Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feed Update - August 12, 2008

It will be interesting to see how tonight's episode of Big Brother 10 is edited cause there has been no shortage of happenings in the house over the last few days.  SPOILER ALERT!!! Don't read this if you don't want to know what is happening on the episodes.  The live feeds were crazy to watch on Saturday night.  The food competition rewarded the house guests with a feast.  With the feast came the alcohol and a lot of craziness ensued.  First, the feast started very calmly with the house guests all getting along and having fun. Tears were even shed as the house guests went around the table saying nice things about each other.  After dinner was then things went wild.  Keesha, April, Libra, and Michelle ended up having words for what seemed to be four hours. It started with Keesha and April discussing things that had been said.  It seemed to be a making up type of conversation but it was the oddest "let's get along" conversation possibly that I've ever heard.  Libra was brought into this as well as it was decided to try and figure out who had said what to whom while figuring out who was lying.  Michelle brought all this up into the HOH room where she eventually went off as well over stuff that was being said.  They screamed at each other off and on for about three hours.  Funniest thing of the whole deal was the guys going and hiding wherever in the house trying to get away from all of this.  Libra and Michelle were screaming at one point while Dan and Ollie just laid on the couch with hands over their faces.  They eventually just kind of snuck out of the room.  Renny came in the room with Ollie and Jerry at one point saying that she was "too old for this" talking about having to listen to all this screaming and drama.  My ears were literally ringing after listening to the screaming for a while.  I've been watching the feeds and the show but I'm even confused on who is telling the truth at this point.  I've heard so many different versions and different spins on stories that I'm even confused as a viewer.  Jerry won the veto and has been targeting Dan ever since Thursday.  If Jerry is in a conversation, he finds a way to make Dan out to be a villain.  Jerry was wanting to send Dan home this week.  The veto ceremony was held yesterday and it is of course not seen on the live feeds as they want you to watch the show.  From what has been said in the house, Jerry apparently took the time to basically blast Dan personally during his veto speech.  Jerry talked of how he was saving Dan "once again" and the house guests have been saying that they think Jerry thought he had the power as the veto holder to put Dan up on the block.  Michelle has joked about saying that she was about to hand the HOH key over to Jerry because he thought he had that power.  Michelle has said that she had no intentions of putting Dan up if Jerry had used the veto but Michelle is also spinning a lot of stories as well.  It should be pointed out that a lot of the house has been brutal on Dan for the vote last week with everyone speculating that he is America's Player.  Well, they would be right but they have speculated on this WAY before he actually was AP for one week.  Jerry's speech on Dan at the veto ceremony has really turned the house against Jerry from everything I've heard on the feeds.  Dan may be getting another wind of opportunity in this game after what occurred as there is definite sympathy toward him now.  With Michelle, I can't figure her out on her plans.  Some have speculated that she blew that argument up on Saturday to get things stirred up.We really don't know a lot of times until we see the diary room stuff.  Libra has no chance of staying in the house and she knows that.  It will take a Big Brother miracle for her to stay.  Anyway, LOTS of drama which I'll go more into detail on in the Wrap Up on Thursday.  I'm VERY interested to see how tonight's show is edited cause watching the last few days really makes me wonder how they can edit this all down into one show.  

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