Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 - Thoughts On The Week - July 31, 2009

This week's Big Brother had everything from love triangles, deal making, a banana suit, and of course the back door. Jessie won HOH last week and Ronnie knew that the target was off of him. It was best case scenario for him. The plan was to send Ronnie out this week but Jessie added that Ronnie was solid with him. Ronnie hadn't lied to him so he had no intentions of putting Ronnie up. The target for the week switched to Casey which included Russell and Natalie wanting him up. Casey talked to Natalie in the back yard about how he was worried about Jessie sticking with the plan. All the talk from Casey of course ended up back to Jessie courtesy of Natalie. The Have/Have Not competition saw the Brains ending up being the Have Nots again. America voted for what other food to give the Have Nots for the week with it being cabbage and cocktail weenies. What was funny was Chima going off about the vote winner. All I could think was well, you should have seen the other choices. Nominations took place with Jessie nominating Jordan and Michele. Both were pawns though as Casey remained his target for the week. Jessie continued to work the house trying to get the pressure off of Ronnie. Things in the veto competition got interesting when Michele picked Casey to play. Now, he had a chance at the veto which isn't what Jessie and Natalie wanted. Along with the strategy of the veto competition, you had temptations of prizes along the way. Casey took a margarita party which he hoped would get him in good with the houseguests. I did laugh later at Jessie's DR comments of the margarita party saying "you don't know what you just did, game over". After the competition, the veto players were allowed the option of choosing an envelope which could contain prizes. Jessie's had $2500 in it. Jeff lost 5 veto comp points in his envelope. Casey started to see the letters "B-A-H" in his with him thinking Bahamas trip. Instead it was.......banana suit. Wear a banana suit for one week. Jessie was in the lead with Michele being the last to reveal how she did in the competition. She lost until her envelope revealed that she gained seven points which gave her the win by one point. She swung over and crashed into the mud which was really funny. They later showed it to them on the live show and it gave them a lot of laughs. Michele wins the veto and saves herself for the week. Kevin and Lydia talked about how keeping Casey would be good for them cause he'll be gunning for Ronnie and Jessie if he stays. Lydia went to work telling several in the house that Casey was likely getting backdoored. News got back to Casey and he tried to stop it from happening with talking to Jessie. No can do as Michele is off of the block. Jessie puts Casey up against Jordan. The speech from Jessie got on the nerves of several including Jeff. Casey saw that Ronnie had struck again and was still working his magic in the house. Casey did make a good case to Russell that got him thinking with where he ranked in the Athletes group. It got Casey his only vote to stay as Russell said during the live vote that he promised his word and was keeping it. The vote was 7-1 with Casey being evicted. Casey gave a big speech before the live vote and then called out Jessie on the way out. Jessie said nothing in response but Natalie spoke up in defense. This got us to a couple of big announcements. First, the cliques are no more. Everyone is now playing separate games. Also, America will vote on a new power in the house. The Coup D'etat returns to Big Brother. America will decide who gets it and the winner will have to keep it secret. They can't reveal the power until they use it. If they do, they lose the power. The power is that they can replace one or both nominees in the next two weeks completing overthrowing the HOH. The only way to be safe for sure is to be HOH or hold the veto. The show ended with a brutal HOH endurance challenge going on.

To vote for who you want get the power of Coup D'etat, go to this link:

Other happenings on Big Brother this week. Hey Big Brother. Can you please give us something to vote on besides what kind of food that we want to give the Have Nots? It was lame to have that two weeks in a row. However, they did give us a big voting deal on voting for who will get the Coup de'tat power. Hopefully, whoever gets it won't be like Mike Boogie and reveal it messing it up. The reveal of that could be a lot of fun as we've yet to see it hit the house full effect. Ok, the love triangle with Natalie, Jessie, and Lydia is just hilarious to watch. I thought it made for great TV. The whole thing in the backyard on the couch was just unreal with Lydia sitting there with Jessie. When she gets up, Jessie has Natalie take her spot leaving Lydia really annoyed. Then, we have Lydia sneaking into the HOH room and watching Jessie sleep. Don't forget that they also had a blow up between Lydia and Natalie over the beds. That will be fun to keep watching. I liked the segment on the show with Jeff and Jordan's parents talking about how they are getting closer in the house. Fun segment and I liked the girls all talking to Jordan about how she really needs to try and get Jeff. The truth or dare game was pretty funny this week which resulted in Kevin having to cuddle with Jessie for 10 seconds in the HOH bed. Natalie set it up including then waking up Jessie as it was happening. Yeah, Jessie was not amused. The other part of it shown on TV was Ronnie having to give a 20 second hug to Casey. Yeah, he wasn't amused either when he found out. Poor Casey, his week got even worse with the banana suit. He did get a lot of nice banana one liners in there though for jokes.

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