Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stephenie Voted Off On Survivor, Locke vs. "Not" John Locke On Lost - February 23, 2010

I haven't had much time to work on the site this week but wanted to get my thoughts up on last week's Survivor and Lost.

Survivor last week. One reaction, UGH!!!!! I was so disappointed!! Most annoyed that I have been with someone being voted out since I can remember. Stephenie is one of my favorite castaways of all time and seeing her get voted out was especially frustrating. The treatment that she got on the way out didn’t make it any better. Let’s start from the beginning. We had Boston Rob collapsing early on the episode from exhaustion. He was unconscious at one point and was checked on by the medical team. He was given the ok and he was back to his normal self in a few minutes. I loved his line of that this was where trying to be the nice guy had gotten him and now it was back to the old Boston Rob. I have this feeling that I may be cheering for him as the game goes along. The immunity challenge takes place with the tribes having to do some heavy lifting while also solving a puzzle at the same time. JT is the one to call the shots on the Heroes tribe since he had competed in this same challenge previously. However, it didn’t go well overall with too many voices being heard. So, the Heroes lose and James goes off about it. Stephenie talked about how she wanted to call him back out but couldn’t at this point in the game. James and Rupert put a target on Stephenie to be voted out. The others know what is going on and try to put a target on Amanda hoping to get numbers to vote her out. Tribal council takes place and James goes right at Stephenie. It was just downright bully tactics by him. Kudos to Colby and Tom who both stood up for her and went right back at him. He pointed out how Stephenie had to be the reason that they lost and picking on her for how her tribe lost everything in another season with her being the only one. He used her as the common denominator. Ok James. So what is your excuse going to be the next time that you lose? Still Stephenie’s fault? I was really hoping that since James was bringing up her past moments where she fought alone in the game that she would bring up his shining moments of, hey, why don’t you go find an immunity idol to not use? LOL. He really came off as a jerk in this episode. First one of the Heroes that I liked in other seasons that has now went over to the dark side for me. So annoyed. I wanted to throw something when I saw her voted out. LOL.

Last week’s Lost followed John Locke and “not” John Locke. LOL. Really good episode. We saw John’s journey after leaving LAX. Helen was still with him and he ended up being fired from his job. The owner of the company that fired him was Hurley. Hurley gave him a direct number to an agency to get him another job and the person that ended up helping him, Rose. Now, how does Ben Linus end up there in that teacher’s lounge? That completely messed me up. Back to “not” John Locke on the island. I loved that Sawyer recognized immediately that he wasn’t John. So, was that kid on the island supposed to be Aaron? That would go back to the whole thing of how the kid might be important to the story. The kid told “not” John Locke to not kill Sawyer while Richard came out of the jungle to warn Sawyer about how dangerous this guy was. Interesting ending with the revelation of the cave.

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