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The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 6, 2009 - Heroes & Chuck Return, Lost, Smallville, Super Bowl, & More

The ratings for this year's Super Bowl were very strong as it just narrowly had less viewers than last year's as there was an average of 95.4 million viewers for the game. It made it the third most watched telecast ever behind last year's Super Bowl and the finale of MASH.

Several clever Super Bowl commercials this year but I just wasn't into a lot of them. I'll post my favorite later on in the Wrap Up but I also had to post this one which saw a tie of Heroes to the Super Bowl. Loved it!!

Speaking of Heroes, lots going on this week as the Heroes were kidnapped one by one by Nathan and his crew. It seems like so much has gone on with this show this season that I constantly need a refresher of happenings. Me and my friends that I was watching with were having to help each other at points with the happenings since it had been a while in between episodes. Things happening included all of them being kidnapped on a plane and then Claire freeing Peter allowing others to be freed as well. The cliffhanger was the plane going down. So, Noah and Claire were working on different sides? That seems to happen a lot where they're not on the same page. Peter can absorb powers again. That is nice to see again because Peter with powers is much more fun. Wild to see Ando as the one with all the hype now instead of Hiro due to him having powers. Sylar was tracking down his father and to the surprise of no one, Sylar is alive. I'm curious to see what happens when this plane lands on Monday night.

Hollywood week on American Idol. I love Hollywood week. Tons of drama. I'm just glad that it didn't get shortened this year cause this is where we learn quite a bit about the singers. Round one had the singers put through boot camp of working with stylists and vocal coaches. They would form a line and then have to sing acappella. The judges would then eliminate people. I was surprised to see Von Smith eliminated but he way over sang that song. That was one of a few surprises on the show of people cut in the first round. Second round was group day. Here is your drama. This is where people have to work with others. Good ones get brought down a lot sometimes when they end up in a bad group. The episode mostly focused on three groups that were not getting along. Tatiana was roaming from group to group but ended up staying with her original group. All four in her group did well when it came to performance time and went on to the next round. Team Diva had mixed results. This involved Katrina, Rose Flack, Jasmine Murray, and Lauren Barnes. They just could not get it together and at one point, Katrina quit on them. She showed back up at show time but they struggled. Only one that got through was Jasmine. How about Team Compromise? What a mess!! They didn't get along at all. They consisted of Nathaniel Marshall, Kristin McNamara, and Nancy Wilson. They were also a part of the Tatiana problem cause they were the group that she tried to join which didn't set well with everyone. Huge drama with this group. Kristin and Nathaniel went through but Nancy went home and she was not happy about it. Two of my favorites in this competition have become Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers. They have torn up Hollywood week and have been strong. Nice to see their friendship even having them teaming up in the group day. 75 people got through to round three of Hollywood week which we'll see next week on American Idol.

We're definitely seeing the history of the island on Lost. Jin lives!!! Well, I guess anyway. So, has he been floating around out there in the water and time traveling like everyone else? And, he met Rousseau as a youngster and is now with her family. How is that going to play into everything? Did the island want Jin alive? Is there any hope for others that haven't made it along the way? I think we're going to see a lot of previous cast members showing up especially with the time traveling. There was a big twist last week with us getting the reveal that Charles Whidmore was on the island at one point. They just keep bringing us big twists in the history of him and Ben. What is up with Sun anyway? I'm thinking that can't end well. She has Aaron as Kate had left him with her as Kate tried to figure out who was behind the custody deal. Should have known that it was Ben. Sun was pulling a gun the last time we saw her heading toward the group of reunited Oceanic 6 members with Ben. Sad scene with Sawyer seeing Kate while he was time traveling. What is up with the bleeding from the nose by several of them? That can't be a good thing.

Moving on to tonight's Smallville. Wow, what an episode!! Lots of happenings. I just had to think that nothing good was going to come of Lana's idea of becoming invincible. It ended up costing Clark and Lana their love. Tonight's episode had Oliver buying into Luthor Corp but an explosion rocked the board of directors meeting killing all of the others except for him. The person behind it was Winslow who once worked for Oliver but was now aligned with Lex. Lex was looking to take out Oliver and Tess but didn't get the job done. Chloe found out that Oliver was on a mission to kill Lex and wouldn't stop until it was done. On the other side, Clark and Lana were working together to find out what was going on with Lex. Lex communicated with Clark and Lana through a monitor up atop The Daily Planet. A kryptonite bomb had been made. The only results of this were two options, the bomb goes off, or that Lana absorbs it and thus absorbs the kryptonite making it to where she can never be around Clark ever again. The only decision that could be made was to save everyone else and Lana absorbed it. Clark was immediately sick around her and he went to find Lex based on a tracking device set up by Oliver. As Clark was set to kill Lex, Lana stepped in and stopped him. That didn't stop the demise of Lex though when a bomb was set up in the truck and it went off. This supposedly killed Lex but there is no way that happened. Oliver was behind it but told Chloe to not let Clark know that as Clark thought it was Winslow who had turned on Lex. This brought us to a very emotional farewell with Clark and Lana. He fought the sickness to get to her and kiss her with some wild effects of his face with it going on. The two said their goodbyes and it was very sad for sure. The two of them are very much in love and now can't go near one another cause of what it does to Clark. Wow, powerful ending to that episode!!

