Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Top 36 Announced

Down to the Top 36 on American Idol. Hollywood week concluded with the judges finalizing their selections on who would move on. Here are the final 36 and then I will discuss a change from what we saw on the show.
Adam Lambert - 26 years old from Los Angeles, CA
Alex Wagner-Trugman - 19 from Studio City, CA
Alexis Grace - 20 from Memphis, TN
Allison Iraheta - 16 from Los Angeles, CA
Anne Marie Boskovich - 22 from Nashville, TN
Anoop Desai - 21 from Chapel Hill, NC
Arianna Afsar - 16 from San Diego, CA
Brent Keith - 28 from Blanchester, OH
Casey Carlson - 20 from Minneapolis, MN
Danny Gokey - 28 from Milwaukee, WI
Felicia Barton - 26 from Virginia Beach, VA
Jackie Tohn - 27 from Silver Lake, CA
Jasmine Murray - 16 from Starksville, MS
Jeanine Vailes - 27 from Sherman Oaks, CA
Jesse Langseth - 25 from Minneapolis, MN
Jorge Nunez-Mendez - 20 from Carolina, PR
Ju'Not Joyner - 26 from Bowie, MD
Kai Kalama - 26 from San Clemente, CA
Kendall Beard - 23 from Austin, TX
Kris Allen - 23 from Conway, AR
Kristen McNamara - 22 from Napa Valley, CA
Lil Rounds - 23 from Memphis, TN
Matt Breitzke - 27 from Bixby, OK
Matt Giraud - 23 from Kalamazoo, MI
Megan Corkrey - 22 from Sandy, UT
Michael Sarver - 27 from Jasper, TX
Mishavonna Henson - 18 from Irvine, CA
Nathaniel Marshall - 18 from Malone, NY
Nick Mitchell - 27 from Brookfield, CT
Ricky Braddy - 25 from Nashville, TN
Scott Macintyre - 23 from Scottsdale, AZ
Stephen Fowler - 26 from Beachwood, OH
Stevie Wright - 16 from Phelan, CA
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro - 23 from Los Angeles, CA
Taylor Vaifanua - 16 from Hurricane, UT
Von Smith - 22 from Kansas City, MO
Now, here comes the scoop today on some changes to the final 32. Joanna Pacitti was picked in the final 32. However, Fox released a statement today saying that she is "ineligible to continue". There has been some controversy on her from fans due to her having a previous recording contract. She has been replaced by 26 year old Felicia Barton. I just thought I'd share some random comments on the week. I really liked how Hollywood week was stretched out this year and it gave us more of a feel of a lot of the singers. However, there are still some that have barely got TV time. Definitely not liking that Jamar Rogers went home especially when there were people that went through that forgot lyrics!! He was way too talented and the room was stunned when he was eliminated. I thought Danny Gokey rocked this week. Really liking him. I know we'll see Jamar back supporting him cause I'd be stunned if Danny doesn't make top 12 at least. How about Tatiana? Wow, people just didn't know what to make of her. That waiting room freaked out when she was moved in there. They definitely didn't know if they were safe then but it turned out that they were. I liked a lot of the performances this week. Here are my favorites of the final 32. I've said Danny Gokey already. I like Arianna Afsar, Alexis Grace, and Scott Macintyre. My middle ground on who I just can't make my mind up on and need to see more of include Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Casey Carlson, and Von Smith. Can you tell I prefer female singers over male singers? ha ha. There are a lot of big voices in this competition that I didn't mention that I know will go far but I'm just naming favorites. Anyway, it should be fun to see how this goes from here. There are some definite big personalities in this field and I definitely got the feel that some of the people that got through did so with more personality than their voice.

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