things ended up with Heroes overall as far as quality. That first season was so great!! People were into it and loved it. It was great TV and I just couldn't wait until the next episode. Then, it just fell from there. NBC also cancelled their new shows, Trauma and Mercy. NBC is definitely looking at going with several new shows next year.

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