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The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 23, 2008 - How I Met Your Mother, Storm Chasers Premiere, Chuck, SNL Ratings, Smallville, Heroes, Survivor, & More

All I can say is thank goodness after watching this week’s How I Met Your Mother. I went around online after this episode and found that I wasn’t the only viewer that had the Stella character getting on their nerves. I’ve found her very annoying for the most part so I’m thrilled that the wedding didn’t take place. I found myself wanting to participate in the intervention from last week to talk Ted out of marrying her. Ha ha. The episode had the wedding getting moved up due to Stella’s sister not getting married. Ted and Stella decided to take all the reservations and move their wedding up. The episode focused on one idea, don’t invite your ex’s to your wedding. Stella was annoyed that Ted had invited Robin to the wedding. Robin ended up at the wedding cause she didn’t want to say no to the invitation but felt completely awkward being there. Stella was disappointed that her daughter wouldn’t make it to the wedding cause Stella’s ex and the daughter’s father wouldn’t allow it. Basically, Ted couldn’t take the invite back from Robin and decided to try his best to get the daughter to the wedding which would hopefully lead to Stella being ok with Robin being there. Stella’s ex ended up going to the wedding with the daughter so now both ex’s showed up. It ended up being the demise of the relationship. Stella and her ex appeared to have gotten back together and a note was given to Ted signifying it. I realized in this episode just how much that I like Ted and Robin together. There is just a cool connection between those characters. However, Barney’s feelings toward Robin continue to be very real. Again, the whole point of this episode for me was thank goodness that Stella is not the mother!!!!

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, the question now turns to whether to write Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancy into the show. I’ve seen that poll put up on many websites after the news was released this week. I say, yeah, go for it. Why not? The show has been on for four seasons now. Marshall and Lily preparing for a baby in their lives would be a lot of fun. You could also play the rest of the group off of that too.

Lots of deal making going on with Survivor and by the previews for next week, we haven’t seen anything yet. The show opened with a deal being made between Ace and Matty to make sure to get each other to the merge. There were extra negotiations though as Ace wanted Sugar to be safe while Matty wanted Ken safe. What kind of promises were made? Ace promised on his mother’s life while Matty promised on his girlfriend. Why do people always have to go to such extremes to prove that they are being loyal? Ace talked to Sugar saying that he thought the tribe knew that she had the immunity idol feeling that they had went through her stuff. She volunteered to give Ace the idol to keep it safe which he accepted. The reward challenge was won easily by Kota which gave them a reward of food and also the ability to send one of Feng to exile island. Hmm, any guess on who they sent? Could it be Sugar? Like she said, the island might as well be named after her cause she went back to exile island tonight. She shed some tears over feeling guilty for being able to eat all of that great food while her tribe barely has any food. The immunity challenge was a back and forth struggle. Kelly and Sugar got off to a nice lead but then slowed down on their return for Feng. Feng continued to trail until Matty and Ken made an incredible run coming from behind and eventually taking the lead. However, Kota’s teamwork prevailed giving them the win after Ace basically took over the end of the challenge for Feng. Kota wins immunity again. Crystal’s tears become a topic for discussion at Feng. Kelly and Ace discuss it comparing her to GC wondering if she was breaking down. Crystal followed them out to let them know that it wasn’t a sign of weakness. Ace targeted Kelly to have voted out. Crystal was ready to target either Ace or Sugar. Ken tried to work on Matty to get him to turn on Ace but Matty said there was no way he was turning on their deal. Ken eventually went to talk to Sugar about the vote. She confided to him that she had given the idol to Ace which Ken told her that she needed to get it back. Sugar did get the idol back and told Ace that she had done it which was fine with him of course. Tribal council got heated between Crystal and Kelly when the topic turned to whether Crystal’s crying was her showing weakness or not. Kelly then mentioned Ace saying the same thing about Crystal which made Ace mad telling Kelly to not throw him under the bus. Kelly then went on the attack against Ace. Kelly was voted out but Crystal did get several votes as well. The only real drama at Kota on tonight’s episode involved Dan eating more food than everyone else when they were trying to save food. I loved the interview with Ace where the elephant suddenly roamed through in the background. He stopped what he was saying to check it out. Really incredible.

