Thursday, May 14, 2009

90210 Prom Episode - Comparing 1993 to 2009

1993 Prom vs. 2009 Prom. A return to West Beverly High on 90210 means that it time for a return to high school prom. This episode definitely felt like returning to see the next generation of high schoolers after having been a fan of the original series. So, let’s compare the two prom episodes. 2009 and 1993. Major events to compare are Donna getting way past drunk and getting caught in 1993. This led to her being banned from graduation and started the “Donna Martin graduates” revolution. The revolution against the school board is still one of my favorite 90210 episodes by the way. I did find it kind of ironic that West Beverly was going to such extremes over the post prom party and cutting out the drinking when thinking about the other prom episode with Donna. 2009’s big episode event was around Adrianna. Navid got into a fight with Ty over Adrianna. As that was going on, Adrianna’s water broke. 1993: Brandon and Andrea attend a school board meeting where they learned about a quiet ruling about how any person that is caught drinking at prom would be banned from graduation. 2009: Harry does a PSA for the school saying that anyone at an after prom party that involved drinking would be suspended and be going to summer school. 1993: Brandon and Brenda decide not to attend prom. Brenda finds another date after her original plan didn’t work out. Brandon ends up filling in for a flu ridden Jordan who was going with Andrea. 2009: Dixon wants to go badly to prom while Silver is antsy about returning to West Beverly but agrees to go cause it meant so much to him. Annie is still without a date. Liam keeps on her about not having a date. She is asked by a guy in class but is not into the guy at all. The guy is crazy about her but she is embarrassed to be with him the whole time. He wants to go on another date but she tells him that she wasn’t interested in him. He sees that it was a pity date and gets mad saying that he could have went with someone that did actually want to go with him. 1993: Kelly Taylor. 2009: Kelly Taylor. Musical acts booked for the prom. 1993: Cathy Dennis. 2009: The Veronicas. Each act matches their era. The Veronicas are big now. Cathy Dennis was big in 1993. Now, to be fair. Prom night is not actually over yet and will continue into this Tuesday’s season finale. We’ll see how it plays out.

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