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The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 30, 2008 - Happy Halloween!!!, Smallville, Survivor, DVR Makes Its Effect, Ex List, & More

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I want to wish you a fun but most importantly, a safe one!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. High School Musical 3 - $42 million. 2. Saw V - $30 million. 3. Max Payne - $7.7 million. 4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $6.8 million. 5. Pride and Glory - $6.2 million. 6. The Secret Life Of Bees - $6 million. 7. W. - $5.08 million. 8. Eagle Eye - $5.05 million. 9. Body Of Lies - $4 million. 10. Quarantine - $2.5 million.

A very successful weekend at the box office with the top two bringing in all sorts of different demographics. High School Musical 3 opened with $42 million making it the highest box office ever for a musical movie topping Mamma Mia. Saw V opened up at number two with $30 million. Putting those together make for a nice box office weekend. High School Musical has also done very well overseas as well. In Germany, the movie opened to the biggest box office since The Dark Knight.

Great episode of Smallville tonight!!! I loved it!!! Lots of happenings on the episode. The episode started with Jimmy and Lois getting attacked on the street. Lois asked for Jimmy to get a picture of the guy’s face after Lois was already holding her own with the attacker. Lois ended up being sent into the front of a speeding vehicle when Clark flew in like a speeding bullet. Jimmy got the accidental picture of the good Samaritan that Jimmy has been on the trail of. The picture was a streak of red and blue. This got Jimmy hot on the trail to figure out who this mysterious figure was but also got Tess to let Clark be the one to write the story with the picture. Clark went to Chloe saying that she needed to talk Jimmy into not running the picture. Chloe told Clark that the picture running sounded good to her because it would give people hope that there was a mysterious hero out there. She was shocked to later learn that Jimmy was closer on things than she thought. Jimmy showed up at Clark’s house just as Clark was looking to hide his red and blue clothes. Jimmy had tracked more clues. He found that more mysterious happenings had been going on tracking it to Smallville saying it started when Clark and Chloe were in 9th grade. He then tracked the happenings to Metropolis as starting after they had graduated. While Clark tried to deflect the coincidences, Jimmy turned to see a picture of Clark and his family while he was wearing red and blue. Jimmy put it all together with all the odd happenings with Clark and how secretive him and Chloe were and realizing that she must know about Clark’s secret too. Clark was able to get to Chloe before Jimmy telling her how Jimmy had figured it all out. That just made things worse when Jimmy got there and was in shock that Clark had beat him there when Clark was doing chores when he left while Jimmy was speeding to get there. Clark denied it and Chloe lied about it. Jimmy promised to prove it. Clark called on Oliver to help him out but Oliver has been spiraling downhill since learning the truth about his parents murder. The plan was set up for Oliver and Clark to do a role reversal of how they protected Oliver’s secret a while back. Things go bad when Clark has to go and save Lois from a “memory taker” guy that was sent by Tess to find out if Lois had the crystal. Clark saved the day for Lois and then Jimmy was attacked again. Oliver made the save in a red and blue cape to throw Jimmy off the track with Clark being there at the same time. This wasn’t part of the plan however so Clark wasn’t there in time. Clark appeared too late and Jimmy was convinced that it was Clark who made the save. Clark points upward and there is Oliver standing atop the building in the cape. Jimmy apologizes and the story still runs. It was nice to see Clark soak in the feeling of being a hero seeing people’s reactions to the story. Clark talked to Oliver again as Oliver discussed going to a summit meeting with The Justice League. Oliver is back on track again and was surprised that Clark actually let the story run even though he wasn’t able to be seen in the picture. Clark then spoke of what Chloe had said to him and that was him feeling like the world needed to have that hope of a hero out there. The real stunner came at the end with Chloe confronting the guy who was after Lois. His name wasn’t what he had said and Chloe knew the truth about his identity cause she had been in Black Creek with him. She ended up doing something that looked like she downloaded his information and then left him apparently for dead. WOW!!! I was in awe watching her walk down the hallway. Are they turning sweet Chloe into a killer??!! I was wrong with my prediction on how the episode turned out. I thought it was an amazing coincidence that there was a memory taker on an episode that involved Jimmy hot on the trail of learning about Clark. I thought for sure that his memory would be wiped of it somehow. Instead, they just tricked him. I loved the dialogue of Clark and Oliver talking about the cape. This was a great episode and had me glued to it throughout. Where in the world are they going from here with this season? Next week looks like big happenings too.

