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The Entertainment Wrap Up - August 7, 2008 - Lost Season Two, Olympics, The Guild, BB10, and More

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Dark Knight - $42.6 million. 2. The Mummy - $40.4 million. 3. Step Brothers - $16.5 million. 4. Mamma Mia - $12.6 million. 5. Journey To The Center Of The Earth - $6.6 million. 6. Swing Vote - $6.2 million. 7. Hancock - $5 million. 8. WALL-E - $4.6 million. 9. The X-Files - $3.3 million. 10. Space Chimps - $2.7 million.

There is a lot of debate going on as to whether The Dark Knight is going to catch Titanic with box office numbers. It definitely has a strong shot at it.

The intensity level in the Big Brother house is at its biggest of the season so far. Very intense week. It’s also the same old story in a game where you have to lie and that it’s ok for you to lie but not ok for the other person to do the same. Ah, the game of Big Brother. The live endurance HOH was underway on last Thursday’s show and If you read the spoilers in the Wrap Up, you already knew who won. The order of elimination was Jerry, Libra, Dan, Ollie, Jessie, and Memphis. That left us with a final three of April, Michelle, and Renny. Renny ended up having to drop out after an impressive run of 1 hour and 58 minutes. That leaves us with April and Michelle. The deal making was underway at that point. April promised that she would not put Michelle up on the block. Michelle then tried to get Jessie’s name in that as well and April said that she’d keep him safe too. Michelle still wouldn’t drop though. After a while longer, Michelle confirmed the deal once again and dropped out. April wins HOH at the 2 hour 40 minute mark. The two of them gained a lot of respect for how long they were able to tough it out. April told a different version of the deal with Michelle to Libra and Keesha. April then noticed that Keesha was talking to Memphis a lot and started to talk about putting her up. That was said in front of Renny so Renny went and told Keesha about it as the two of them have a solid friendship. Memphis also told Keesha about April promising safety for Jessie and Michelle. Dan got his first task as America’s Player of who he should help get nominated with the viewers voting for Jessie. Ironic thing was shown then with April speculating that Dan was America’s Player with the way he was acting in the house. April made her nominations and they were Memphis and Jessie with Memphis as her target. However, problems arose when Keesha and Libra decided that they wanted Jessie out instead of what April wanted. Things really crumbled when a huge argument broke out which was fueled by Jessie. Jessie woke up from a nap in the next room and overheard a conversation between Libra and Keesha bad mouthing April. Jessie then had the funniest line that he has said all season when he said “one of my naps finally paid off”. He used the opportunity to go up to HOH to tell of the conversation going on. April and Ollie get ready to go confront the situation. It then turns into a three way “she said, she said” conversation with Libra complaining that she can’t help that people are listening at doors to their conversations. No Libra, you’re just that loud with your conversations as Jessie was laying on the bed in the middle of the room. How many times has she had this happen to her this season with her being overheard? Memphis is seen laughing out in the hallway at the argument which Jerry sees and he goes in the room with the girls to spill the info that Memphis is making fun of them. Jerry then gets involved with the argument setting Renny off. Yeah, this is a lot of stuff to recap cause of all the screaming back and forth. Jessie finally goes in the room since he is being talked about. Funny moment with Libra continuing to say that she is done talking but every time Jessie gets the last word, she keeps going. Ha ha. The plan was to gather in the kitchen to sing happy birthday to Keesha on her 30th birthday. Everyone still gathered as the argument settled momentarily. We then got the saddest and most non caring singing of happy birthday ever cause of the anger mood in the house. Keesha looked miserable too. Things fuel again as Jessie apologizes for being honest. Keesha gets big time into this argument and it escalates to another level with Libra being involved too. It’s funny too cause Jessie was just telling what he overheard and used it as an opportunity to spin the game. That brings us to the veto competition. When a houseguest is eliminated, they get a prize. They can keep it or exchange it for something else. One of the prizes is the veto. Memphis goes out first and ends up with the veto. Michelle gets a Hawaiian trip. Jessie gets the slop surprise and trades it for the veto. April ends up out and gets $10,000. Jerry gets the letter from home when he is eliminated. He trades Jessie for the veto and Jessie then gets the letter from home. Libra wins the competition and her prize is wearing Jen and Sheila’s unitard for a week. Yeah, not a good prize. She is able to trade though. She chooses to trade the unitard for Michelle’s Hawaiian trip. Memphis’s prize was the slop surprise and he is able to put anyone in the house on slop for the week and chooses Jerry. Jerry has the veto as the competition closes. Michelle goes off!!! She is furious over the unitard and the fact that Libra took the prize from her and didn’t take the letter from home instead. To no surprise, Jerry does not use the veto. That leaves Memphis and Jessie on the block. The girls alliance is still split though with April still wanting her target of Memphis out. Libra and Keesha are sick of Jessie and want him out. Jessie is extremely confident that he is staying. Keesha and Libra decide to try and get the votes to overthrow what April wanted and vote out Jessie. Those two and Memphis go to Dan who agrees that he’ll vote with them to get out Jessie. Jerry later talks to Dan to make sure he is still on board to vote out Memphis which he says yes too. The live voting takes place and the swing vote is Dan, America’s Player, meaning that America is voting on who for him to evict. The votes for Jessie to leave are Libra, Keesha, and Renny. The votes for Memphis to leave are Jerry, Michelle, and Ollie. That leaves Dan as the vote to break the tie. He goes in last and America votes for Jessie to be evicted so that is Dan’s vote. Jessie is voted out on a 4-3 vote. April’s HOH plan is overturned. Dan is in the hot seat for knowingly being the swing vote. Jessie has some harsh words for Dan upon his exit interview with Julie Chen. The HOH competition takes place which comes down to Michelle and Libra. Michelle wins it and is the new HOH. Words are already exchanged after the win as this was a big game saving moment for her and her group. So, Libra and Keesha change the vote and now are in trouble. I feel bad for Dan cause his game is all messed up now and he’s getting questioned big time on his character now.

