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NBC/Comcast, Survivor, Top TV Of Decade, Music, Dollhouse Returns, Heroes, & More - December 3, 2009

The news that everyone is talking about today is the merger between NBC and Comcast. The deal is worth $30 billion with Comcast owning the majority of it while GE will have the minority of 49%. Jeff Zucker will become CEO. So, what will happen here with NBC? Any changes? There has to be changes cause NBC has been bad for a while now overall. Keep in mind that this merger includes all of the NBC family involving the cable networks as well. I really am not sure what this is going to mean for everyone involved. It will be an interesting story to follow. I’m beginning to wonder if this is why NBC programming suddenly started showing up on Comcast On Demand in recent months?? LOL. This merger may end up changing a lot of things in the industry. We’ll have to wait and see.

Moving on to Survivor. Another episode, another blindside. This has turned into quite the season and Russell has been right in the middle of it. Whether you like him or don’t like him, he has made this season very entertaining. Last week was a recap episode so I’ll refresh on the last happenings. The Galu members lost their third member in Laura when Russell got John to flip. Tonight’s episode opened with one of my favorite happenings of every season, the Survivor auction. This is always fun to see what people will pay even on items that they have no clue what are. Natalie started it big by throwing $200 down immediately for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some paid big money for the hopes of something big being in the surprise plates but it didn’t go well for Shambo or Dave. Mick threw all of his money, $500, at a cheeseburger, fries, and more. It was really funny. Jaison decided to step up for his tribe and went for the assist in the future immunity challenge spending all of his $500 on it. John bid $200 for a hidden immunity idol clue which was useless cause Russell already has it. The final thing to be auctioned was a piece of apple pie. John won it and then he was then given the option of giving up his piece of pie and exchanging it for a full pie which could be shared by four other people. He would get none. The obvious answer was that he would probably trade but he didn’t. LOL. Russell talked about what a lousy game move that was which included John saying that he was confident no one was going to vote him out over a piece of pie. This is where the drama kicked in. Shambo had to cook the chickens and her way of cooking them did not sit well with Dave. Dave spoke up about it and Shambo put a big target on him after that. It looked like Dave was going home. Then we get to the immunity challenge. It was a strength competition with them having to hold a rope by various knots which are hanging on to a log. They continue to have to move up a knot after each time break making the leverage of holding it harder. Jaison’s advantage was that he was able to move up a couple of knots if need be which would loosen the pressure. He took advantage of it quickly. It came down to Jaison, Natalie, Dave, and Mick. Mick and Natalie went out and then so did Dave. Jaison wins immunity. We are then shown that John is looking for the hidden immunity idol. He and Russell end up talking game strategy and the talk turns to John saying that he knew that Russell had the idol. Russell admitted to it and Russell pointed out that he had to get rid of John now since he knew. LOL. Here comes the flip. Shambo still thought Dave was the target. Russell told Dave that he was the target but that his new target was John while also telling Foa Foa of the new plan. Jaison was not on board with it mentioning how they were going to do to Shambo what Galu had done to her already. Russell was sure that he could smooth things over with her. So, we get to tribal council and here comes the blindside. John gets voted out with seven votes with one vote going to Mick and the other to Dave. Yeah, Shambo was stunned. Yet another blindside. On a side note to close this out, isn’t it good to see that Erik is in a much better mood now arriving at tribal council? LOL. He still has an angered look like he was the last one voted out. Great episode tonight.

With the final season of Lost getting closer, it is time for the most recent season to be released on DVD. Season five is released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday and there are two versions of the set. You can get the regular set or get the Dharma Initiation Kit which is more expensive but you will get more extra stuff. If you want to see all the goodies that you get in the Dharma kit, here is a link:

With the decade coming to a close, Reuters has released the list of the top ten most watched TV episodes of this decade. It’s funny because I was only part of a very few of these. Here is the list.
1. Friends – The Series Finale – 5/6/04 – 52.5 miliion viewers
2. Survivor – First Season Finale – 8/23/00 – 51.7 million viewers
3. Joe Millionaire – Finale – 2/17/03 – 40 million viewers
4. ER – All In The Family Episode – 2/17/00 – 39.4 million viewers
5. American Idol – Season Six Premiere – 1/16/07 – 38.1 million viewers
6. Grey’s Anatomy – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Episode – 2/5/06 – 38 million viewers
7. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – 5/3/00 – 36 million viewers
8. Frasier – Something Borrowed, Something Blue Episode – 5/18/00 – 33.7 million viewers.
9. Everybody Loves Raymond – Series Finale – 5/16/05 – 32.9 million viewers
10. Spin City – Michael J Fox Farewell– 5/24/00 – 32.8 million viewers.
Looking over the list, there are some things that surprise me. One is Joe Millionaire??!! Then, with all the Idol shows, I figured it would be a finale that would get in the list instead of a premiere. The ER episode that is on there is actually probably the only episode that I've ever seen. I had some friends over who couldn't get home and were wanting to see the episode. So, I watched it with them and this episode left me telling them, how do you watch this stressful show every week??!! The first Survivor was a HUGE ratings draw so seeing it sitting at number two is not a surprise. Speaking of no surprises, Friends sits at number one for the night that it had its farewell. Yeah, I was a part of that one viewer wise and very sad to see one of my all time favorite shows going on its way. Do you remember how several networks went basically dark during the finale? They knew that people were going to be watching the big finale. I think it was E! that just had a shot set up of people watching the finale. I really miss that show but it will forever live on DVD and in syndication.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. New Moon - $42.5 million. 2. The Blind Side - $40.1 million. 3. 2012 - $18 million. 4. Old Dogs - $16.8 million. 5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $16 million. 6. Ninja Assassin - $13.1 million. 7. Planet 51 - $10.2 million. 8. Precious - $7.09 million. 9. Fantastic Mr. Fox - $7.02 million. 10. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $1.5 million.

