Friday, May 15, 2009

Dollhouse Gets Renewed!!! - May 15, 2009

The Apple Store Soho Presents Meet the Creator: Joss Whedon
One fan campaign has gotten a win!! Dollhouse has reportedly been picked up for season two by Fox!!!! It appears to be a thirteen episode order. Joss Whedon fans can celebrate tonight!! It sure did look gloomy on the show returning. Yes, the show has not had good ratings. Well, no kidding. The show airs on Friday nights which is a very low rated TV viewing night. People knew it was going to be a bad thing for the show when Fox decided to air it on Friday nights. Here is the good news with that. The DVR numbers have been really good for the show. That means that people aren't watching the show live on Friday nights and are instead recording it to watch later. I'm also one of those as I rarely watch the show live. The numbers have also been very good with iTunes and Hulu viewing. Presale orders on the Dollhouse DVD set have also been very good. It is nice to see a show get attention for other things besides live ratings. In this day and age of TV viewing, you have to account a lot more into how a show is doing besides ratings cause there are so many different ways to view shows now. It also goes against Fox's normal routine of cancel everything that doesn't do blockbuster ratings. Trust me, I know cause I've quit watching new shows on Fox due to that very thing. A Joss Whedon project was the only thing that got me to break my rule. Yesterday was the news that Fox's voice mail system had crashed after Miracle Laurie posted phone numbers on Twitter for fans to call and support the show. That was great by the way!!! Twitter has changed the way of the fan campaigns with fans being able to get news out quicker. The Joss Whedon fans are a loyal bunch. I should know cause I'm one of them. We will watch his shows. The show is apparently going to remain on Friday nights. There is speculation that the show's budget will be smaller but, hey, the show is coming back. The official announcement should come on Monday during the Fox upfronts presentation. Very exciting news!!!

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