Other notes from the Big Brother week. Dan was given his tasks as America’s Player with one being that he had to share a ten second hug with the houseguest of America’s choosing which turns out to be Jessie. He goes to Jessie making up a story of how everyone is saying that their relationships outside the house with their girlfriends and all won’t still be happening. He breaks down and Jessie gives him a big motivational speech to get his attitude back up. They hug and Dan gets a 18 second hug which is way over 10 seconds. Dan then gives a big wink and smile at the camera. It was funny stuff. I really enjoyed Dan’s motivational speeches during the endurance HOH competition. The ones left competing enjoyed them as well. Michelle turning her back to the diary room camera after her anger of losing the trip and gaining the unitard was one of the best Big Brother diary room moments ever. She was mad!!!! I found the whole drama between April, Keesha, and Libra to be pretty humorous really on who to vote out. The reason being is that Libra is saying that voting out Memphis is only beneficial to April. Right, the same as voting out Jessie would be beneficial to you and Keesha. Big Brother brought back one of my favorite ideas of the ten seasons. All Stars had the wake up calls from fans and the houseguests last night were woken up with wake up calls keeping them awake. Lots of good ones including songs. Ah, such great memories of the wake up calls from Big Brother All Stars.

What Has Happened Since The Live Show: Yep, I have the live feeds. I caved in!!!! SPOILER ALERT!! Screaming already going on right as the live feeds came back on between Renny and Michelle followed by screaming between Libra and Jerry. Michelle is loving life tonight. Michelle has mentioned to Jerry about how her and Jessie had been questioning about the hug moment story with Dan. She said that she told Jessie that she bet that Dan got money for telling “that sob story”. She is also saying that she knew something was going on when the order of the voting was changed. She said that it was changed to Dan going last speculating that the producers had overheard what was going on with the voting and changed the order. She said that Dan wouldn’t make eye contact when that happened. April and Michelle talked as April was crying saying how embarrassed that she was cause she had gotten their word on how the vote was going to be. Ollie talked about how he could hear the crowd cheering over Julie’s mic when Michelle won HOH. Michelle, Ollie, April, and Jerry all were saying that it is clear that America doesn’t like Libra with the fan questions too. Dan walked through the living room and Jerry said “go away, no one wants to talk to you” and “like you are some kind of nice kid”. Michelle went to Dan later on wanting to get an explanation from him on why he did it. She went to him really calmly and just said that she didn’t understand why he would help the others and vote with them. He said that he didn’t have a good answer and that he was a weak player in this game. She said that she knew this wasn’t him and didn’t understand what happened. Dan said that he made a mistake and that he’s embarrassed but has to live with it now. She left the room and then Dan gave a little smile at the camera. He has spent the night just laying in bed looking miserable. Libra and Keesha are very laid back tonight knowing that they are in trouble this week. Michelle just got her HOH room. Mood is really light in the house for the last couple of hours.

