Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 - HOH Competiton Results & Spoilers - July 31, 2009

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! If you want to know who won the HOH endurance competition and the results of it, here you go. If you don't want to know, obviously quit reading. LOL. The HOH competition went over three and a half hours. There were prizes given out to each person eliminated. Well, I should say that you had a CHANCE at a prize. Some won things while others didn't get anything. The first several that were out of the HOH were Kevin, Lydia, Ronnie and Natalie. That was within the first hour of the HOH competition. Jordan dropped out after over an hour and a half. That left a final four of Jeff, Russell, Chima, and Michele. Chima dropped out after around two hours and fifteen minutes. Michele dropped out just after two and a half hours. That left a battle between Jeff and Russell for the win. Deals were made and Jeff dropped out just after three and a half hours. Russell wins HOH and has promised safety for both Jeff and Jordan this week and also to nominate Ronnie. It was a brutal competition. What about the prizes? Kevin got $5000. Lydia won a TV. Jordan won the right to name the Have Nots for the week picking Jessie, Natalie, and Kevin.

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