Thursday, February 12, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Premiere Thoughts

Survivor Tocantins premiered tonight on CBS and was a very fun premiere. The tribes were already split on arrival. Jeff Probst gave them 60 seconds to grab everything that they could grab off the truck as far as supplies to use in the game. One tribe left with no water and no bags of food. The game started with a twist of first impressions. Each tribe had to vote immediately on who would not be making the four hour trip to camp. Read those words carefully. There were two targets. Sandy was picked out because of her age by Jalapao. Sierra was picked out by Timbira cause of her looking sick on the way out there. She was sick as she had a 102 fever and sore throat that she had been battling. The expected twist was that they would not be able to play. That wasn't the case. Instead, they got a helicopter ride straight to camp avoiding the four hour journey in the 110 degree heat. Upon arriving at camp, both that got the votes were able to pick between either searching for a hidden immunity idol or to go ahead and start building camp. Sandy went for the idol thinking she had to find it to stay. Sierra decided to go for building camp as a way to show good in herself to the tribe upon arrival. Sierra had camp up by the time the tribe arrived and was greatly appreciated for it. Sandy had nothing done and no idol. She did take some criticism from Carolina on it but Sandy's opinion was that she had no respect anyway so what was there to lose? Sandy spent day two out looking for the idol again which made the tribe think that she was being antisocial. Not helping her case but she had to do what she had to do. The immunity challenge had the poetic justice of Sierra and Sandy leading the charge for their tribes. Sierra and the Timbira tribe were able to make a comeback to win immunity. Carolina rubbed people wrong upon their arrival back at camp. It was clear that the votes would come down between Sandy and Carolina. Sandy earned a lot of respect for how hard she fought in the challenge. That led the votes to Carolina. She was voted out on a 7-1 vote. Other thoughts on the premiere. That heat is going to be vicious for sure. 110 in the early part of the day. WOW. I'm interested to see how Spencer does with being the youngest player in the game's history. I'm glad that Sierra got that trip to camp cause I'd be very concerned with her making that four hour journey with a 102 fever.

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