Heroes this week saw the return of someone that we thought was gone. We of course got the reveal of Arthur Petrelli last week but this week saw him up and moving. Yeah, and he’s a little more powerful. Just a little. He pulled on Peter’s emotions and then took all of his powers away. The other drama in the episode involved Claire going to save her mom. The guy that her under control had to be the creepiest villain ever on Heroes. Just a creepy, creepy power and creepy guy. I loved the stuff with Parkman and Daphne. Funny stuff with her meeting Parkman as some random guy that knows her information while carrying a turtle. Speaking of funny, LOVED the stuff with Hiro and Ando meeting the guy who could paint the future. Hiro kept trying to time travel to sneak up on him. Hiro continued to get nailed with a shovel in the head. The best and hilarious part of the whole thing was Hiro going one minute back in time to sneak up on him only to get hit with the shovel. He then lays on the ground looking up just in time to see his past self getting hit with the shovel again as well. That was a great scene!!! I laughed hard at that. I was stunned that they killed off Adam Monroe. I thought for sure that he would be a major player in this whole story but I guess not. So, what happens with Peter and his dad now? The previews tease that we’ll get answers on Monday night.

This past weekend’s Amazing Race had Brooke and Marisa eliminated from the race. The two of them got far behind and just couldn’t make up the time that they lost. First place went to Ken and Tina after winning the fast forward. In second place was Sarah and Terence followed by Kelly and Christy in third. Starr took a tough fall out of her cart where she injured her arm. They did not say how bad it was but it hurt enough to put her in tears over it. Her and Nick were still able to finish fifth.

I listened to a radio interview with Jason Priestley earlier in the week where he discussed 90210. He sounds very excited to be working on the show. Again, he will be directing an episode of the show. He said that as of now it will just be one episode which will happen in January when everyone is back to work after the holidays. He added that he didn’t know if Jennie or Shannen would be in the episode that he was directing as he didn’t know the details as of yet. When asked what it would take to get him on screen, he sure sounded open to the idea. He definitely didn’t shoot it down. Another question asked was just what was the problem that Luke Perry had with the new 90210? Jason laughed about the question and they discussed how Luke just had no interest in doing it. He definitely understood why Luke might not want to do it talking about how different TV is now. It was a really fun interview and it sounded like Jason had a fun time doing it as he laughed quite a bit. Here is the link if you want to check it out over at the Billy Bush show website. Just search for Jason Priestley on October 20, 2008:

Speaking of 90210, the show returns with new episodes this Tuesday on The CW.

Smallville had the start of Doomsday emerging tonight. The episode definitely had a limited cast as far as the main cast. The show did a good job of showing that something major is going on with Davis and he isn’t sure what is happening either. The Martian returned to help out but warned Clark that Clark trying to help everyone in trouble was causing him to get careless in protecting his identity. Jimmy is hot on the trail of wanting to get the story of this secret hero who keeps saving people. The preview for next week teased that he just may get that picture of who the person is. Hmm, did I see a cape at the end of that preview?

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Max Payne - $17.6 million. 2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $11.4 million. 3. The Secret Life Of Bees - $10.52 million. 4. W - $10.50 million. 5. Eagle Eye - $7 million. 6. Body Of Lies - $6.8 million. 7. Quarantine - $6 million. 8. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist - $3.6 million. 9. Sex Drive - $3.6 million. 10. Nights In Rodanthe - $2.6 million.

I am loving season two of Chuck even more than season one. Chuck continues to rise on my favorite shows list. The comedy has been really funny and the storylines have been fun. This week had Chuck getting information that he wanted to know. What is Sarah’s past and what is even her real name? The way it played out was hilarious with Sarah running into a former high school classmate who kept spilling information and causing Sarah to have a meltdown while Chuck was loving it. By the end of the episode, her identity was even more all over the place when we got the reveal of how she got to the point of becoming her new identity, Sarah. It was funny seeing her get her payback at the high school reunion for what she had been through socially in high school. The vision of her walking into the room getting named the ten year reunion queen after winning her brawl with the former high school cheerleader turned spy was a cool one. Nice to see a surprise guest star in this episode as I thought Ben Savage was very funny. I’m loving this show more and more every week.

