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The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 9, 2008 - Heroes, Smallville, Amazing Race, Survivor, SNL, & More

What an incredible episode of Heroes this week!! I have actually seen this episode three times now. Once originally, rewatching it with friends, and then rewatching it with the commentary on If you haven’t watched the episodes with the commentary, you really need to. It’s a lot of fun and informative but I love commentaries anyway. The episode had us going back and forth between present day and four years into the future. The way we got there was from two different versions. Future Peter taking present day Peter into the future (follow all that?). Things go bad for Peter in the future when they arrive. Future Peter is shot and killed by Claire. Present day Peter runs and saves himself and goes to look for Sylar after he was told that he needed to get his power to help save the world. We find out that Claire is working with Knox and Daphne to eliminate Peter for what he had done but it’s unclear on what that is. The next happenings were just bizarre but incredible to watch. Sylar as a dad and extremely nice guy and brother to Peter. What a wild scene to watch!! Sylar is going by Gabriel again and reveals that the monster that he was is a thing of the past but something that he has to fight every day for his son. He reluctantly gives Peter his power which is figuring out how things work but apologizes for it saying it is a curse. This brought the attack from Claire and her group. It led to the death of the little boy and that brought Sylar out. He exploded and blew up the entire area in a long radius which resulted in 200,000 people being killed. Claire, Peter, and the Haitian survived the blast and she was looking to deal out some pain to Peter over what had occurred. He was saved by Nathan but Peter then started using his power apparently killing Nathan who had become president by the way. Then, we had Parkman's version of the future as he was dreaming after meeting the Universal Studios guy (sorry I just thought him wearing that shirt was hilarious). He has a baby in the future and is with Daphne while also still raising Molly. Daphne doesn’t survive the Sylar explosion though. Tracy was able to find out more about herself when she talked to the man who created her. He revealed that they were triplets with two of them being Tracy and Niki while also naming another one that has apparently not been seen yet by us. Hiro and Ando put their feelings aside and work together. They talk to Angela who says that they are the ones who can fix things and their first task is not a good one. They have to retrieve Adam Monroe who was ready for some revenge on Hiro immediately. Suresh’s plans for gaining powers is not going well as he apparently mixed the formulas wrong. He looked ROUGH in the future!! Some other things that I caught in the episode. Did you see that Mr. Muggles was with Sylar in the future? It also looked like he got the Bennet house as well. The only clue that we got on how that worked out was that Claire said that she learned to take care of herself and was mad that she lost out on what she was supposed to get. Where was Noah in the future? Also, did you catch that Sylar's son was named Noah? How cool was everyone flying around in the future? That scene looked sweet as could be. What I loved about this episode was how much it got me thinking on what had happened in the four years trying to piece things together. Like I said, I saw it three times so I kept picking up on new things each time that I watched it. Excellent episode!!

Tonight’s Survivor had a shakeup. Kelly was the immediate target among her tribe upon the return from tribal council after being the other vote for Ace. The tribes are brought to what seems like reward challenge time but it isn’t that. The members of the tribes are asked to rank their tribe members on who is the most and least important ones in the group. They do this confidentially and the results were surprising. Most importance for Kota was Marcus while down the line as least important was Kelly. Fang had Matty as most while having Susie as least. The reveal is made that the tribes are changing and the most important ranked members will get to start picking new tribes while remaining on their original tribes. The new tribes look like this and in order of picks. For Kota: Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie, and Bob. For Fang: Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly, and GC. The odd one out is Sugar. Jeff tells her that she goes to exile island and will not return until after tribal council where she will join the losing tribe who will have just lost a member. Sugar’s exile island experience is of course “comfort” because she already has the immunity idol. Kelly who looked to be very vulnerable before the tribe switch ends up befriending original members of Fang. The immunity challenge had Kota winning EASILY. It wasn’t even close. Several members of Fang looked really bad in the challenge including Kelly, Ken, and Crystal who could not hardly move in their little raft. The talk at Fang turns to who to vote out. Jacquie is the target even though she performed well at the challenge. The reason being is that they feel she was aligned with Ace and Sugar who they worry might have an immunity idol (which she does). Jacquie makes a huge plea to stay when she finds out that she is being targeted. It comes down between herself and Kelly on who goes home but the votes send Jacquie out of the game. The previews for next week have an angry elephant invading camp and GC disappearing before a challenge.