Well, Heroes won me over immediately on Monday night with that episode. Two words: Kristen Bell. I loved the interaction between Elle and Claire. The two of them on the airplane trying to settle Elle down was great stuff. Just when we think we have Sylar all figured out, we now have to second guess!! Is Peter right that Sylar was protecting him by letting him survive the throw out of the window? How bizarre does that statement sound? LOL. Is Sylar really teamed up with Arthur or is it a ploy to help Angela?

We got a big dose of Sugar tonight on Survivor as she was in a prime position. Fang continued their frustration over losing as Matty did a lot of venting. Things got worse for him venting when Crystal accidentally spilled the rice over and they are already low on food. Kota continued their winning streak as they won the reward challenge continuing to frustrate Fang. Who was sent to exile island as a result? Well, you will never guess once again. Sugar goes for the fifth time in a row. Just incredible. While her tribe struggles for food, Sugar gets to kick back, relax, and eat. Sugar talked about how her and Ace are likely using each other to get further in the game as she wasn’t sure if she could trust him or not. The immunity challenge takes place with the announcement that both tribes would be voting someone out at tribal council. The immunity challenge would be for individual immunity with another twist being named after the challenge. The immunity challenge is a log rolling challenge. The advantage seems to be to Bob who was a former log rolling champion. He won his first matchup but then lost to Sugar. The finals had three people in it including Sugar, Ace, and Marcus. Really good battle between the three of them. Sugar falls first and then Marcus is able to defeat Ace. The twist is announced that the immunity winner must give immunity to a person on the other tribe as well. Who gets immunity? That would be Sugar. Not a bad challenge at all for her. She takes out the log rolling champion, makes it to the finals, and then gets immunity given to her as well. The talk turns to voting out Crystal but Ken starts to work Sugar about getting rid of Ace telling her a story of what Ace had been saying and planning. Ace goes to Sugar later asking for her to give him the hidden immunity idol so he would have protection at tribal council. She wouldn’t give it to him though. I wouldn’t either. Ace made the comment of that he would give it back after tribal council. Not if you use it??!! Good for Sugar on keeping it. Ace ends up getting voted out and he said “thanks Sugar” on his way out. Big play made in the game getting Ace out of there. For Kota, the talk was between Susie and Dan with who to vote out. Kota was concerned that Dan might have the immunity idol due to him having a short time on exile island. However, it was Dan that was voted out. Very fun episode tonight and Sugar was very key in all of it.

TV Guide is reporting on something that has been rumored about for a few weeks now. It sounds like it is happening. TV Guide is confirming that Melrose Place will be brought back on The CW much the same way of the 90210 revival. So, the obvious question is whether The CW is just now going to be the remake network? I love the new 90210 but I just wonder if this retro remake stuff is going to get old among viewers. I was a big Melrose Place fan back in the day so I'm curious to see how this all plays out. Here is the link which includes more of the story.

Let’s move into this week’s 90210. I really missed having this show to watch the last couple of weeks due to repeats. Fun Homecoming episode that had Adrianna going into rehab, Annie getting closer to Naomi, Annie getting even closer to Ethan, Adrianna trying to patch things up with Naomi, and a nice little story involving Silver and Dixon’s romance. The reveal of Kimberly being a cop to Ryan was very funny. I just knew that the two of them would end up being interested in one another. It was definitely obvious.

The DVR ratings have been released from the first week of the TV season. 90210 did the best percentage number of any show as far as having the highest percentage of DVR viewers. 29.8% of the total viewers for 90210 were DVR viewers. 90210 saw a 43% jump adding 1.1 million DVR viewers to the original 2.5 million viewers that tuned in live. That is a very significant jump. Some other shows had DVR increases as well including Grey’s Anatomy (4.3 million), Heroes (3.2 million), The Office (3.1 million), Bones (2.1 million), Smallville (1 million), Fringe (3 million), House (3.8 million), Prison Break (1.4 million), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (1.4 million), ER (1.7 million), Boston Legal (1.8 million), Supernatural (0.7 million). I’m glad that DVR numbers are getting counted now cause there is a bunch of TV viewers that are finding others ways to watch their shows whether it is DVR’s or by steaming video online.

