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Dollhouse Finale, Lost, Idol Top 3, Smallville, Survivor, & More - May 8, 2009

Wow, that Dollhouse finale was awesome tonight!! I’ll get to that in a little bit. Listening and watching to some Once More With Feeling (The Buffy musical) as I type this Wrap Up. Fun, fun.

Oh my goodness!! The Dollhouse finale was awesome!!!!!!! I was actually two episodes behind on it so I did a Dollhouse marathon tonight watching the two episodes and then the finale. Major credit to two actors who stepped up huge in the two episodes. Amy Acker and Alan Tudyk!! Everyone knows what a huge fan of Amy’s that I am. I was so happy to see her character, Dr. Saunders, play a major role in how the story in the Dollhouse had turned out with Alpha. Speaking of Alpha, he was played by Alan Tudyk. Yep, another actor from the Whedonverse returns and this time Firefly is represented. He was great as well!! He was cracking me up as he and Ballard made their way into the Dollhouse. Then, we got the awesome reveal that he was Alpha. We got the flashback of Alpha, Dr. Saunders (when she was known as a doll named Whiskey), and a newly arriving Echo. Whiskey was the top doll and Alpha had his eyes on Echo. He wanted Echo to be the top doll so that was when he scarred Whiskey which took away her good looks. Alpha would later get 38 personalities dumped into him at once in the chair when things went wrong. He took out his handler and also the original Dr. Saunders who was a guy. Whiskey was later given the personality of Dr. Saunders but she never wanted to be a doctor. Alpha took Echo along with all of the personalities cards of hers including her original personality of Caroline. Alpha kidnapped another girl as well and put Caroline’s personality in her. It was Echo with all of her personalities installed that she had been since being in the dollhouse along with Caroline against Alpha. Yes, Alpha got away but Echo got a nice fight scene with him. Ballard saved Caroline’s personality card. Ballard would later decide to join the Dollhouse in an exchange of setting Mellie free. It was sad to see her not have a clue who he was while he remembered every bit of their history. Nice payoff for that story. Echo stays at the Dollhouse determined to finish out her contract. Alpha? Well, he is still out there. The show? Well, we’ll see but I want it to stick around especially after the episodes that I watched tonight. Strong finish to the season. Show started kind of slow but we were off to the races at episode six and beyond.

The Chuck campaigns to save the show continue and I sent out the info earlier in the week. I will update this. After only two days of the American Heart Assocation campaign, $3,432.03 had been raised from Chuck fans. Incredible!! Twitter has really changed the way the fan campaigns are run. Immediate campaign news can get out and spread like crazy.

The two hour season finale of Lost is this Wednesday night on ABC. This week’s episode was all about setting up the finale. Well, Jack suddenly is thinking like Locke. That only took him years to realize that Locke was on to something with that island. I still laugh at last season with Jack trying to explain that the island being moved didn’t happen when they were on the helicopter together. Hurley’s line of saying if Jack had a better explanation of what happened then he’d love to hear it was perfect. That was what I had been thinking. Way to get in the game Jack. Jack is determined to carry out what Faraday wanted and change history with the Oceanic flight never crashing. Kate on the other hand. Not too thrilled with Jack’s plan of throwing out the memories of the past several years and she is now thrown into a love triangle with Sawyer and Juliet on the submarine. Locke is leading his group to go see Jacob. Don’t you just want to see what Jacob is going to be? Maybe he is the Wizard Of Oz. ha ha. The stuff was good with Faraday’s mom realizing that it was indeed her son that she had shot. Loved the stuff with Jack explaining things to her while Kate looked on.

Last night’s Survivor had the Survivor auction, Debbie trying to distance herself from Coach, an appearance from Eddie George, and an incredible memory by Stephen. I always love the Survivor auction cause it’s amazing to see the bidding on items including the surprise items that they have no idea what is. Taj got the big treat of the auction when everyone chipped in for her to get a phone message from her family. She then got the surprise announcement that her husband would be with her at camp. A twist was announced that if Taj agreed to go to exile island with her husband, everyone else would get a visit from their loved ones as well. Of course, she agreed to it. Always a great moment seeing everyone reunited. Stephen won the immunity challenge after an incredible way of memorizing numbers. Debbie tried to distance herself from Coach as she knew that he was messing up her game. For a while, the group decided to go after Coach and get him out. Debbie promised JT and Stephen that if the three of them were in the final three challenge, she’d hand over immunity to them. She had been telling a lot of stories to different people so it was decided that they had no idea on whether they could trust her. The editing sure made it look like Coach was going home. However, Debbie’s work to save herself didn’t work and she got three votes to join the jury. The other votes were Debbie’s vote for Coach and one vote for Taj.