It isn’t just the fans that aren’t up for a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie WITHOUT Joss Whedon involved. The cast is also speaking out about it with Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Stewart Head both showing no interest in a Buffy remake without Joss. Good for them. I just cannot understand how they think that this remake is going to draw people. It might draw people just based on the fact that people won’t know any better and just think it is going to be what they’ve been used to with the series. They’ll get a rude surprise for sure if that is the case. The Whedonverse definitely needs to get this news out and let it be known that they aren’t happy with what the plan is. It is kind of frustrating for me as a fan and watching these vampire shows and movies taking over right now and knowing that Joss is on the sidelines watching it.

I checked out a couple of music specials this week. I’ll start with Gloriana as they have a special currently airing on GAC called Introducing Gloriana. The show focuses on their amazing year while also giving the background story of the band’s start including interviews. It is really well produced and it’s great to see them doing so well. The other special is the Invitation Only with Carrie Underwood currently airing on CMT. The special has Carrie performing new songs from her album in front of an intimate audience while performing old songs as well and taking audience questions. Fun show and her performances are amazing.

Susan Boyle broke all sorts of records in the United States. You’ll remember Susan Boyle from the Britain’s Got Talent show where she surprised the world with her amazing voice. Well, the surprises keep coming and she is loved here in the United States. Her album was released and sold over 701,000 copies in its first week making it the highest selling debut for an album in 2009. It is also the highest selling debut for a female artist in the Billboard SoundScan era. Wow is all that can be said to this story. Good for her on the accomplishment.

I’ll just cover 90210 and Melrose Place in the same paragraph. Beginning with 90210. The score was settled with Jen by Liam and the gang as they brought her down big time. This left Naomi reeling and apologies were going to have to be made. One was a voice mail to Annie who was caught by her family still seeing Jasper. However, a reunion of the siblings was in place when Dixon helped out Annie after being caught again out with Jasper. Navid spent this episode in the hospital after being shoved down the stairs with no memory of what happened. Adrianna is still battling her issues but she went to help out her friends after learning of their trouble including Silver’s mom passing away. Silver and Teddy continue to grow closer over their similar life circumstances. Again, 90210 is at a much nicer pace this year. The last half of the first season had them FLYING through storylines. This year is much more relaxed and I had a thought toward the end of the episode that we still haven’t gotten to the climax of the Annie storyline with the hit and run. Last year, it would have probably happened already. Melrose Place had a very classic feel to it. Black mail and who can do it more and worse. It also involved the ones that us fans of the old show are very used to, Amanda and Michael. Everyone is on their own agenda to get this necklace of Sydney’s and doing whatever means that it takes to get it. It appeared that the advantage was to Michael until David set him up. Michael was arrested in the murder case of Sydney. However, Amanda is working her twist and is now going to be living back in her old home. I am glad that they explained how her character was back as well. Another faked their death reason. Ok, the storyline with Violet and her brother. Umm, weird and just kind of pointless. Melrose is still good but I think it has lost some steam from earlier in the season. I am enjoying watching the classic battle of black mailing between the original characters.

It is nice to see The CW already promoting Life Unexpected. This is a show that will premiere in January and stars two actors from the old WB days with Shiri Appleby (Roswell) and Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek). The show is about a daughter who is trying to find out who her biological parents are. The parents are played by the two that I just mentioned. On a side note, it really hit me as bizarre to see actors that I grew up watching now playing parents. Just one of those reality check moments. LOL. I do plan on checking out this show as it seems interesting and I like the cast obviously.

I liked this week’s episode of Heroes. It’s just too bad that the story of the departing character being killed off was so widely reported in the media that it took the drama away from it. Nathan’s demise has been talked about for a month now and the shot of him turning back into Sylar during the fall was really cool. For me, I’m not really that down about it. I liked the Nathan character in the first season but I thought that the character was ruined with the whole president storyline and hunting down the ones with abilities. It just made no sense and the character had already lost steam at that point. For his farewell, It was fitting that it was him and Peter together one last time up on that roof. I liked the other story with Claire and her friend arriving at the carnival. The carnival just keeps getting person after person there but we then learned that she isn’t what is wanted. She appears to be bait for Noah.

The Dollhouse farewell countdown is under way and the new episodes begin tomorrow night on Fox. Fox will be airing back to back episodes over the next few weeks as the show gets to its series finale. Tomorrow night’s episode will finally have the guest starring role of Whedonverse alum, Summer Glau.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 8. Dhani Tackles The Globe (Season One), The Fugitive (Season Three – Volume Two), Get Smart (Season Five), Lost (Season Five), Perry Mason (Season Four – Volume Two), Rescue Me (Season Five – Volume Two), SpongeBob SquarePants (Season Six – Volume One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Storm Chasers as the TVN crew is about to intercept. This was a funny moment with the look on their faces with these lines.
“Are we going to die?” - Dave to Reed
“No, I won’t kill us. I promise, Dave. “ – Reed to Dave.

Twitter Updates Of The Week:
Julie Benz. @juliebenz "Embarrassing fan moment....if I'm standing in front of you I can hear everything you say about me...and I will call you out!! Haha!!"

Felicia Day: @feliciaday "Ordered fries at a "hip" bar. "Can I have some ketchup?" "Oh, we don't do that here." Who decided that?! WHY WOULD THAT EVER HAPPEN?!"

From Storm Chasers as this was posted by the TVN crew after the finale aired.
@TornadoVideos “Chris' mom just said don't do that ever again!”

Videos Of The Week: Storm Chasers Moments this week from the finale including Sean getting his shot:

Reed and TVN crew end up intercepting a massive tornado with rough effects:

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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