Thursday, May 21, 2009

The CW Upfronts News - May 21, 2009

The CW Network 2009 Upfront - PresentationWhat does The CW have planned for this new TV season? The network held its upfront presentation this morning. Several shows are canceled, all comedies are gone, the network goes even more retro, and more. The move that has gotten my attention is Smallville being moved to Fridays. What has been my theme for the week? Friday isn’t good for shows most of the time. Lots of fans have gotten fired up over the breakup of Smallville and Supernatural on Thursday night. The CW has instead decided to put Vampire Diaries in front of Supernatural. What does that mean for Smallville? Is the CW casting it to Friday nights to see it go out the door? CW Entertainment President, Dawn Ostroff, said this at the upfronts: “No. First of all, it's way too early to talk about at the moment, as the show's producers haven't yet mapped out the storyline for season nine. But no, it's not the last season. Hopefully not." Smallville does have a two year deal with Tom Welling so the show should continue on with ten seasons unless The CW finishes it off on Friday nights after nine. They said that they are hoping for Smallville to do better than the comedies did last year on Friday nights. That was their strategy last year was to do away with the male demographic with WWE Friday Night Smackdown on Friday nights. The result was a significant drop in ratings. The CW is bringing back another show. Veronica Mars???!!!! No, not Veronica Mars but a guy can dream, can’t he? Ha ha. Seriously, the show that is returning is of no surprise as it has been talked about for a long time now. The CW unveiled the first look at the relaunch of Melrose Place. Melrose will be paired up with 90210 on Tuesday nights. Just like old times!!! The video of the show was unveiled and it looks solid. Sydney is back and is the landlady at Melrose Place. Sydney is involved with the estranged son of Michael Mancini. Some things never change on Melrose Place. The press release tells the plot of all the characters living in the building with many of them having ties to Sydney. The big twist in the pilot is a body found in the pool and finding what happened. Was it Brooke in the pool??!! Sorry, flashback to the old series. It does sound interesting and sounds every bit as wild as the original series. Well, we’ll see if it goes that far? It will be hard to top Kimberly’s plan for the finish of the building. I’m also waiting to see how they explain Sydney being alive. Here are some of the comments from Ostroff of the happenings at the upfronts. I’m not sure what to make of her comment of how they don’t have ratings but they do have buzz. Their new slogan for the network is “TV To Talk About”. Hmm. I’m hoping people remind them of that slogan when they start talking ratings next season. Ostroff called their new show Parental Discretion Advised a cross between Gilmore Girls and Juno. When the topic of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton leaving One Tree Hill was brought up, Ostroff said "We tried to get them to stay, and we would have been thrilled if they wanted to. I think the show moving into its seventh year was very open to sort of reinventing itself. One thing I have to give Mark Schwahn a lot of credit for is he's kept the show fresh all these years. ... I think Mark is excited about maybe bringing on a few new characters, which is what we're going to do now that we're finishing the pilot process." What about the Gossip Girl spinoff that had been talked about? Well, nothing on the schedule but The CW hasn’t ruled it out from happening. What will follow Smallville on Friday nights? A repeat of Top Model. Wow, you really aren’t doing Smallville any favors, are you CW?

Returning Shows: Smallville, 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, America’s Next Top Model, Supernatural,

Canceled Shows: Privileged, Reaper, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game. 4REAL, 13 – Fear Is Real, Easy Money, In Harm’s Way, Stylista, Valentine.

New Shows: Melrose Place (remake of the original 1990’s series), The Beautiful Life (drama starring Mischa Barton about models sharing a co-ed place in New York), Vampire Diaries (a girl in high school falls in love for a guy which turns out to be a vampire. Lost tie to this show with Ian Somerhalder starring in it who played Boone on Lost), Parental Discretion Advised (drama that debuts in midseason about a teenage girl who goes to look for her biological parents but the parents haven’t spoken to each other since their one night stand. Stars Shiri Appleby (Roswell), Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek), and Britt Robertson.

Overall Thoughts: I’ve shared my thoughts for the most part. Smallville being moved is a major deal for me and I just wonder how it will do on Friday night. It is amazing with how they treat that show sometimes especially with how popular that it is. As far as new shows, 90210 was successful but will Melrose be the same? I think it will do as well as 90210 has. I have interest in Parental Discretion Advised especially based off of the cast. The CW is banking a LOT on Vampire Diaries and we’ll see if it performs for them. As far as cancellations, I didn’t watch Priviledged but a LOT of people are upset over that cancellation. Sounds like it was a good show from everything I’ve heard over the last season. Wow, no comedies anywhere on the network. That just baffles me. They really aren’t doing anything with variety on this network. They have a target audience and that is all they are catering to so we’ll see how that goes for them. Will it turn into more viewers for the network? We’ll see.

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