Rock week on American Idol had the elimination of my favorite contestant this season, Allison Iraheta. My guess was that it would be either her or Kris going home after watching Tuesday’s performance show. Allison fired back at Simon over the criticism of her performance. That is a delicate border to balance. Sometimes, that will get you votes and other times it will take away votes if viewers think you’re being disrespectful. Bummed to see Allison go and that leaves us down to a battle between the guys. The top three is Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, and Danny Gokey. I expect it to be a Danny vs. Adam finale. I liked the duets idea this week and found it different. I can’t say that I ever expected to see Slash on American Idol as he was the mentor for the week. Daughtry performed on the Idol stage with their new single. I’ll still never forget the shock of the night that he was eliminated from Idoll. He’s done just fine without the Idol win!! Wild to see No Doubt performing together again but a good thing.

The Amazing Race crosses the finish line for one million dollars this Sunday night on CBS. We’re down to three teams after Jen and Kisha were eliminated. The teams continued to battle in China. It came down to a battle between Jen & Kisha against Jaime & Cara. The difference between them ended up being a bathroom break worth one million dollars when Jen had to stop close to the pit stop due to all the water she had drank while trying to eat in the food task. That gave Jaime and Cara the third place finish as they barely got there ahead of Jen and Kisha. So, it is down to Tammy & Victor, Margie & Luke, and Jaime & Cara for the million dollars. I’m predicting a Tammy and Victor win.

Great episode of How I Met Your Mother this week. The story revolved around how your events in your life will lead you to the next thing in life just as it is supposed to work out. It provided for some fun story lines but the end result had Ted running into Stella. Not Stella!!! My first thought was that I hope that she isn’t the front runner for being Ted’s love of his life again. Wow, that character was so unlikable. I read some interesting thoughts on TV Guide where they had theories about Stella. The comments talked me into it that Stella will play a part but she won’t actually be the one. No spoilers there but they just mentioned the wording of what Ted had to say in the episode. The season finale is on Monday night. Please don’t let Stella be the mother. Please don’t let Stella be the mother. Maybe if I say it enough times, they’ll change their mind even if the episode is already shot. Ha ha.

Smallville’s season finale is this Thursday night on The CW. Last night’s episode set up for a major showdown between Clark and Davis. Clark has made it clear that he is going to try and use the black kryptonite to separate Davis and Doomsday. That would save Davis and then send his Kryptonian counterpart, Doomsday, to the phantom zone. Tess is going to play a major part of this finale. What about Chloe? Nice tease in this episode with the shapeshifting where it wasn’t Chloe at all that Clark saved. Oliver also admitted to Clark that he killed Lex and their relationship appears to be back on the rocks.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $85 million. 2. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - $15.4 million. 3. Obsessed - $12 million. 4. 17 Again - $6.3 million. 5. Monsters vs. Aliens - $5.8 million. 6. The Soloist - $5.6 million. 7. Earth - $4.3 million. 8. Hannah Montana The Movie - $4.1 million. 9. Fighting - $4 million. 10. State Of Play - $3.7 million.

Well, I can’t remember a whole lot of first round NBA playoff series being as good as that Bulls/Celtics series. It was incredible!! The series set ratings records for first round NBA playoff games. The triple overtime Game 6 had 5.35 million viewers and was the most watched first round game ever on cable. That was until game 7. Nearly seven million tuned into the deciding game of the series. Those two teams fought it out till they had nothing left in the tank. Just big shot after big shot by both teams. I’m a Bulls fan so I was stressing every time that Pierce or Allen were taking shots at the end of the games. Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon stepped up huge for Chicago. That mid season trade for the Bulls paid off big for them and they were a completely different team in the second half of the season than the one that I watched in the first half that made me want to pull my hair out. Boston stepped up and won game seven. Big thanks to both teams for giving one of, if not the, best first round series that I’ve ever seen. Four games went to overtime out of seven. Unreal.

Excellent commercial that I saw from DirecTV last week. They were advertising their PPV movies and brought up the point of if you go to the movies with a family of five, you pay to see the movie five times. With their PPV, you just buy it once for everyone. Such a logical thing that is of course common knowledge but you don’t really think about it. Good commercial idea.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, May 12. The Dana Carvey Show (Full Series), The Jeff Foxworthy Show (Season Two), Two and a Half Men (Season Five).

TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother
“On any day, you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever. You see, the universe has a plan kids, and that plan is always in motion. A butterfly flaps its wings and it starts to rain. It’s a scary thought but it’s also kind of wonderful. All these little parts of the machine constantly working making sure that you end up exactly where you’re supposed to be, exactly when you’re supposed to be there. The right place at the right time.” Ted’s narration to his kids in the future at the beginning of the episode. Loved that line!!

Twitter Update Of The Week: (New weekly feature that I hope to keep doing). @darthvader
“Just be glad I don't celebrate Earth Day the way I celebrated Alderaan Day.”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Fun video made for the Save Chuck campaigns. Yes, that is Zachary Levi joining in with fans on the Subway campaign!!

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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