I have finished season two of Lost and thought I'd give some thoughts on it. I'm discussing a TON of spoilers so move on if you haven't seen it and want to watch it. Very interesting season that saw the story evolve big time from what we saw in season one. I liked the story on the "hatch" where they kept having to push the button due to hearing about major disaster if it wasn’t pushed. The constant battle of what would happen if they didn't push the button was fun including the revelation that Desmond's not making it back to the button was what brought the plane down. I've decided that Michael is an idiot. Ha ha. His plans never go well and his plans always try to make up for his previous plan that messed up and went wrong. Ana Lucia. Well, she sure was a character that changed things up. The episode that focused on the other group's 48 days on the island was extremely good and gave a good telling of the story that led to Shannon being shot. Then, I was baffled that people actually considered giving her a gun after she had shot Shannon and held the rest hostage. What are you thinking??!! Nothing good can come of it. Has Locke had anything good happen to him in his life? The guy has his dad take a kidney from him and then his dad asks him to take some money for him after his dad faked his death. Then, he agreed to it. Then, he loses the woman he loves cause of it. He is usually right on though in his island theories, well, except not pushing the button to end the season where he fully admitted that he was wrong. I liked the introduction of Eko and then getting his backstory of him and his brother. I’m still liking Hurley and I think that him and Sawyer have the best lines on the show. They are great at delivering them as well. Hurley having to watch guard over the food was funny and I didn't expect more of the background that we got on him including that Libby was in the same place as he was. The episode with him and his "friend" Dave was an interesting one where Hurley was thinking that all of the island stuff was just his imagination. It was very Buffy like with the episode where Buffy was in the hospital and being convinced that everything that had happened wasn't reality. Nice background on Kate as well as we figured out what she did that got her out on the run in the first place. I liked the backstory of Bernard and Rose too where they were finally reunited. Just how many people on the flight had previously been in a bar talking to Jack’s dad while he was drinking? It was funny when he was leaving Ana Lucia and then opens the door hitting Sawyer which leads to their drinking conversation. I was stunned when Michael shot Ana Lucia and then Libby. I did not see that coming at all!! My shocked face would have been pretty funny to see when it happened. The ending of the season was great with "Henry" being brought back and held in the hatch. They definitely kept you guessing on whether his story was true or if he was with the "others". I kept going back and forth on what I thought the story was going to be. Not only is he with the "others", he's the leader. Nice twist!! Anyway, those are just my random thoughts on season two and I’m already into watching season three.

The finale of My Boys was tonight which was the continuation of Bobby’s wedding. We had the fight between Bobby and Jack last week which meant that Bobby had to replace his best man when Jack left. He replaced him with his crew of guys. Jack does eventually return to the wedding and apologizes. Everything is fine again and he’s back in the wedding. P.J. had worked hard on trying to get in touch with him to help get him back. However, Bobby starts having second thoughts on the wedding and talks about it. The final scene has him going to P.J’s room to talk to her about things and him saying that he is afraid that he is marrying the wrong woman. We then see Jack walk into the room which is the reveal that Jack and P.J. have something going as they had kept it a secret from Bobby. And….that is our cliffhanger until the new episodes start again.