Stressful week for teams on The Amazing Race. Terence and Sarah continued their rivalry with Nick and Starr. Tina stirred things up with Terence at the airport after an argument over a place in line. Tina took the credit for getting all of the teams on a bigger plane thus wanting it to allow her and Ken the first place in line. After having words for a few minutes, things settled down and seemed to be fine. Terence and Sarah made a crucial mistake in not going to the taxi parking and couldn’t find a taxi out. They were bailed out by Toni and Dallas who stopped to tell them of what they did wrong. Speaking of teams that had a tough time, Kelly and Christy and had all sorts of problems involving clues. They decided to do one task but ended up arriving at the other one. They mixed clues up thinking that they needed a container to finish the task. They finally realized their mistake but then messed up later when they let their taxi driver go. The clue stated to make sure to tell your driver to stay which they forgot to do. Things worked out for them though but it was a definite stress for them. Just a sign of how the simplest of mistakes can almost cost you the race. First place on this leg of the race was Ken and Tina and finishing in last place was Anthony and Stephanie who were eliminated.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $29.3 million. 2. Eagle Eye - $17.7 million. 3. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist - $11.3 million. 4. Nights In Rodanthe - $7.3 million. 5. Appaloosa - $5 million. 6. Lakeview Terrace - $4.5 million. 7. Burn After Reading - $4.1 million. 8. Fireproof - $3.9 million. 9. American Carol - $3.6 million. 10. Religulous - $3.4 million.

I absolutely loved this week’s Big Bang Theory and it is by far my favorite episode of this early season. If you missed it, Penny ended up getting hooked on online video gaming. She did nothing else but play the game and bug Sheldon to help her get further in the game when she got stuck on a level that she couldn’t get beyond. One of my favorite scenes was the video game scene with Sheldon walking in as his game character confronting Penny about her playing too many video games. It was so funny. She ended up looking really rough by the end of the episode cause she was doing nothing but gaming. I have to add that Kaley Cuoco was amazing in this episode. So funny. Good news in the ratings for The Big Bang Theory and also for How I Met Your Mother as both have seen viewer increases and are performing very well on Monday nights for CBS.

Jason Priestly is returning to 90210. Ok, so it will be behind the scenes instead of on camera but still very cool. Priestly will lend his directing skills to the show. Talks are apparently continuing with Shannen Doherty on her appearing on more episodes. The show did throw me for a loop this week with the arrival of Kimberly at West Beverly High. She is undercover trying to help fix the drug problem at the school and the episode finished with Adrianna overdosing. That was a predictable story twist but I don’t mind it at all. When Harry and Kimberly walked together at the party, I thought for sure that she was going to be the kid that Harry and Tracy are looking for and that maybe Harry had already found her. I guess not. Naomi confronted Adrianna on her drug problem. However, Naomi took the fall for the drugs that were Adrianna’s but the confession from Adrianna was about to happen when she overdosed. Like I said, Tracy is wanting to find her and Harry’s kid. Ryan had a bad experience with online dating which was funny. Silver held her half birthday party. She broke Dixon in on scary movies. Annie and Ethan grew closer after being paired for their high school project of caring for a baby. Fun episode. Love this show.

