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Big Brother Week 5, Miscellaneous Topics - August 14, 2009

Big Brother week 5. There were a lot of stories to follow this week on Big Brother. Chima wins HOH. Russell fights for his life in the house. Would Jeff use the Coup D’etat? Would Jessie’s paranoia over the mystery power prove to be worthy? Chima won the HOH last week and there was no doubt that Russell was her target immediately. Russell knew that his alliance with Jessie, Natalie, and Chima was no more so he seeked out other options. The problems between Natalie and Lydia over Jesse continued. Natalie finally told Jessie that if Jessie and Lydia were going to be friends, then herself and Chima should be kept safe as well. Chima did put Russell and Lydia up on the nomination block. Jessie started to get very paranoid over the mystery power with him saying to Natalie and Chima that he thought Jeff had it. Russell worked on several houseguests to try and get back in their good graces. He knew he had to make some moves to stay. He talked to Michele which ended up in a back and forth over their argument previously last week with Chima. Michele got frustrated and went to talk to Chima about it. That got more talk going about Russell. When Michele left the HOH, Russell was waiting for her. He said all sorts of things about her which didn’t help him. The rest of the house just stayed out of it watching it happen. The veto players were picked. Jessie knew that he needed to win this thing to guarantee his safety from the mystery power this week. Russell was given houseguest’s choice for his veto pick and he picked Jeff. Russell knew that it pretty much showed his alliance with Jeff but he had to make a desperate move. Lydia picked Kevin to play in the veto competition in hopes that him winning would mean that he would take her off of the block. The veto competition came down to Russell and Kevin. Russell did his best to rattle Kevin but Kevin was able to get the win. Kevin takes the veto. Russell continues to scramble to try and secure his safety. He went to Jessie trying to get in his head about how the women will take over the game if he was evicted. Jessie went and talked to Jeff especially with the thought that Jeff had the mystery power. That meant working Jordan too. Russell and Chima had yet another confrontation with all sorts of words and accusations being exchanged. Russell stirred Lydia up with the talk of Kevin not using the veto on his friend. Kevin got annoyed with Lydia afterwards saying that he didn’t want people to know that. Kevin did not use the veto which did offend Lydia with her saying that she would have used it on Kevin if it had been the other way around. Kevin’s point of view was that if he used it, he would make more enemies for himself. Jessie and Natalie were convinced at this point that either Jeff or Jordan had the mystery power so they went and tried to make nice with them by hanging out with them. They saw through their strategy. Russell worked on Michele with Jessie noticing that he had to do something to break it up. So, he went in the room pointing out the reminder of all the bad things that Russell had said about Michele earlier in the week. Yep, you had two guys knowing they had to do something to shut the other down knowing that their game was on the line this week. Last night’s episode had Lydia and Russell on the block. Julie Chen asked for the person with the Coup D’etat to stand if they wanted to use the power. Jeff stood and left Jordan’s jaw dropped to the floor. LOL. Jeff pulled both nominees off the block. He replaced them with Natalie and Jessie. The live vote took place and Jessie was evicted on a 3-2 vote. The votes for Natalie to be evicted were from Lydia and Russell. Votes for Jessie to go were from Jordan, Kevin, and Michele. Chima was unhappy to say the least. We all expected last week that her HOH was going to be messed completely up with the new power in the house. The HOH competition took place with it coming down to Michele and Kevin for the win. Michele won HOH and it was announced to us that next week will be Big Brother Fast Forward although it wasn’t mentioned by actual name. A week’s worth of competitions in one night. That means a double eviction night.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. It does appear that last night’s results show was not live. The show was pre-taped due to fear of reaction on live TV of the Coup D’etat results. Wow, Jeremy Piven is all over the place promoting that new movie of his. The houseguests competed in a competition with the winners getting to watch his new movie. The team that won included Natalie, Russell, Jessie, and Jordan. Chima was allowed to bet on a team to win since she wasn’t competing due to her HOH win. She bet on the winning team so she got to take part in it. Russell also won $10,000 in the same competition. Jordan and Jeff’s conversation on the spiders was very funny. I haven’t been watching the feeds this year so are they always having these kind of conversations? LOL. Please Big Brother, come up with something for America’s Choice besides voting on what kind of food the “have nots” will get for the week. Boring. I’m just thrilled that the Coup D’etat finally got used. I’m always tired of the buildup for it to be used and then nothing. Wow, that house was SHOCKED last night.

NBC announced that Jerry Seinfeld will be Jay Leno’s first guest on his new NBC show.

Kristen Bell spoke at Comic Con about the talk of a Veronica Mars movie. Nothing new on it as Kristen said what has been talked about already. Warner Brothers has been pitched the idea for the movie but they just don’t think that there is enough enthusiasm to make it. Kristen said for all of us fans of the show to keep writing letters and let Warner Brothers know that there is interest in it. She said that she felt Warner Brothers is worried about not making their money back on it but she said that it wouldn’t be expensive to make. So, there you go. All Veronica Mars fans. We know how to campaign for the show. Keep sending letters and comments to Warner Brothers to let them know that we want to see the movie. I would love to see a movie and would be in line opening day for it if it happened. I’m just not optimistic about it happening especially based on comments from Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell about it but I’d love to be proven wrong. For more info on the movie, here is a good Veronica Mars site for you to check out:

Saving Grace will be wrapping up next summer. The last new episodes of the series will run next summer on TNT.

Well, here comes another movie hit to TV. St. Elmo’s Fire is the latest movie that appears to be headed to TV after ABC worked to get the project. I’ve commented on this before with the fact that sometimes these remake deals work and other times they don’t. It is always interesting to see what kind of viewership that nostalgia brings.

Kelly Ripa is now a Twitter addict. LOL. Ashton Kutcher appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly recently and gave her a whole new appreciation of the fun of Twitter. Since then, she has been hooked on it and tweeting quite a bit. You can follow her and the show at @Regis_and_Kelly on Twitter

I’ve been re-watching season two of Chuck with some of my friends. The episodes are just as fun to watch again. I still laugh at the same stuff that I did the first time around.

Smallville is still over a month away from the season nine premiere but The CW has released a video recapping season eight if you need a good refresher.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. G.I. Joe - $54.7 million. 2. Julie and Julia - $20 million. 3. G-Force - $9.8 million. 4. Harry Potter - $8.9 million. 5. Funny People - $7.9 million. 6. The Ugly Truth - $6.7 million. 7. A Perfect Getaway - $5.9 million. 8. Aliens In The Attic - $4 million. 9. 500 Days Of Summer - $3.7 million. 10. Orphan - $3.6 million.

Comedian, Jeff Dunham will be getting his own show on Comedy Central. Here is the link for the news.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, August 18. The Beast (Season One), Dexter (Season Three), Dirty Sexy Money (Season Two), Eli Stone (Season Two), Everybody Hates Chris (Season Four), Gossip Girl (Season Two), Greek (Chapter Three), iCarly (Season Two – Volume One), Man vs. Wild (Season Three), Simon and Simon (Season Three), The Simpsons (Season Twelve), Sons Of Anarchy (Season One).

Twitter Update Of The Week: Zachary Levi:
@zacpugh "Back to cruisin my sweet Schwinn around at work. Just like ridin a bike. Literally."

You Tube Video Of The Week: Batman returns to Comic-Con for the Smallville panel.

Wishing you all a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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