Olympics flashback. That is what I was having this week when I watched The Tour Of Gymnastics Superstars on My Network. I actually missed this the first time that it aired which annoyed me greatly and I was happy that they aired it again. If you are unfamiliar with the Tour shows, it is completely exhibition and it’s all about performance. The lights go down and the music goes up. The tour shows are always fun to see the gymnasts just get to relax and have fun. Some changes to this year’s tour with the addition of several singers so it’s a mix of gymnastics and a concert. It definitely had a different feel than any of the other Gymnastics Tour shows that I’ve seen. Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are the featured gymnasts obviously with their success in Beijing. Others on the show included many of the men’s team including the Hamm’s and many of the women’s 2008 team from Beijing. It was fun to see Shannon Miller and Blaine Wilson back on the tour. Seeing Shannon interviewing Shawn was cool with them being the only two American women to win gold on the balance beam. I attended the Tour Of World Gymnastics Champions back in 1997 which featured Atlanta’s Magnificent Seven and it is still one of the most fun things that I’ve ever been to. If you’re a gymnastics fan, you really should think about going to see these tours when they’re going on. They are a lot of fun. Fun just like this TV special was.

CBS has already pulled their new show, The Ex List, off of their schedule. It hasn't been cancelled but getting pulled from the schedule is never good news. The show is going to have 11 episodes complete but it is unclear if the rest of the unaired episodes will air. Like I said, it's never good news when you're pulled from the schedule. The Ex List was a show that had a plot that I liked which consisted of a woman going to a psychic to find out about her love life and whether she would meet the perfect guy to marry. The psychic told her that she had already dated him. The plot of the show has her going and meeting up with guys from her past trying to see which one was the one that she let get away. I liked the concept of it but never did catch an episode to see how it was.

Moving on to this past Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race. Not much drama on who would be eliminated as Ty and Aja were never able to make up their deficit from the beginning. They put up a fight trying to come back though. Terence and Sarah ran into trouble when Terence was pulled over by the police for speeding at the beginning of the episode. The result of getting pulled over is a 30 minute penalty which they will have to take in the next episode. I’m not sure why they didn’t get the penalty in this episode. Terence and Sarah had a whirlwind of a time anyway. They were in first place and then had their boat break down not far from where they needed to get to. They watched helplessly while Terence paddled it to shore. First place went to Nick and Starr for this leg of the race. Not bad at all considering how Starr was injured in the last episode. She was a little banged up but is fine. Second place went to Toni and Dallas, third to Terence and Sarah, fourth to Ken and Tina, fifth to Kelly and Christy, and sixth to Andrew and Dan.

Reed Timmer and his crew have been a great addition to Storm Chasers. I am having so much fun watching them in action. Here is a video on their website that If found of them storm chasing. Just incredible footage.

Dominic Monaghan is set to guest star on an episode of Chuck on February 2.. He of course played Charlie on Lost. On Chuck, he will play a British rocker. Executive producer Josh Schwartz has said that they have discussed maybe throwing in a Drive Shaft line as a joke. The episode will also have part of it featured in 3-D.

Did I really hear Stan Bush’s “The Touch” played on this week’s Chuck? Oh my gosh, I loved that. That was the theme song for Transformers The Movie back in the 80’s. I could not believe that I was hearing that on TV in 2008. Loved it!!! Fun episode too with the whole storyline of Jeff and the Missile Command video game.

Is this really the 19th Treehouse of Horrors special for The Simpsons? Wow, that is amazing. It airs on Sunday night, November 2, at 7pm central time. There are reports this week that The Simpsons may be getting another renewal here soon which would extend its incredible run.

When I saw the promo for the CMT Crossroads special for a pairing of Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, my first thought was hmm, interesting pairing of singers. I saw a full video of them performing Def Leppard’s “Photograph” together. Halfway through the song, I was thinking, ok, this is going to work. I really liked it. The show premieres on Friday, November 7th at 8pm central time on CMT and I’ve already got it set to record. For more info on the show, head over to:

The Live with Regis and Kelly Halloween show airs tomorrow. Check your local listings on times. They always do an incredible job with their Halloween show and usually dress up in multiple costumes throughout the show. It should be a lot of fun!!

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 2nd. Fraggle Rock (Full Series), JAG (Season Seven), Project Runway (Season Four), Reaper (Season One), Spin City (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville. Lois answers a question on whether she’s ever had her palm read.
“I don’t do too well with fortune tellers. The last one I went to see told me that I was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights. So, I’m just waiting for my cross dressing pilot to make his landing”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Barney To The Future

Once again, everyone have a great and safe Halloween. Take care and God bless!!

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