Saturday Night Live had its highest ratings in 14 years on Saturday night with Sarah Palin’s guest appearance drawing around 14 million viewers. The last SNL that did those kind of ratings was the March 1994 episode that featured Nancy Kerrigan as the host following her Olympic attack.

If you’re a 30 Rock fan and can’t wait another week for the season premiere, you can go over to Hulu to check out the first episode before it airs on TV. Here is the link:

Knight Rider was picked up for a full season by NBC. I’ve actually quit watching the show. I watched the first couple of episodes but just can’t get into it enough to follow it every week.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has also been picked up for a full season by Fox. The show has lost some viewers since last season but is doing well enough to earn a full season. Glad to hear that cause I have several friends that really enjoy the show.

I just read about this but there are a lot of Simpsons fans complaining over the season eleven DVD box set of the show. The problem? The packaging. I looked at the pictures of the box set and the problem revolves around that the discs are positioned inside of cardboard. Most discs are set up in box sets where you can pull them out of a plastic holder pulling on the discs with multiple fingers which should avoid scratches. With this set, you have to actually reach inside a pocket kind of deal in the cardboard to pull out each disc. It is pretty much impossible to not get fingerprints on the discs or to scratch the discs with pulling them out. I actually have a CD set that has a similar kind of packaging where the discs sit inside the cardboard. I’ve been very careful with it over the years due to this same kind of issue hoping to keep as many scratches off of them as possible. I can definitely understand why fans of The Simpsons are having issues with this box set.

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and avoided the monster promotion, High School Musical 3 hits theatres this week. I am big time curious to see what kind of box office numbers that this movie does. HSM2 set all kinds of TV records upon its premiere and I’m very interested to see what kind of money that HSM3 brings in at the box office. It is going to be big for sure.

The second season premiere of Storm Chasers aired this past Sunday night on Discovery and I loved it. I thought it was even better than last season and the TIV didn’t even make it out into action yet. Sean Casey’s new TIV-2 is very impressive even with it being hard to top how impressive the original TIV was. That is just an incredible vehicle and I’m looking forward to seeing it get in the mix of the chasing. I am happy to see the regular crew back in action and enjoyed the addition of the TVN crew of Reed Timmer definitely has a “go for it” kind of attitude which I jokingly compared to a loose cannon kind of style. Ha ha. He definitely works hard trying to get the best shots that he can get of storms. Their crew getting stuck in the hail storm was the most impressive hail storm footage that I’d ever seen. They were getting pounded with it as they laughed about having to replace a windshield. Reed and his crew are going to be fun to watch this season. The storm footage on this show overall is just incredible.

The Hills spinoff involving Whitney, named The City, has a trailer now available to view. I’ll be interested to see how it does. I’ve always found Whitney extremely likable and hopefully her show will do well. The show premieres in December. Here is a link to check out the trailer.

If you’re a fan of Dexter, you’re in luck. It looks like Showtime has picked up the show for another couple of seasons.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 28th. The 4400 (Full Series), The Donna Reed Show (Season One), The Flintstones (Full Series), Girlfriends (Season Five), Good Times (Full Series), The Little Rascals (Full Series), Millenium (Full Series), NewsRadio (Full Series), Sanford and Son (Full Series), Sister Sister (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Heroes. Parkman arriving at the airport talking to his spiritual advisor, his turtle, hoping to find Daphne.
“Ok, turtle you got me home. Now, I just need to find Daphne, save her life, and get her to fall in love with me. You just give me a sign. I can’t believe I’m talking to a turtle."
(Sees Daphne)
“High five turtle”.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Kelly Ripa does gymnastics with Shawn Johnson. Fun clip.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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