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Smallville Finale, Idol Final Two, Final Four On Survivor, HIMYM, One Tree Hill, Race Finale, & More - May 14, 2009

The final two is set on American Idol. It will be Adam Lambert against Kris Allen. That meant that Danny Gokey went home. I've been a supporter of Danny's since the audition process and am happy to see that he made it to the top three. This was a really unpredictable week for the Idol results. In past seasons, there has usually been an idea on who is going home every week. This year has left many unable to predict the weekly results including myself. Not based on America's votes but just on how good the talent is. There are very few struggling moments with this group. Solid performance show on Tuesday night once again. The only real criticism that was handed out was to Danny for his first song. I always do find it interesting to see what the judges pick for the songs each year. I liked Simon's pick of "One" by U2 for Adam Lambert. It was announced that less than one million votes separated the top two. That is one million out of 88 million votes. That really makes this battle on the finale seem like it could be anyone's win. Kris has got some major momentum going on over the last several weeks. Adam has been solid throughout and a major fan favorite in the competition. I could definitely see Kris winning this thing especially if he has a great week. They will put on a show. That is for sure. Tuesday is the performance show. Wednesday night will be the big finale. Great to see Carrie Underwood on Tuesday’s performance show. She was in a video clip of her visit to Angola, Africa to see the progress on what the Idol Gives Back money is doing for people there. She will be performing “Home Sweet Home” on Tuesday night’s show.

Tonight was the season finale of Smallville. I had heard that there were going to be major happenings on tonight’s episode and that proved to be true. What would happen to Doomsday? What would Clark do to get rid of Doomsday? Would Oliver get his way on how it should be done? We got a lot of answers tonight. Instead of actually recapping a lot of it, I thought I’d just give some random thoughts on it. I liked the visit from Rokk telling Clark of what his future would hold on the next day cause it put a lot more anticipation on the battle between him and Doomsday. Nice to see the Legion returning and I wonder where they go with Oliver from here after Clark told him that he wasn’t one of them anymore. I loved the scene with Jimmy finding out the secret about Clark. Really well done and I’ve seen one fan saying it was one of the best scenes of the season. I totally agree with that statement. I had heard that they were going to kill someone off tonight so I was wondering who it would be. Just when you thought things would be ok with Davis and Doomsday being split, that all gets thrown out when Davis sees Chloe and Jimmy having their romantic moment. Davis takes out Jimmy from behind and leaves him for dead. As Davis goes for Chloe, Jimmy saves her with one last stand killing Davis but then passed away in Chloe’s arms. When Jimmy was killed off, my first thought was that the Superman fans are going to be furious messing with the story!!! Then, we found out how they got around it. It wasn’t the real Jimmy from the Superman legacy. We saw Jimmy’s little brother at the funeral which has the same name. That little brother is the Jimmy that will go on to be the Jimmy Olsen of the Superman series. I kept thinking that Clark would use the time travel ring to save Jimmy but then Lois ended up using it. So, Clark and Chloe’s scene at the end was really good with Clark saying that human side couldn’t get in his way anymore. He declared that “Clark Kent is dead”. Chloe questioned him about being at Jimmy’s funeral and how she needed him to be there with her. So, basically Chloe gave up everything to protect Clark. Now, she has lost Jimmy and Lois and then Clark walks out on her. Where is the loyalty for the girl that gave up so much for him??!! Geez, Clark. Some other random thoughts. Where did Lois end up after that ring was used??!! What part is Tess going to play with what was going on at the end of the episode? Did I hear the word “Zod”? Sure sounded like it. I actually had to rewind it just to make sure that was what I heard. Well written finale and I’m curious to see where the show goes for season nine.

The final four is set on Survivor. It is down to JT, Erinn, Stephen, and Taj for the winner of the million dollars. Tonight’s episode was all about the downfall of Coach. His trip to exile island stirred a lot of words. He spoke to Stephen and JT about how he didn’t want to go wondering if his body could take it. So, JT won the reward challenge but decided to send Coach to exile since he was one of only two that hadn’t been yet. JT got mad when Erinn spoke up as he felt that Coach was going to go honorably. Erinn said that she felt Coach was trying to make excuses of why he would lose immunity when he got back. Coach had said that he wasn’t going to eat or anything while he was there but instead meditate. That was what set Erinn off but she later apologized for it to Taj saying it wasn’t the right situation to voice that. JT and Stephen went on the reward and got to take showers along with a big feast. Coach returned for the immunity challenge and looked rough. Speaking of Coach on exile, did anyone think that he looked like Anakin Skywalker walking across the sand in those wide camera shots? The immunity challenge was an endurance challenge where you had to stand up the longest. It came down to JT and Coach. JT asked Probst if he was going to offer some food saying he would probably drop out if Probst had any. Probst didn’t but my first thought was….YOU JUST HAD A FEAST!!! LOL. What more food do you want? Coach ends up dropping out and JT wins immunity. Coach then collapsed saying how badly his back was hurting. Not everyone in camp was buying it. Erinn mentioned how Coach had barely been able to walk but was able to stay up there for an hour in the challenge. JT and Stephen told Coach that their target was Erinn especially after what she had to say after the reward challenge. Taj and Erinn wanted to target Coach. The tribal council basically had Coach saying that “women have great intuition” when asked if there was anyone who was going home in particular. Coach read a poem which got a sleeping reaction from the jury. I LOVE Sierra over on the jury. She is cracking me up every week with her reactions to things. Coach gets blindsided and was voted out of the game. That leaves us to the final four with the finale on Sunday night on CBS.

