Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thoughts On Survivor, Lost, & More - May 5, 2010

What a season that Survivor has been this year!! These players are cutthroat and are making big move after big move. Just like Big Brother All Stars, I've found myself cheering people that I didn't like in previous seasons. For instance, I started cheering the villains after just a couple of weeks. The heroes tribe has just been played so badly and have looked so bad. I vented early on about Stephenie being voted off and that should have been a clue as to how this was going to go with the heroes tribe. They have been clueless for the most part. I actually think the only good player on the heroes tribe for most of the season has been Amanda. She has actually talked rational during a lot of her interviews throughout the season. For instance, we have JT and crew deciding that there was an all girls alliance going on with the villains. You don't know that. There is no way to know that. Amanda was the only one to speak up and say that there is no way for them to know what is going on over there. The rest were all convinced of it and went for it. I could not believe the whole deal with Russell being given the immunity idol and the letter that was written. Do not show this to anyone and then he shows it immediately. Wow, I don't know what JT was thinking there. I loved his line of "now they're giving me idols" saying that he doesn't even have to find them anymore. Speaking of Russell, the showdown with him and Boston Rob was one that finally came to a head. I was bummed to see how it played out obviously as I was cheering for Boston Rob to win the whole thing. Since then, I moved over to Parvati. Parvati for the win. Parvati playing the two idols and giving them away at tribal council was an awesome move!! I wish I had a camera on my face when it happened. Then, she played Russell too with him not knowing that she had that idol. Last week had Amanda being voted off which was frustrating. The battle with the idol clue with her and Danielle was funny. I can say that I've never quite seen anything like that during Survivor. I read an interview with Amanda last week on where she talked of how she didn't know the rules of claims to clues. If she had it to do over, she said she'd take the clue and run in the bathroom. Read it and then flush it. LOL. Bummed to see her voted off as she was the only one on the heroes tribe that I like.

Lost is nearing the end of its run. The producers posted on Twitter yesterday that they have finished the finale. ABC has actually added an extra half hour to the finale. 2 and a half hours for the finale. Add on to that the 2 hour retrospective and the post finale stuff and you have a full night of Lost to watch. I haven't been as crazy about this season but it's mostly cause we're trying to figure out where they are going. I think the last two or three episodes have been really good. The alternate reality stuff has been kind of hit or miss for me this year. Not crazy about the Sawyer as a cop deal. Not sure how that plays into anything. Now, the stuff with Jack and Locke has been good with them running into each other at various places including Jack wanting to do surgery on Locke to fix him up. What has been really wild this season is the way they play Not Locke and Charles off of each other. They keep you guessing on who is on the right side of things. Not Locke sure made his play last night with the sub. That was an intense episode. Kate gets shot, Sayid sacrifices himself, Jin and Sun stay on the sinking sub. I was thinking during the first part of the episode that we'd probably better get prepared for them to start killing off characters with it being so close to the end and they killed off three last night. I'm waiting to see how Desmond plays into all of this as he has to be a big player. Make no doubt about it. This is not going to end pretty.

I have gotten out of American Idol this season. I watched for a while until they got to the final group. I'm just not crazy about the talent this year and I just faded out. I'm apparently not the only one that has faded out as the ratings have fallen some this season including them being overtaken by Dancing With The Stars in the ratings.

I got caught up on The Big Bang Theory this week. Really funny episodes. I loved the Stan Lee episode with Sheldon. Great stuff there. Raj's audio thing that he was wearing was hilarious. The Law & Order sound cracked me up as they talked about Sheldon's legal trouble. I also loved the Lord Of The Rings ring episode with the guys all battling over ownership of it. Will Wheaton returns and drives Sheldon nuts....again. That Will Wheaton joke needs to keep running cause it is so funny. You can make a really funny long running gag out of that.

How does Julia Louis-Dreyfus' get her name misspelled on her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Shouldn't that be checked thoroughly before it is made?

Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. Got to love that!!

Number one at the box office last weekend was A Nightmare On Elm Street. The new movie from that series of films did $32.2 million at the box office.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, May 11. Darla (Full Series), Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (Season Five), My Wife and Kids (Season Two), Raising The Bar (Season Two), thirtysomething (Season Three).

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