Saturday, January 17, 2009

Is The Veronica Mars Movie Happening??!! - January 17, 2009

2006 Summer TCA Day 8
Yeah, the picture with this is old but it was fitting. Are we going to get the hoped for Veronica Mars movie? Well, two key people are in for it and that is Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell. There are reports coming out and I just had to comment on it. Thomas spoke at the TCA press tour about how Cupid had been cut from a thirteen episode order down to eight. Thomas said that the freed up time that he now has is going to get him to writing the Veronica Mars movie. Thomas spoke about the movie as he discussed his current project Cupid. This is what Thomas had to say: "For me, that's the next project. But my writing it is really just half the battle. Somebody has to pay for it. I mean, Joel Silver does have a certain pile of money that he can decide on and he called me asking if we, you know, 'Can we do this now?' So I know that Kristen wants to do it. I want to do it. Joel wants to do it, and now I suddenly find myself with enough time to write that script. So that's my -- for me, that's the next project."

It sounds like Thomas wants to start the movie story wise before Veronica’s college days come to an end possibly before graduation. That would do away with the FBI storyline that was proposed for season four. If you haven’t seen the plan for season four that was proposed to The CW, check out the season three DVD. It had a lot of promise for sure. Come on though. Rob Thomas plus Kristen Bell always has promise!! I am really hoping for this movie to happen. I will no doubt be seeing that movie on opening day!!

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