I'll have daily updates next week on my website about the upfront presentations of the networks including the fate of many shows that are still up in the air including two of my favorites, Chuck and Dollhouse. Plus, we'll see what the new shows are from the networks although we've already seen what NBC is rolling out. Check the site next week for the upfront news.

The How I Met Your Mother season finale will be on Monday night. The speculation was correct with there not being a return to the Ted/Stella relationship. Instead, Tony wanted to do something for Ted to help him after being the cause of him losing Stella. That was finding Ted a job. When that didn't solve things, Tony ended up breaking up with Stella. Yeah, Ted got them back together when Stella showed up hoping that Ted could talk to Tony. I was happy that Ted did let Stella know how much damage that she did to him saying that the romantic guy in him was gone because of her. I really liked the dialogue between them in the car at the end of the episode where Ted was talking about how he keeps waiting for the "one" girl to come along. He talked of how he was tired of waiting while Stella told him that the girl for him was getting there as fast as she could. It was nice closure on the Stella breakup especially when he just got run over earlier in the season. The other story of the show was Barney trying to prove that he could get out of a speeding ticket. Yeah, didn't go well for him. He ended up failing miserably and ended up in jail cause he had gotten so many tickets in such a short amount of time. Hey, Lily's back!! Nice to see her return at the end of the episode. There was a funny article in this week's Entertainment Weekly where they talked about how the show is covering up Alyson and Cobie's pregnancies. I've commented in recent weeks on all the funny ways that they covered Alyson and now it has switched over to Cobie. I have to mention this but did you hear Ted's ringtone for a call incoming from Barney? It was "Let's Go To The Mall". Hilarious!! The tease for the season finale shows that we may get more from the Barney/Robin story. Looking forward to that.

Big news out of One Tree Hill this week. This has been rumored for a while now especially after Hilarie Burton did that video blog which didn't exactly leave much confidence in her returning next season. Michael Ausiello over at has reported that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton are both not returning for next season on One Tree Hill. Wow, two of the main original four cast members gone. What is that show going to be like next season? To read more about it, head over to:

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Star Trek - $75.2 million. 2. Wolverine - $26.4 million. 3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - $10.2 million. 4. Obsessed - $6.5 million. 5. 17 Again - $4.2 million. 6. Next Day Air - $4.1 million. 7. The Soloist - $3.9 million. 8. Monsters vs. Aliens - $3.2 million. 9. Earth - $2.6 million. 10. Hannah Montana - $2.1 million.

Saturday Night Live needs to add Justin Timberlake to the cast. Ha ha. Every time he is on there, it is comedy magic. He just has such a talent at comedy. The Gibbs stuff is always funny. How hilarious was him doing a spoof of "Poker Face" which was changed to "Mediocre Face"?

The finish line of this season of The Amazing Race was reached on Sunday night. Margie and Luke were able to arrive at the last task in first place. Luke did the task which involved having to remember all of the tasks that you have done throughout the race and in which order. Luke had them all but the last two. Tammy and Victor were able to move past them when Victor finished it up first. Tammy and Victor win The Amazing Race. Jaime and Cara end up working with Margie and Luke giving each other a trade to help one another as Jaime couldn’t figure out the last ones either. Luke and Jaime were very frustrated on the way to the finish over the loss. Second place goes to Jaime and Cara while third goes to Margie and Luke. All the teams fought like crazy with all they had to try and win the race.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, May 19. 24 (Season Seven), 8 Simple Rules (Season Two), Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Hour (1970's Volume One), Friday Night Lights (Season Three), Peyton Place (Part One), Sister Sister (Season Two), True Blood (Season One).
TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother
"You got Tony to dump Stella? I am very sorry but I'm going to have to insist that you bump this."
- Robin holding out her fist for a fist bump from Ted when Stella showed up at her and Ted's apartment after being dumped.

Twitter Update Of The Week: This one helped load up Fox’s phone system today. Loved it!! @miraclelaurie decision on DH soon-make your voice heard 2day! contact:Peter Rice, Chrman of Ent @FOX Brdcstng. Leave a msg @310-369-3066 or

You Tube Video Of The Week: The Lost Video Podcast with Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and Elizabeth Mitchell talking about the finale.

Wishing all of you a great weekend. Take care and God bless!!

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