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How I Met Your Mother & 90210 Finales, & More - May 19, 2009

Ted’s 31st birthday party was the focus of the season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Events taking place during the party were no Ted, Marshall threatening to jump, Barney and Robin telling each other their feelings, and Ted getting beaten up by a goat. Ted was too focused on his project for his job to take part in what was a surprise party for the second year in a row. Ted’s project ended up not going well anyway and it led to a good moment with Lilly talking to Ted wondering if he really wanted the architect job. She said that it was killing him while her and his friends were frustrated watching him have such a tough time with it. They wanted him to take a chance on something else to make him happy. She told him to do what the world was asking him to do and take that leap. That put Marshall into motion. One ongoing storyline in this episode revolved around Marshall continuing to talk about jumping from one roof to the other but not being able to do it. Very little space between both roofs but a tough jump. Marshall ends up going for it and makes it. The rest of the group makes the jump as well. Funny moment when Marshall jumped across and then said he was getting a motorcycle next. Lilly shot that down really fast!! Ha ha. What about Robin and Barney? Well, Barney got Mosby’d. What does that mean? Well, you may remember Ted telling Robin that he loved her on their first date. It scared Robin off and then became a term, Mosby’d. Well, Barney went to Ted telling him that he was going to profess his love to Robin. Ted gave him the go ahead saying that he should do it but Robin overheard this from the other room. She took the info to Lilly and Marshall. Robin was stunned to hear that Lilly had kept this a secret for eight months. Marshall was shown to know about it too and he said that he had known for seven months and twenty nine days. Robin talked of how she didn’t feel the same and how he was going to express his feelings for a girl for the first time with her now set to crush that. The plan is made to Mosby Barney. When Barney goes to tell her of his feelings, she jumps in first saying that she is in love with him. That scares Barney off and he tells Lilly that all of his feelings are suddenly gone. His feelings return after Lilly breaks it to him that he had been Mosby’d. The rest of the episode had Barney and Robin playing this Mosby tactic as they tried to sort out how they really felt about each other. Yeah, there was a kiss but that was all. Sorting out the feelings later. Oh yeah, the goat story was told as Lilly let the goat back into the apartment. When Ted kept taking away the washcloth that the goat wanted to chew on, the goat got angry and took him down. That put Ted into the hospital where he was shown to be fine although he was ridiculed by his friends and the person at the hospital over what happened. So, what did the show end with? Well, Ted talked about his awful year with all the bad things that had happened to him. He said that it was the best year of his life. All the bad things got him to the job of his life which is a professor. He tells the kids in the narration that being a professor was where he met their mother.

Shawn Johnson wins Dancing With The Stars. She was on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning and was asked what her future was going to hold. She said that the first thing that she was going to do was take time off adding that she hadn't had a break in eight years. What about the Olympics? Well, she said that she isn't sure what she will do as far as her gymnastics career. She definitely deserves to take time off from everything. Congrats to Shawn for the win!!

Ahh, the world of Twitter. Who says you can’t get news on there when keeping up with celebrities? I learned that there was an earthquake in California the other night from Ryan Seacrest, Lauren Conrad, and Brea Grant. LOL. They posted the news on their Twitter accounts immediately after it happened.

Moving on to the season finale of 90210. Annie explodes!!! A baby is born!!! That was the main theme of the rest of prom night. Annie finally let all that frustration go but the ending of her prom night left us with a cliffhanger. When Adrianna went into labor, Naomi took off to go be with her. The after prom party plans were changed as Naomi took it over despite her sister not wanting anything to do with it. Her sister ended up sleeping with Liam. Annie continued to try and keep control of the party with little luck. Things got really bad for Naomi when she caught Liam in the bedroom but never saw the other person. She saw some of Annie’s clothes in there. Naomi storms out and Annie gets the full blame while she had no clue what happened. Annie also gets the vengeance from the others at the party due to the other party getting canceled which she also had nothing to do with. She was kicked out but made it all worthwhile on the way out. She told them all off and made a phone call to the police telling of underage drinking going on at a party. She took some alcohol with her though and that was when things went bad for her. During the morning hours, we saw Annie hit something on the road and then kept going. As she left, a car pulled up to whatever she hit but we didn’t see it. Ok, I admit. I had to rewind to look at the license plate and make sure that it didn’t say I8A4RE. LOL. So, what did Annie hit and who saw it? Cliffhanger. Like I said, Adrianna had her baby. She did give it up for adoption despite not wanting to after she bonded with the baby. Brenda and Kelly were there for her at the hospital. Brenda talked of how she had just adopted a baby from China. That was what got Adrianna to go through with giving up the baby with Brenda saying what a gift that it would be for the family. Problems with Ethan and Dixon. They both like the same girl. Dixon was able to see that he was interested and got Ethan to admit it. Later, Silver confronted him about it and they shared a kiss outside. I expected something more with Ethan’s character especially considering the actor that plays him is said to not be returning next season. This whole Ethan attraction to Silver storyline seemed to show up quicker than Silver’s sudden bipolar disorder storyline. I just thought the Ethan/Silver thing was way too rushed and came out of nowhere. Anyone else freaking out when they did the tease of Jim Walsh being in the hospital and not being far from passing away??!! Then, Brenda started acting strange and I realized it was a dream sequence. Whew!! Anyway, good finale. Not crazy about the Ethan/Silver stuff. I really liked the Annie storyline and it could lead to some big things next season and that was before the cliffhanger. Naomi will eventually find out what her sister is doing to her. Overall, I enjoyed this first season of the remake of 90210. I did like the first half of the season better than the second half but it gets a thumbs up from me.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Charles Barkley in a push up contest with the camera woman.

TV Line Of The Week: From TNT’s Inside The NBA.
“Why don’t you do situps?” Kenny Smith to Charles Barkley. This was after the push ups challenge and the plan for a rematch. Charles wanted to do something else and this was Kenny’s response. Big LOL from me with that line and the studio was cracking up!!

Twitter Update Of The Week: @ElizaPatricia
Thank YOU Dollhouse Dollhouse people! We're back & 'bout to attack ;)

That is it for this week. Take care and God bless!!

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