Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Season Finale Thoughts - May 13, 2009

The new season of Lost needs to start……RIGHT NOW!!!! Oh my goodness. Did we ever get left on a cliffhanger??!! It was a perfect one too for it to be a last ever SEASON finale cliffhanger. It was funny cause in the last few minutes I was thinking how nothing had changed. Everything played out like it was supposed to and that may still be true. Jack had tried to change things and the energy was still released. However, we now don’t know what happened. I figured that Juliet was already a goner and then we see her at the bottom next to the bomb. She hits it and it detonates as the season ends. What happened??!!! When Juliet was trying to detonate it, I kept thinking, oh wow, she is going to end up being the hero. Or was she?? Did it change history or did everything play out as expected? Well, at least we have to wait a long time to find out!!! Ha ha. The other big story of the episode was the reveal of Jacob and how he had been around in crucial parts of everyone’s lives. I had thought early on in the episode that Jacob had something happen to him cause we were just seeing him with the Oceanic survivors in their early lives. Then, we see him with Locke falling out of the window and later with Hurley before he went back to the island. I thought I had called something when there was the tease of what was in the box. It was revealed to be the body of Locke’s. My first thought was that Jacob is now Locke. That theory seemed to phase out a bit after the final meeting between Ben, Locke, and Jacob at the end. Locke orders Ben to be the one to kill Jacob which he does. There has to be more to this cause Jacob sure did go out without any sort of whimper. Who is coming???!!!! That was the last words of Jacob. So, just what is up with Locke anyway? I still think there is some tie between Locke and Jacob with what all is going on. It’s amazing how Ben has evolved as now he is looking at his time as pointless with being the leader. With his speech, we also found out that Richard is definitely Jacob’s right hand man bringing the orders of Jacob to Ben. Hey, Rose and Bernard!!! That answers the questions on where they have been as Sawyer, Kate, and Juliet ran into them. They had been living out in the jungle in the three years since they were all separated. Even the dog showed up!! Well, if the bomb did go off, Jack and Sawyer got to have one more fight to finish their time together on the island. Sayid was barely hanging on after he was shot in the standoff with Jack and him against the Dharma group. How many orders have went up on to order that book “Everything Rises Must Converge” to try and get some answers? That was the book that Jacob was reading when Locke was thrown out of the window. Really fun finale and that two hours FLEW by cause it was so good. I just love how the show keeps building, and building, and building to get you to the big moment. Lost will return in 2010 where our final questions will be answered in the last season of the show.

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