Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It Movie Review - October 29, 2009

I went to the movies to see the new Michael Jackson documentary, “This Is It”. Wow is really all that can be said after seeing this. When the rehearsal footage was released back in June, I hoped that the producers would do something with it and release it. I said that whatever it was, I was in to watch it. So, I was thrilled to hear about this movie. “This Is It” features the rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson’s upcoming tour that was recorded in Los Angeles just before he passed away. This was going to be one incredible concert. Just seeing the rehearsal footage showed that and how great it was going to be. Several classic songs were getting some updated look to them. Footage was shot to be included on the video screen for Thriller and Smooth Criminal. Smooth Criminal went to a black and white style gangster looking type movie which was mixed in with the performance. It looked incredible and brought back many memories of the original video stuff for the song. I’ll tell you that Earth Song blew me away. They shot some incredible footage to tie in with that performance. I applauded after that song concluded. That was always one of my favorite songs of his that doesn’t get talked about as much as some of his other hits. The movie does a great job of mixing the performance footage with the behind the scenes stuff. The dancers and musicians are featured as well quite a bit with us hearing interviews with them of how excited that they are with working with Michael. You’ll see many times with how they are having fun just watching him perform on stage as they watch from the floor. One of these was when he performed Billie Jean. WOW!! Incredible is all that can be said. He looks so strong on stage and just has that incredible stage presence that he has always had. We also see him interacting with Kenny Ortega and giving input on things. Lots of funny moments in it as well including him going up on the lift with Kenny putting out a plea to Michael to hold on to the rail for safety reasons. Michael is very playful at times throughout this movie and just seems to really be enjoying the preparation for the tour. You also see him making changes to things along with the way and giving input on what he wants to have happen at various points. Just observing him doing that is amazing. I wondered what the movie would conclude with music wise and the last performance shown was of Man In The Mirror. Fittingly enough was what I think and that was also the song that concluded his memorial service back several months ago at the Staples Center. The new single, This Is It, is played and does a great job of piecing together the tribute. I tend to think that we’re going to see some new stuff on the DVD when it gets released. Heal The World was played during the credits in what sounded like a live version so I wonder if it may be an extra. I’m just speculating of course and don’t know anything. What I loved watching was how the people in the theatre with me were staying and watching the credits with MJ’s music along with it. It really was this feeling of that we were staying until the very end. I know that was what I was thinking. This was my last stuff of Michael that I was going to see and I was not getting up until the lights came up and it was over. I did some crowd watching too just to see what everyone was reacting to whether it was being able to tell what the favorite songs were of people watching and also just the range of ages. I noticed people of all ages there to watch the movie. It just goes to show how Michael ranged to all ages. If you are a Michael fan, I can’t recommend this movie enough. You need to see it and need to see it in the theater. It sounded incredible along with looking incredible. Get yourself to the theater and see it on the big screen. The movie is only out for a limited two week release and you can get more info at:

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