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Big Brother - Week Four Thoughts, Heroes, Dollhouse, & More - August 6, 2009

Week four of Big Brother. More fireworks this week in the house. The show ended last week with the endurance HOH competition going on. It should be noted that the first five people out got to pick a gift. Kevin was out first at 21 minutes followed by Lydia at 25 minutes. Kevin won $5000 while Lydia won a big screen TV. Out next was Ronnie at 46 minutes followed by Natalie at 49 minutes after she was getting very sick. Both picked gifts but nothing was in either of them. There wasn’t anyone else out for a while until Jordan fell at 1 hour and 37 minutes. She got the last gift which was being a “have” for the week and getting to pick three “have nots” for the week. Chima got rocked for a little while during the competition including her flying OVER the diploma at one time. She ended up going out at 2:22. That left a final three of Russell, Jeff, and Michele. Jessie told Russell to work a deal with Jeff. Jeff said that if Michele dropped out that they would then talk deals. Michele was out at 2:41. Russell and Jeff talked about how they both wanted Ronnie out. Russell had caught Ronnie in some lies a couple of days before as he was listening to a conversation outside of the door. Deal making got going and they had everyone leave the backyard so they could talk. Russell promised safety to Jeff and Jordan while having Ronnie as the target for the week. Jeff dropped out at 3:38 leaving Russell as the HOH. Later, Jeff and Russell would pair up and form an alliance knowing that no one would expect them to be working together. Jordan made her choices for “have nots” for the week by picking names out of a hat. It was Jessie, Kevin, and Natalie. Russell’s nominations were for Ronnie and Lydia. Russell did call out Ronnie about the conversation that he overheard. Natalie, Jessie, and Chima were not happy about Ronnie going up and tried to save him. The veto competition was won by Michele. Russell wanted to talk to Michele since she now had the power wanting to get her input. That didn’t go over well with the group wanting to save Ronnie. My thinking was of course you are going to want to talk to the veto holder so I didn’t see what the big backlash was over Russell and Michele talking. Chima and Russell had words when she called him out over it after remarks in the kitchen. The veto was not used by Michele leaving the nominations the same. I laughed at Ronnie saying that Michele not using the veto showed that she had no loyalty to anyone but himself. Hello??!! You’ve thrown her under the bus since week one. He has blamed swing votes on her. That continued later on but I’ll get to that momentarily. The paranoia in the house then got rolling. Russell got paranoid about a conversation between Jordan and Michele where they were talking about literature. He thought it was something else game related but they were talking literature. Michele told Russell about Chima wanting him out which got Russell all confused. Of course, everyone in the alliance denied it protecting Chima. Russell didn’t know who was lying to him so he ended up with both Michele and Chima in the room. Michele then denied even saying this to Russell protecting herself. She said in her DR session that of course she was going to deny it after he just showed their conversation to everyone. This erupted into a big screaming match between Russell and Chima that went on for a while. It would have kept going if Natalie and Kevin hadn’t done their best to keep a door in between them. Tonight was eviction night and Ronnie was evicted on a 4-3 vote with the votes for him to go being Kevin, Michele, Jeff, and Jordan. Votes against Lydia were Natalie, Chima, and Jessie. Ronnie did call out Michele during his speech saying everyone had good in them except for her calling her the worst human being that he had ever met. Michele did try to say that she didn’t have any ill will toward him as he left but he told her to be quiet. His interview afterwards with Julie had him saying that he was upset over trusting her last week and then she flipped on him. Julie fired back at him asking what was different with what he had been doing. Again, Ronnie. You threw Michele under the bus from week one. This was while he was aligned with her in a clique. I did like that Michele got the last word though on him with the farewell messages. Again, it’s a game. Things are going to come back to you in it. The HOH competition was won by Chima as she battled Natalie and Kevin in the final three. Chima’s HOH is bound to get messed up due to the results of the Coup D’etat vote. Jeff was given the power after getting the majority of the 12 million votes from America. He can overthrow the HOH on eviction night and replace both nominees if he chooses.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. I really see Chima’s HOH week going bad next Thursday. I think Jeff will use his power and keep in mind that he can’t reveal that he has the power. The house knows that someone has it but don’t know who except for Jeff. Ok, the segment was really funny with Jeff trying to kiss Jordan while Ronnie is in the room venting on his problems this week. I laughed at that.

