Friday, October 30, 2009

Movie Notes, Survivor, Storm Chasers, & More - October 30, 2009

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” is already doing well at the box office just after one day of release. $7.4 million was made on its first day and appears to be on its way to being the number one ranked musical documentary movie ever. It did $12.7 million overseas. $2.2 million was made just on midnight showings.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Paranormal Activity - $21.1 million. 2. Saw VI - $14.1 million. 3. Where The Wild Things Are - $14 million. 4. Law Abiding Citizen - $12.4 million. 5. Couples Retreat - $10.6 million. 6. Astro Boy - $6.7 million. 7. Cirque Du Freak - $6.29 million. 8. The Stepfather - $6.23 million. 9. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - $5.2 million. 10. Zombieland - $4.2 million.

How about the story of Paranormal Activity? I just love stories like this. The movie was produced for around the amount of $15,000 at the director’s house in the time period of seven days. It has already made at least $62 million!!!! This movie got a wide release after a major campaign from people wanting to see the movie. Keep in mind that this movie started climbing the box office chart on limited release. It finally got the wide release and look at what it is doing. The actors were paid $500 a piece for their acting. LOL. I just love stories like this.

This past weekend’s episode of Storm Chasers saw some clashing going on between teams. I noticed last week how Reed’s vehicle was very TIV looking. Well, this week we saw Sean’s reaction to this and he isn’t happy about it. Sean’s frustration is definitely showing as he tries to get to a tornado while Reed and the TVN crew were one short going out chasing. It looks like that will come to a head this week on the next episode.

NBC has decided to not pick up Trauma for anymore episodes. The show will end at its 13 episode order. This is already a good thing for Chuck fans as now NBC has picked up six more episodes of Chuck bringing the order total to 19. There is talk that maybe Chuck might premiere earlier than planned as well. That would be great!!

Don’t forget that we have a major tease of a big moment for Clark and Lois on tonight’s Smallville.

This week's Survivor saw the rain settle down. Then, we find out that we’re going to be seeing the merge next week. Not much tonight as far as happenings tonight. Galu won the reward challenge. Shambo was voted as leader with the guys looking to reel her in for numbers. So, they pushed for that to happen. With the win for Galu, Shambo had to send someone from her tribe over to Foa Foa who would miss the reward and Laura was picked. Galu went on to win the immunity challenge. Liz ended up being voted out on a 4-1 vote even though Russell thought about targeting Jaison for his performance in the immunity challenge which involved a puzzle.

I checked out some of the U2 concert on You Tube over the weekend. It looked really good and it was an amazing size crowd in attendance. The live streaming looked really good.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 3. The Clone Wars (Season One), G.I. Joe (Season 1.2), Here’s Lucy (Season Two), Mission: Impossible (Season Seven), Spin City (Season Three), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season Seven).

Twitter Updates Of The Week:
@RyanSeacrest: " Mj movie is powerful the singing.. the dancing!! He was a perfectionist...and very funny. Let me know when u check it out"

@darthvader: "I tried to get them to play the Imperial March during my Yanks' introduction, but it didn't fly with MLB."

You Tube Video Of The Week: Well, for a You Tube video for this week. How about just going with You Tube’s major deal that they had this past weekend. The streaming of a U2 concert live from the Rose Bowl. Here is the link to the full concert.

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