Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 Superman Celebration Lineup Announced - Metropolis, IL

The 2010 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL will take place on the dates of June 10-13, 2010. This will be the 32nd Annual Superman Celebration. The celebrity lineup has been announced and it is an exciting one. In attendance this year will be Laura Vandervoort who starred as Kara/Supergirl on Smallville in season eight. She did make an appearance during season nine as a guest star as well. Speaking of season nine, Sam Witwer will be in attendance at the Celebration. He played the role of Doomsday on Smallville. Two big stars from Smallville and that is very exciting. Noel Neill will return to Metropolis this year as well. This is the year that the Lois Lane statue will be unveiled after the groundbreaking last year. You can currently buy engraved bricks where you can be a part of the statue. The statue will be unveiled on June 11. The deadline to order a brick that would be in place in time for the unveiling of the statue is April 16. You can get more info on that at: For more info on the Superman Celebration, head over to:

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