I watched the Heroes panel from Comic-Con. I’m not doing a full recap of it like I did the others but just thought I’d discuss some of it. This new chapter of Heroes is going to be about them being able to go back to their regular lives. The question is how do they adjust to having a normal life. Are they accepted? What do they want out of their life? They did talk of a little bit of spoilers which I won’t go into here cause I don’t want to ruin anything. Not really sure what to make of it. Some of it sounded like it could be good. They were only about three episodes into shooting this season at the time of Comic-Con so there wasn’t a lot to discuss as far as future plans. Well, as far as what to reveal. The line of the panel was a question being asked of the group on what power that they would like to have if they could have it. Hayden spoke up saying that it wasn’t fair that some of them could have all powers and that the rest only gets one. This got Jack Coleman to speak, who plays Noah, and said that he didn’t want to hear that cause there were some of them who had NO powers. He said that the only power that he had was impaired vision. It was really funny and Hayden got a big laugh out of it too.

Sad news today with John Hughes passing away at age 59. He was of course the director behind The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and more. It really is amazing to look over his list of movies and see just how many of his movies are on my all time favorites list.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Funny People - $22.6 million. 2. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - $17.9 million. 3. G-Force - $17.5 million. 4. The Ugly Truth - $13.1 million. 5. Aliens In The Attic - $8 million. 6. Orphan - $7.5 million. 7. Ice Age - $5.5 million. 8. The Hangover - $5.1 million. 9. The Proposal - $4.9 million. 10. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen - $4.6 million.

The entire crew from last season almost returned to American Idol for next season. However, Paula Abdul is not returning to American Idol. She announced on Twitter earlier this week that she was leaving. Ryan, Simon, Randy, and Kara will all be back. Paula has been with the show since the beginning so this will be a major change for the show.

The TCA Press Tour was this week. There was some news involving some of my favorites. There was talk at Comic Con about Chuck possibly returning sooner than expected. NBC shot that down fairly quickly saying that it would not return until March but did open up the possibilities of it running longer than expected and running it into summer. That is all just talk though so far. They did talk about seeing the first few scripts of the new season and said that they were very good. It was announced that Katy Perry and Victoria Beckham will serve as guest judges this season on American Idol.

Interesting discussion from Joss Whedon last week as he talked to reporters. What do you do when the audience is split on whether they have seen an episode or not? “Epitaph One” saw the show go into the future but it never aired on TV. It was shown at Comic-Con but is also on the season one DVD box set of Dollhouse. The first episode of season two will touch on things that happened in the unaired episode but will catch others up that may have missed it. Based on what was said about season two, I’m really excited for it as the show seems to have even more energy this season. Eliza Dushku was talking about how she had cried hard during a scene cause it was so powerful.

Ann Gillspie is set to return to 90210 for season two. That will bring the Taylors back together for at least a few episodes. Gillespie, of course, plays Jackie Taylor. I definitely think there is a lot more that you can do with the story of Kelly, Jackie, and Silver. They touched on it a little last season but there is much more that can be done.

Now, this is an interesting concept. Are you ever at the theatre and need to take a bathroom break or how about wanting to go get more food? You’re afraid to leave because you might miss something big happening in the movie. There is now a website that will help you with that planning on when is a good time to get up and leave. The site was created by Dan Florio who lives in Florida and he got the idea for the site after sitting through the over three hour long King Kong movie back a few years ago. He takes notes through the movies and plans the best time on when to get up and leave so you’ll miss as little happenings as possible. There is also an iPhone app for it as well which is available for $1. Very clever idea and I can definitely see this site getting a lot of visitors. If you want to check it out, head over to this link:

Carrie Underwood will be in Fort Campbell, KY next Friday night, August 14 performing at the Salute To The Troops concert at 6pm. Free concert there on base if you want to check it out. She will perform on that night along with Jake Owen and John Rich. Rodney Atkins will perform on Saturday night. Here is more info on the concert if you want it:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, August 11. 90210 (New Series – Season One), Adam-12 (Season Three), The City (Season One), Designing Women (Season Two), Life With Derek (Season Two),

Twitter Update Of The Week: Eliza Dushku
@ElizaPatricia "Breakfast Club. 16 Candles. John Hughes made a few of my all time favorite films. Mourning him this afternoon. He 'got' adolescence, bless."

You Tube Video Of The Week: Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, and Joshua Gomez play Lego Rock Band at a booth at Comic-Con last week.

Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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