I really enjoyed tonight’s Smallville. Tonight saw the arrival of Maxima who was looking for her mate who had to be Kryptonian. She went through many guys trying to find the one that she was looking for and one of those included Jimmy Olsen. He was rattled over finding a note from Chloe that revealed her feelings for Clark. It was also what she read to Clark back many seasons ago in high school when he was hurt. After she read it, he woke and said “Lana”. How sad was that at the time? Come to think of it, it’s still sad. Anyway, Jimmy finds the note and it brings back some tough feelings for him with seeing that history between Clark and Chloe. He becomes a victim of Maxima as her kiss tends to leave guys feeling, well, lifeless. Jimmy was the only survivor from what I could tell from her kiss. All was fine though between Jimmy and Chloe over the matter when she found out what had happened. Maxima also brought out some more feelings and that was from Lois. She was definitely not liking catching Clark and Maxima together. However, Clark and Maxima didn’t get far as it was over after Lois caught them. Maxima caught the feelings between Clark and Lois telling each of them about it. Speaking of Lois, how many great lines did they give her in this episode? I could have easily picked out any of them for Line of the Week but instead went with another since I’m a Chloe fan. You can definitely see the feelings beginning to develop between Clark and Lois and it’s fun to watch. That wasn’t the only happenings as we continue to see the battle over obtaining the crystal but who has it now?

For those of you that haven’t canceled your Big Brother live feeds yet, head over to Real Player where Dan and Memphis did a live video chat on the site this past week. I haven’t gotten to see it yet but they do have the archive posted if you’re interested.

TBS sent out a press release this week announcing that My Boys will be back for another season. A big smile on my face over that announcement.

One of my favorite shows, Little People Big World, returns this coming Monday night, October 13 at 7pm central time on TLC.

The premiere of the new Star Wars cartoon, The Clone Wars, did very well ratings wise for The Cartoon Network. The show had 3.96 million viewers which is one of the best ratings for the network ever. I haven’t had time to watch the show as of yet but am looking forward to checking it out.

Saturday Night Live did a 30 minute special tonight on NBC which focused on their strong points, political humor and their Update segments. SNL has been getting a ton of attention over their election stuff and they are obviously looking to carry it over into prime time. The ratings have been up for SNL lately. Really fun show tonight as the debate spoof was fun as was the Weekend Update segments.

The third season of 30 Rock premieres on NBC on October 30th at 8:30pm central time on NBC. If you want to see a preview, here is the video to check out:

I was surprised to hear the news of 10 Things I Hate About You being turned into a TV series on ABC Family. I can't say that I saw that one coming and just kind of left me thinking, hmm, when I read the news. I loved that movie and it is one of my favorites of all time. Can it work as a TV series? ABC Family has been very successful in a lot of their series so I could see them making it work.

I checked out the new show, High Drama: Against All Oz. The show is one of the new exclusive shows to The show focuses on the high school production of The Wizard of Oz at Barnstable High School in Cape Cod. The first episode focuses on the introduction of the students and the audition process while the second episode moves on to the casting decisions. We begin to see the clashes between Elliot and Mr. Sullivan over their differences in how things are done with the show. Mr. Sullivan gets frustrated with Elliot often and it turns out that Mr. Sullivan enforces a contract for Elliot to act a certain way or he is out of the play. The episodes run around five minutes in length and new episodes will continue to debut on the site so keep checking back on there. The previews for the overall show tease some wild happenings as the show continues. This has potential to be an enjoyable series so I’m going to keep checking it out from time to time to see how it is. If you want to check out the show, here is the link:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 14th. Back To You (Season One), C.S.I. (Season Eight), Life With Derek (Season One), Nash Bridges (Season One), The Partridge Family (Season Three), Rules Of Engagement (Season Two), Scott Baio Is 45…And Single (Season One), Scott Baio Is 46….and Pregnant (Season Two), Survivorman (Season Two), That 70’s Show (Full Series Release), The Unit (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville
“I don’t regret having had those feelings. But that’s because they helped prepare me so that I was ready to share my love with the perfect person. And to me that person is Jimmy. So, you blew it bud.” Chloe talking about her feelings in the past for Clark and how it tied into her relationship with Jimmy. All that can be said is yes, you did Clark. Ha ha.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Pac-Man The Movie. Seeing it from a different point of view with Pac-Man as the bad guy. Clever idea.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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