Movie box office numbers for the last couple of weekends.
January 23-25: 1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $21.6 million. 2. Underworld - $20.8 million. 3. Gran Torino - $16.2 million. 4. Hotel For Dogs - $12.8 million. 5. Slumdog Millionaire - $10.6 million. 6. My Bloody Valentine - $10 million. 7. Inkheart - $7.6 million. 8. Bride Wars - $6.8 million. 9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - $6 million. 10. Notorious - $5.7 million.
Last weekend: 1. Taken - $24.7 million. 2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $13.8 million. 3. The Uninvited - $10.3 million. 4. Hotel For Dogs - $8.6 million. 5. Gran Torino - $8.2 million. 6. Slumdog Millionaire - $7.6 million. 7. Underworld - $7.5 million. 8. New In Town - $6.7 million. 9. My Bloody Valentine - $4.4 million. 10. Inkheart - $3.7 million.

The new cast of The Amazing Race has been named and here they are.
Cara and Jaime - Friends and former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.
Christie and Jodi - Friends and flight attendants.
Margie and Luke - Mom and son team. They communicate through sign language as the son is deaf. I'm very interested to see how they do.
Mike and Mel - Father and son.
Amanda and Kris - Dating couple.
Brad and Victoria - Married couple.
Jennifer and Preston - Southern couple.
Tammy and Victor - brother sister team of Harvard Law grads.
Mark and Michael - Hollywood stuntmen brothers.
Linda and Steve - Married couple.
LaKisha and Jennifer - Former college athletes - sisters.

Chuck returned with new episodes this week. Also in 3D. Yeah, I didn't watch it in 3D. Fun idea though. Lots of funny paranoia involving Chuck around Sarah after he had seen her shoot that FBI agent and then lie about it to him. Also, the battle over the golden ticket was very funny in the Buy More especially with the guys involving a newly hired football player by the name of Jimmy Butterman. It came down to Butterman and Jeff with the funniest part of the episode was Jeff eating the urinal cake. That was part three of the challenge for the golden ticket to see Tyler. However, Morgan wasn't able to get out what the part of the challenge was and that was just to touch it. Instead, Jeff ate it!! Music superstar, Tyler Martin was appearing at the store who was played by Dominic Monaghan. Anybody else wanting him to break into "You Are Everybody"??!!

Good episode of 90210 this week. The result of Ethan's crash last week had him ok but injuring the other driver which was named Rhonda. She had a punctured lung but was going to be ok. Ethan wanted to make sure to apologize cause it was his fault that it happened. He didn't know who she was when he was in the hospital room with her. She knew him as she was in his French class at West Beverly High. She was very rattled over everything and the actress that played this part was so good. I felt awful for her cause she did look so rattled and panicked. She said that he didn't know her because he was popular and she wasn't. Ethan ended up helping her out and becoming friends with her. Really enjoyed that whole story. Adrianna's pregancy was once again a focus of this episode as she told Ty that she was pregnant and that he was the father. He didn't take it too well at first but later was ok with it along with his parents who took in Adrianna. However, they wanted her to sign this contract that would keep her from talking about Ty being the father, putting the baby up for adoption, and also never talking of the circumstances of the pregnancy. Ty's mom ended up talking to Adrianna and her mom and that was how Adrianna's mom found out about the pregnancy. Her mom stood up for her and wouldn't let her sign everything away. Adrianna talked to Ty but ended up making an announcement over the school's TVs about her pregnancy with the help of Navid. She didn't name the father though joking that she was immaculately conceived. Silver went into a panic over the breakup with Dixon. She ended up tracking him down saying that love was making her crazy. That was the admission that she did in fact love him and the two appeared to be back right at the end of the episode. Navid was looking to get back into the dating pool with the help of Dixon and his cheerleader friend. He met a girl at the end of the episode so we'll see if she sticks around or not. Annie ended up in acting classes after the leader of the school play advised her to do that to make her better.

Robin gets to stay in the United States. That was the theme of this week's How I Met Your Mother. Robin was still unemployed and found out that she was about to lose her work visa if she didn't get a job in the next few days. She decided to take the job of being the TV Lottery Girl which she was big against but desperate. Barney helped her by making a video resume which was hilarious. Barney's was great that he used as an example!! It ended up working and she got a job as an anchor on a morning show.

AOL has a list up of the Top 25 High School Movies. Just thought I would share the list. I have several favorites on this list including Ferris Bueller, Clueless, Election, and Can't Buy Me Love. I definitely agree with the number one movie. When you think of school movies, you have to think of that one.
25. The Girl Next Door
24. Fame
23. Stand and Deliver
22. To Sir, With Love
21. Can't Buy Me Love
20. Brick
19. Friday Night Lights
18. Superbad
17. Footloose
16. Grease
15. Napoleon Dynamite
14. Sixteen Candles
13. Carrie
12. Pretty In Pink
11. Dead Poets Society
10. Mean Girls
9. American Pie
8. Rushmore
7. Heathers
6. Clueless
5. Election
4. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
3. Dazed and Confused
2. The Breakfast Club
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

TV on DVD releases:
This week: Becker (Season Two), Bewitched (Season Seven), Dave's World (Season Two), Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Season Three), Night Court (Season Two), The Partridge Family (Season Four).
Releases for Tuesday, February 10th: Friday the 13th: The Series (Season Two), House (Season One), Melrose Place (Season Five - Volume One), Simon and Simon (Season Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Chuck
"I still win, right?" - Jeff to Morgan after he ate the urinal cake in the golden ticket challenge before he was told that the winner only had to touch it.

You Tube Video Of The Week: My favorite of the Super Bowl commercials.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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