I checked out the new Heroes webisodes that are online at There are three parts to them that run about 3:30 a piece. The story focuses on a new person named Echo who is a mailman with a power. His power? Well, he can do some major damage with his vocal chords. The story focuses on others tracking him down which you’ll see. I won’t spoil anymore for you but they are short anyway so there isn’t much to spoil. They are worth checking out if you get the chance. The music at the end with the credits definitely got my blood going ready for some new Heroes episodes. That music is so great!! Here is a link to part one of the webisodes. Also, if you haven’t seen the promos running on NBC for season three of Heroes, here they are:

The 2008 Summer Olympics kick off tomorrow night from Beijing with the opening ceremonies. I'm a HUGE fan of the Olympics so I always look forward to it. My favorite events are gymnastics, basketball, and well, I'll watch most anything really. Well, almost anything. I was brought into the gymnastics world back during the Barcelona Olympics when I was with some friends and their family. They were huge into it and they reeled me in on it. That event is always one of the highest rated events of the Olympics. Who doesn't remember cheering big when Kerri Strug landed that vault in 1996? What an incredible moment that was. The Magnificent Seven was put into immortality that night winning the team gold. Since then, we've had Carly Patterson win the individual gold in 2004. How will this team do? Well, with Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin leading the US, the chances are solid. It's going to take some adjusting to get used to the new scoring cause I hadn't watched gymnastics in a couple of years and was completely confused by the new scoring watching the Olympic Trials. The men’s team took a major hit with both Haam brothers out due to injury. I'm obviously a basketball fan so the question will be whether the USA team can come back after the disaster that was the 2004 Olympics. The US does return with a stronger team than what they had in 2004 with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James leading the way. Can the women continue their streak of gold medals with a roster consisting of Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and others? I haven't followed the news out of the track and field world but it is always exciting. Michael Johnson's performance in Atlanta in 1996 is still one of my favorite Olympic memories. Will there be any history made in this year's track and field events? We'll see. Just how many swimming medals is Michael Phelps going to win? That is the question after his incredible run that he had in 2004. Can Jennie Finch lead the US to another softball gold medal? Keep in mind that softball and baseball was voted out of the 2012 Olympics in London so teams are going to be looking to make statements in Beijing with their performances. Can anyone stop Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh in beach volleyball after their performance in 2004? The opening ceremonies are always a spectacle to watch and I’m sure this one will be no different. NBC is going to be covering the events all across their networks including online. I have an Olympics widget on the right side of the page if you are needing schedules or results.

With the success of Dr. Horrible, I was looking around online and happened on to another project of Felicia Day's which is The Guild. The Guild is an online video series that is written by Felicia Day. Yes, she is an online video gamer and has put her experience of gaming to good work with this series. The story revolves around a group of people that play online video games together. Their only interaction with one another has been through the gaming world as they never met in person. However, a twist makes them have to have an uncomfortable first meeting. The episodes are fun and usually run around three to six minutes in length. There are ten total in season one. I really enjoy the cast as each one of them does well in their role. I love the openings with Felicia talking to the webcam as she is very funny. The series has won awards including the You Tube Best Series Award for 2007 and the Yahoo 2007 Best Web Series Award. Season one of The Guild is now available on DVD and season two is just about to start shooting.

It really is amazing that after all these years, I still haven’t gotten tired of the movie Independence Day. I had to make myself turn it off the other night to go to sleep. It’s definitely in my top five favorite movies of all time list.

It's nice to see a lot of classic shows getting DVD releases this year. I used to watch a ton of black and white shows on Nick at Nite and TV Land. I was happy to read that The Donna Reed show was going to be released on DVD later this year. The first season anyway. I always enjoyed watching that show but it just completely disappeared from the TV rerun landscape. I was listening to this TV themes radio station the other day and the theme for The Patty Duke Show was played. What will it take to get that show released on DVD? I enjoyed watching many of these shows when they aired on Nick at Nite several years ago and that was my introduction to many of them. I grew up watching reruns of Leave It To Beaver when it aired on TBS. I still find myself watching that show if I see it on. I saw the first season of Father Knows Best in the store the other day and picked it up to look at it. The first time that I watched that show was just a few years ago on TV Land and I really enjoyed it. I planned on watching it more but TV Land quit airing it. I may have to pick myself up some of these classic TV DVD box sets.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, August 12th. Caroline In The City (Season One), Dave’s World (Season One), The Love Boat (Season One – Volume Two), Prison Break (Season Three), South Park (Season Eleven), That Girl (Season Four), Tru Calling (Complete Series), The Wire (Season Five).

You Tube Video Of The Week: A boxing cat.

That is it for this week of the Wrap Up. Take care and God bless!!

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