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Lost Season Premiere - Review and Thoughts - January 22, 2009

Lost is back and I was so excited to watch the premiere on Wednesday night. What an incredible season premiere!! If you aren’t a Lost fan, you really ought to give the show a chance. Also, if you give the show a chance, be prepared to give up some of your social life cause this is one of the most addicting shows ever. I can’t tell you how many days that I had where I thought that I’d just watch a couple of episodes and then had watched about eight by the end of the day cause I couldn’t quit watching. On to the season five premiere. When I was watching this, I was thinking what in the world kind of formatting am I going to use to try and recap this premiere? I’m not quite sure how to go about it cause so much was happening. One thing that I always love about this show is that it keeps you thinking. Not only is the island crazy just in present day but now we are bending time on the island. The island is having troubles and continues to keep flashing to different points in time. We know that there is a three year difference between the current stuff with the Oceanic Six being gathered to go back and the time of when they left the island. I guess first we’ll talk about what is going on with the remaining people on the island. The show opened with Daniel being shown in the time period of when the Dharma orientation videos were being made while a mention of time travel was talked about. That beginning to the episode would set the stage for what we were about to see on the island. Daniel was with Sawyer, Juliet, and that group at the time of the island being moved. We return to that point with the freighter having disappeared. However, the camp is gone. Daniel figures out that there is some sort of disruption with the island forcing either the island to time travel or just themselves to time travel. This brought us to Locke who was in a different place as well alone on the island. He looks up and there is the plane set to crash of Mr. Eko’s brother. It crashes and Locke goes to it. As he is climbing to it, he is shot by Ethan. The light and noise starts up again and time switches again. The plane was then on the ground signifying that it was in time after Boone and Locke found it. Locke is helped by Richard who knew of what had just happened and the wound that Locke had. Richard said for Locke to give him a compass the next time that he sees him mentioning that he won’t recognize Locke. Richard tells him that the only way to save the island is to get them all back there. How does Locke do that? Richard tells him that he’ll have to die. Daniel and the group went to the original hatch which they found was gone signifying the time period as well. Lights and sound happened again and the hatch had returned. Sawyer wanted to go and talk to Desmond who was in the hatch at this point in time but Daniel said that it was pointless since them talking had never happened in the past. Daniel had already made the point that you can only go forward and backward in time but couldn’t change anything that hadn’t happened. However, Daniel would talk to Desmond since they both have the time travel stuff in common. He told Desmond to go and see him at Oxford. When Desmond wakes in current day, he remembers the conversation and told Penny that he had to go to Oxford. At this point, we notice that Charlotte is having nose bleeds which has to be from the time traveling going on while Daniel is trying to figure out where in time that they are. The group then gets shot at with flaming arrows which killed several people. Sawyer and Juliet are captured by Dharma people with them wanting to know why they are on the island. One of them says that the right answer will save Juliet’s other hand since the first one is non negotiable. Sawyer tells the truth about the time travel with the island but they weren’t buying it. Locke showed up and took out the Dharma people saving the two of them. What is happening with the Oceanic Six? We got a scene from when they were about to be rescued and decided to lie about what had happened on the island. Hurley wanted to tell the truth but no one else did which made him furious. Three years later, Ben and Jack were working together saying that they had to get back to the island to save everyone. They were also bringing Locke back who we had previously found out was the one in the casket. Ben eventually left Locke with a woman at a meat market saying to watch him while they rounded up everyone else. Hurley and Sayid were on the run. The media was reporting that Hurley was a murder suspect. People were shooting at them and Sayid took them out except for one that hit him with a dart loaded with something that took out Sayid. A bystander got a picture of Hurley at the murder scene. We had heard Sayid tell Hurley about working for Ben and gave him the advice to never believe anything Ben ever says. That would play into the events for later. Hurley made a run for it with an unconscious Sayid making it to his parents house. They took him in and he eventually told the truth of the island happenings to his mom. Jack was eventually brought into the equation to help a struggling Sayid. Ben found Hurley and said that everyone began to trust him when they all realized that they had one thing in common, getting back to the island. Instead of doing that, Hurley turned himself into the cops saying that was better for him than the alternative of being with Ben. Ben was seen talking to a woman who said that he had 70 hours to get everyone together and get this thing going or they were all in trouble. Kate was on the run after being met by lawyers who wanted to prove that Aaron wasn’t hers. They wouldn’t reveal who their client was. She met up with Sun and talked about everything. Sun suggested that whoever it was just probably wanted Aaron and that Kate should just “take care of them”. Earlier in the episode, Sun was seen meeting with Widmore where they discussed their common interest and that was killing Ben.

Random thoughts on the premiere. Was anyone else freaking out like I was when they saw that plane set to crash and thought that it could be Eko’s brother’s plane? I know I was. It was nice to see the show continue the tradition of record player music playing to open up the season. When Ana Lucia showed up, my conspiracy thinking started to go to, uh oh, now the Oceanic Six are time traveling too? That wasn’t the case of course. How about her saying to Hurley that Libby says hi. Wow. When Locke found Eko’s brother’s plane, my thinking automatically went to wondering if people from the past who were killed off might be returning if their deaths could be prevented. I was thinking that we might be seeing Boone sometime but that theory got wiped out quickly when Daniel talked of them only being able to go forward or backward but not being able to change anything. I am really curious to find out what kind of major role that Sun is going to have. She is setting up to be a major power player with the events to come. If you didn’t see the Lost special that aired to start the premiere night, it was really a fun show to watch. Really well put together. Even though I had seen everything, it was a really fun look at the series up to season five. I have decided that I’m not going to be watching the previews for each week’s episode. This show is much more fun to not have any clue of what is coming. I prefer to get my Lost blindsides just full blast. Ha ha.

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