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Tonight Show, Gloriana, Movies, The Guild, & More - May 28, 2009

Tomorrow night is the last Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno. The final show will have Conan O’Brien as his last guest. That will carry out the hosting transition. James Taylor will also be the musical guest. What will Conan be doing when he takes over The Tonight Show on Monday night? His first guest is Will Ferrell and musical guests will be Pearl Jam. Keep in mind that Andy Richter will be reuniting with Conan on The Tonight Show. I am sad to see Leno leaving The Tonight Show. He has been really good and he always provides great comedy at night when you’re ready to just kick back and relax. I will definitely be watching his show in the fall on NBC. I wish Conan all the best with taking it over. I think he will do a very good job and I’ve enjoyed watching him on Late Night over the years. Basically, I’m a big fan of both of them. I spoke a few months ago about how this was a tough situation all around cause Leno isn’t ready to leave but Conan has been waiting in the wings for a long time. NBC was put in a tough spot as well cause they couldn’t afford to let Conan get away but it wasn’t fair for Conan to just be stuck stagnant as well. Leno’s primetime show is going to mostly be the same stuff that he has been doing but it just won’t be The Tonight Show. So, we’ll still get to see Leno and Conan entertaining us. Just at different times. Very excited to see the transition for The Tonight Show.

Why is Hilarie Burton leaving One Tree Hill? Michael Ausiello got the scoop straight from the source with this interview:

The Hills may be losing Lauren Conrad but the show will be gaining a Laguna Beach alum. EW is reporting that Kristin Cavallari will be joining The Hills and will make her first appearance in the season finale. She is already promising drama on the show saying that the fans want the drama. The season finale of The Hills will air this Sunday night on MTV at 7pm central time which is said to include the return of Kristin. I will definitely miss Lauren on the show.

Allison Mack has talked about season ten of Smallville. Here is a link to read the interview:

I am eagerly awaiting the Gloriana album release. They did send out a message recently about something to hold you over until the album is released this summer. Last week, they released a "sneak peek EP" with four songs on it. They will also be releasing ringtones and ringbacks that will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless on May 29th. It has been a while since I've been so excited for an album to be released. I saw them in concert back in the fall and I was halfway through watching their concert before I said "I have a new favorite group". They are awesome!! I would love to see them again in concert in the future. For more info, head over to: Also, I had to send this clip as I thought it was hilarious. It is the sticky hands competition. This is a hilarious video. I cracked up at watching Tom trying to do a serious interview and there goes Cheyenne, Mike, and Rachel running in the background.

Note to guys that are around Taylor Swift or Kellie Pickler. Don’t break their heart or they WILL write a song about you. Ha ha. I was thinking about that one day when I was listening to their music. I love the video of Kellie’s with Taylor for “Best Days Of Your Life”.

I have to say that it was really strange to not have American Idol to watch this week. Suddenly, Tuesday and Wednesday nights have become a lot less busy TV wise.

An update on my “movies to see” list. If you aren’t familiar with this, this is a play off of the joke that has been going on in the last while. I have a bunch of classic movies that I have never seen. I’ve always been more of a TV person or am watching other movies. This is basically how it works. Someone starts talking about a movie. They ask if I’ve seen it. I say no. Then, I get the look of that I have just let them down possibly more than I ever could followed by “you’ve never seen (insert movie here)??!!” It’s rather funny to be honest. My usual plan in the summer when reruns start is to find a TV series that I’ve really wanted to see and run through it over the summer. This year, me and my friends were discussing it and the “movies to see” list was born. When a movie gets mentioned by someone that I haven’t seen especially one that people think I’d like, it gets added to the list. Right now, I have about thirty something movies on the list. I have gotten four movies watched in the last week or so. Just thought I’d give some random thoughts on them and there are spoilers in these comments. First, Breakfast Club. No, I’ve never seen Breakfast Club but have wanted to for many years. I just never have gotten around to seeing it. I know this shocks and stuns many of you based on the kind of movies that I like to watch. I liked this movie as I thought I would. I had basically seen the movie based on how many of my favorite shows have spoofed the movie over the years. One of them was Dawson’s Creek in the first season which was one of my favorite episodes of the whole series. Amazing that something so simple of a concept with a group of teenagers being stuck in Saturday detention could become such a hit. Different people from different social circles. Yeah, I liked it. X-Men. I’ve seen the third one but not any of the others. I liked it as well. Lots of setting up of the story and I hear that X2 is much better. Fun watching how Wolverine and Rogue end up revolving around each other. Looking forward to seeing X2. Moving on to Superman. I watched the first Superman movie a couple of weeks ago. I watched Superman 2 and 3 this past weekend. Ok, I really liked Superman 2. I thought it was much better than the first one. Definitely my favorite by far!! I liked having a more serious villain with Zod and his crew. My Superman experience is basically Smallville so keep that in mind when it comes to my thoughts on these movies. I just like a more serious Lex like he is in Smallville so that was one thing that I didn’t like about the first movie. The villians were just too comedy at times for my liking. So, Zod was right up my alley for season two. I loved the stuff with Clark and Lois where she found out his secret of being Superman. Superman 3. Wow, I went into this with low expectations based on everything that my friends were telling me. Here is how it went for me. The first hour had me thinking, well, this isn’t bad so far. A lot of it focused on the high school reunion with Clark and Lana Lang. Now, being a Smallville fan, I loved that stuff. When we got to hour two of the movie. This was where it started going downhill for me. I just was not crazy about the Clark vs. Superman battle which seemed to go on for a while. The final battle revolves around Clark battling a computer. I didn’t hate the movie but I didn’t really like it either. Like I said, I really enjoyed the Clark/Lana stuff but the rest of the movie was just ehh to me. So, what movies are next? Just depends what I can get my hands on to watch.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Night At The Museum - $70 million. 2. Terminator Salvation - $51.9 million. 3. Star Trek - $29.3 million. 4. Angels & Demons - $27.4 million. 5. Dance Flick - $12.6 million. 6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - $9.9 million. 7. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past - $4.7 million. 8. Obsessed - $2.4 million. 9. Monsters vs. Aliens - $2 million. 10. 17 Again - $1.2 million.

One month till Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen!!!!!

The premiere date for Big Brother 11 has been announced by CBS. The new season will premiere on Thursday, July 9. The show will go back to its old format of viewing with episodes airing on Thursday, Sunday, and Tuesday. That is going to be much better. The timing of the episode air dates last year often made the footage either seem rushed into an episode or not included at all.

The Felicia Day project, The Guild, is now available on DVD on Amazon. She writes and stars in the online series about a bunch of online video gamers. It is a fun series and one of my favorite online series to watch. Check out more on The Guild at: The Guild now has a UStream show as well which I watched the other night: Here is the link to buy the DVD’s at Amazon: and

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, June 2. Army Wives (Season Two), Cannon (Season Two – Volume One), The Fairly Oddparents (Seasons One & Two), The Jetsons (Season Two – Volume One), Prison Break (Season Four), Quincy M.E. (Season Three), Rugrats (Seasons One & Two), Weeds (Season Four).

Twitter Update Of The Week: Felicia Day speaks the feelings of the Whedonverse: @feliciaday RT: @drhorrible: Oy... What the?! .... Sad face.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Want a preview of things to come when Storm Chasers returns this fall on Discovery Channel? Here is a nice video of a big time tornado encounter by Reed Timmer and his crew that they have posted on their website at Impressive footage and it shows that we’re going to see some wild footage in the fall. Some strong language in this video:

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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