Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest On Chuck and Dollhouse Fan Campaigns - May 14, 2009

The Save Chuck campaigns continue and are getting media coverage including mentions on Jon Stewart's show. I mentioned last week that the newest campaign was the American Heart Association money raising campaign. Well, the campaign has done very well!!! In just a week or so, the Have A Heart - Renew Chuck campaign has raised $13,796.92 for the AHA!!! WOW, that is so great!! Keep up the great work Chuck fans!! You can get all the details on how you can donate money for the AHA and also help to save Chuck at this link:
We will know a decision on Chuck on Monday and we're all hoping for the best with it. Keep up the fight to save Chuck!!!

Fox is getting slammed by phone calls today from fans wanting their show to return. The Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles fans are fighting for their show and then Miracle Laurie posted on Twitter of info of phone numbers to call to help save Dollhouse. There is a report tonight that Fox’s phone system went down with Fox claiming their voicemail system went down due to so many fans working to save Dollhouse. I love hearing stuff like this!!!! Keep up the fight Dollhouse fans. Also, I don’t watch Sarah Connor Chronicles but all of you fans keep up your fight as well. I love fan campaigns!! Everyone keep fighting for your shows. I know that I am. Here is the link to the story about Fox’s phones.

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