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Survivor Tocantins Finale Recap and Thoughts - May 17, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins The Brazilian Highlands FinaleLoyalty vs. a possible easy win. That was the theme of tonight’s Survivor Tocantins finale. The final four was JT, Erinn, Stephen, and Taj. Good finale tonight that I enjoyed quite a bit. Here are the happenings of the episode. The episode opened with the final four returning to camp with Stephen now feeling like he’ll be looked at as a bad guy. Why? Well, Coach went home and Stephen voted for him to go. However, JT was right in there with Stephen on voting him out but JT voted for Coach to stay. Now, JT looked like the good guy and Stephen had that mark against him. Erinn was the last member of Tambira left standing in the game. The immunity challenge was a puzzle solving challenge. Erinn was able to come from last to make a run for it at the end. JT was able to hold her off and win the first immunity of the night. Erinn then started working things with the guys telling how Taj would be dangerous to take to the end cause she would get a lot of jury votes. Suddenly, the three person alliance looked shaky. The guys talked about how they knew that they could beat Erinn in the final but weren’t sure about Taj. Tribal council had the blindside as Taj was sent home on a three to one vote. Yeah, Taj didn’t have a clue that was coming. Erinn continued to work her game when the final three returned to camp. Erinn talked to Stephen about how popular that JT would be. Stephen talked of how he would probably have to take Erinn to the final two. However, JT and Stephen vowed to each other to stay loyal to one another while Erinn said that she’d take Stephen to the final two if she won immunity. She knew she could beat Stephen over JT. The final immunity challenge was one that made my head spin thinking of how hard it would be to keep your head in it. They had to put a ball inside a track that spun around. You would catch the ball at the bottom and send it back through the track again. After a certain amount of time, another ball would be put into play. If you drop a ball, you’re out. Wow, I can’t even imagine how hard this was. Actually, I can cause it made me anxious watching it. Ha ha. Erinn was the first one out after she dropped the ball after three were in play. That brought it down to Stephen and JT. Stephen made several saves to keep himself in it but he couldn’t make the last save after four balls were in play. JT wins the last immunity. Stephen talked in his interview about how he was happy to not have won immunity cause he would have had to choose between JT or Erinn. Erinn got back to work talking to JT and revealing what Stephen had said to her about taking her to the final two. Stephen, of course, denied that to JT. That brought us to tribal council. The topic is brought up on what JT should do. Stephen seemed to dig himself a hole with the more that he talked including how he and JT’s friendship wouldn’t be the same if JT took Erinn. JT did vote out Erinn which gave us a JT/Stephen final two.

The final tribal council saw things stirred up between the friends. Stephen opened by saying that his road on Survivor had been more difficult cause of having to learn how to do things that he has never done. He said that he had never even camped before. JT’s speech was talking about how he had worked hard for everyone and never got one vote. He chose loyalty over Erinn in the final two. The jury questioning got going and Brendan got them stirred up immediately as they were doing rebuttals to one another. Erinn called Stephen out on his three alliances that he had going. Debbie tried to call out JT on his lying but JT fired back at her saying that she didn’t tell Coach that she was voting him out. Debbie really got the rest of the tribal council going when she asked Stephen if he would have taken Erinn to the final two if he had won immunity. He tried to dance around the question at first till she pinned him on answering honestly. He then said that he probably would have taken Erinn. That floored JT and got the jury buzzing. Way to go Debbie!! That tribal council just got a lot more interesting!! Ha ha. Coach asked for examples of the final two being honest in the game. JT pointed out that he had stayed loyal to Coach and not voted for him even though he knew Coach was going home. However, JT then took the shot at Stephen saying that he kept his word to Stephen although he didn’t get the same back. Stephen fired back saying that if JT was targeting people, that counted the same as voting for them. Sierra then got up and questioned JT on his “strongest” players comments. She said that JT kept taking the weaker players with him at the end of the game and throughout while she pointed Stephen out as the “weakest” in the game. WOW. Tyson asked if the two of them could have made it to the final two without the other one. JT said that he could have while Stephen wasn’t so sure. Taj was the last jury member to get up and added that she was crushed over being blindsided. Things really got going between JT and Stephen on her questions. JT said that Taj was the hardest vote for him cause he didn’t want to do it. Stephen then said that JT had wanted to vote her out for a long time but had talked JT out of it. They went back and forth for a bit while the jury sat there buzzing with their jaw dropped. JT said that he felt like a fool taking Stephen to the final two over what he had learned. That brought us to the live show to get the votes revealed. New York City was the place as JT won Survivor getting all seven jury votes. Only the second time in Survivor history that that has happened.

The reunion show was fun. JT and Stephen are still great friends and there is no hard feelings about anything. In fact, JT admitted that he was putting on about some of his betrayal hurt during the tribal council to try and gather some votes. Stephen talked of the mole that they had at camp relaying that Tyson would tell things to Coach, Coach would tell things to JT and then JT to Stephen. Stephen was questioned about admitting that he would have taken Erinn to the final two. Stephen got laughs when he said that he felt pressured by Debbie to be honest especially after she had just told JT how he was the greatest guy ever. Fun moments with Jeff Probst talking to Eddie George about Taj. Taj talked of how much she learned about herself and what she could do with her Survivor experience. On to Sierra. I loved Sierra. She was a big favorite of mine this season. She talked of how she found herself during the three days when everyone turned on her while also pointing out that she “slayed the dragon”. I loved that. LOL. That brings us to Coach. This was good TV here. Jeff had asked Coach to take a lie detector test about his story on how he had been kidnapped by natives while traveling in the Amazon. Coach denied the request. However, Coach then pointed out that he was going to blindside Jeff for the first time. Coach had a sealed envelope of a lie detector test that he had taken at a place called John Grogan’s or something like that. Jeff opened the envelope and it all looked official. The test had him as saying yes and the answer was shown to be true. The voting was revealed for the Survivor Player of the Season which was voted on by fans. The top three was JT, Taj, and Sierra. The winner of $100,00 was JT. More money to add to his million. Jeff got around to asking questions to the rest of the cast and that is fun to hear what has happened with everyone since the show. It was revealed that season nineteen of Survivor would be heading to the islands of Samoa. The capping on the show was the end. Jeff was announcing the Survivor auction and then revealed a mystery item. The item was the Regis and Kelly necklace!!! I loved it!!! If you didn’t see this, Jeff was a guest on Regis and Kelly last week. He was told that if he didn’t wear that necklace on the finale that he would never be brought back to Live With Regis and Kelly with them teasing him about his loyalty to them. I never thought that Probst would wear it and he did!!! Great stuff!!! They are going to be eating that up tomorrow morning on Live. Can’t wait to watch it.

Fun finale for Survivor. JT winning wasn’t much of a surprise at all. The votes showed that. However, the drama created between JT and Stephen did provide for some entertainment. JT was strong throughout the game. He made key alliances, was likable, and was strong physically. Big credit to Erinn. She was outnumbered for a while at the end of this game but kept surviving. She almost snuck into the final two. I was also an Erinn fan this season along with a Sierra fan. Survivor Samoa will premiere this fall on CBS.

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