Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smallville Returns - Thoughts on Episode 811 - Legion - January 15, 2009

Smallville returned tonight after a hiatus that left us on the cliffhanger of the wedding. If you’re a Chloe fan like myself, it was a stressful episode!! I wasn’t sure what was going to happen tonight. Chloe and Davis were in the newly darkened Fortress. Chloe however had been taken over by Brainac while Davis was actually Davis and not Doomsday. The Legion arrived to help Clark out. They were from the future and knew that that particular day in time was a big one. It was fun to hear them talk about Clark in the future tense calling him “the Man of Steel”. The Legion was all about taking out Brainiac. The problem was that he had a host and that was Chloe. The Legion was set on having to kill Chloe to do the better good of killing Brainiac. That didn’t set well with Clark. The Legion worked their way around it including one of them talking to Lana. Lana and Clark were set on finding a way to get rid of Brainiac but save Chloe as well. Everyone was able to track Brainiac/Chloe to The Daily Planet where The Legion captured him/her. They were about to do the killing until Clark stepped in talking of how he does things and that is not killing. He and The Legion were able to team up and save Chloe but also get rid of Brainiac. Seeing her brought back was definitely a relief and also a cool surprise by the end which looks like she now remembers Clark’s secret as well. I am very happy with that cause I didn’t like when they went with the story of Chloe not knowing his powers anymore. The Legion brought many clues of what was to come with what we heard from them. One of them was the fact that they had heard nothing of a Chloe Sullivan from the history books. Not liking that!! Lana apparently plays a major part in what Clark becomes. Humans are a major factor in what Clark becomes as well. They said that Lana was very well known in the history books. They were surprised when they learned that Clark was unable to fly yet. The Legion left Clark with something that would allow him to time travel to the future if he ever needed to meet up with them. I liked the addition of The Legion into this episode. Fun episode overall. We did learn as well that Chloe had found out that Jimmy was going to be ok and that Lois was still with him. The end of the episode saw Doomsday return to form.

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