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March 13, 2008 - CBS Comedies Returning, 90210 Returns?, The WB Returns...Sort Of, Idol, Survivor, Apprentice, BB9, & More

I figured I'd switch things up a bit this week and lead off with something else besides the normal in this week's Wrap Up.

I am so happy to say that two of my favorite comedies are coming back on Monday night with new episodes. The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother return. Don't forget that Big Bang Theory is now leading off Monday night on CBS at 7pm central time followed by How I Met Your Mother. How I Met Your Mother made quite a bit of news this week with the announcement that Alicia Silverstone was going to appear as a guest star later in the season. Later in the week, the talk was that she had backed out of the appearance after Britney Spears was booked to appear on the same episode. Alicia's reasoning seems to be that she knows that Britney's appearance will be a circus. The reports have Alicia as wanting to badly appear on the show and that the show is looking for another role for her in another episode. Sarah Chalke has been given the role that Alicia Silverstone was going to have in that episode. The news this week definitely got some attention on the show which is very well deserving cause the show is great!! Neil Patrick Harris said in a recent Q&A that Britney's people came to them instead of the show going to her so it isn't a ratings attempt. How I Met Your Mother has been one of my favorites since the premiere. It has given many catchphrases to pop culture, created one of the best characters on TV in Barney, and every time I hear "You Give Love A Bad Name", I think of Barney playing the song in the limo. LOL. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite new show of this season. The promos for the show got my attention and I thought it could be a very funny show. I was right cause it is a very funny show. I think I laugh at that show more than anything else on TV right now. Great cast and fun episodes. Give both of these shows a shot on Monday night if you haven't seen them.

Hold off on the casting news on Smallville. Ausiello over at TV Guide is saying that talks are still ongoing with Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk to appear on next season. He also mentioned a report saying that Allison Mack isn't "officially" signed on either for next season but all are likely to come back especially Allison as the producers are very much wanting her back. The talk is that Michael and Kristin could definitely be back but just not appear in every episode. They would be in the majority of them. Talks are still ongoing so we'll have to wait and see. Here is a link to his article and scroll down to the Smallville stuff to get more info.

Thursday has become my busiest night of TV of the week. That is how it used to be back several years ago and Smallville, Survivor, and sometimes Idol have made Thursday a fix some food and kick back while watching TV night again. Tonight's Smallville saw a returning face as Pete returned to Smallville but has changed since the last time we saw him. That is some doublemint kind of gum. Ok, so it wasn't doublemint gum but instead a kryptonite mix that let Pete go all go go gadget arms. Inspector Pete, I mean Pete (LOL) returned and ended up saving Kara from a speaker falling on top of her after using his go go gadget arms. Basically, Pete had an elastic type power. Jimmy got a picture of Pete saving Kara with his arms all stretched out. It was a fun reunion time seeing Pete getting back together with old friends. When Pete walked in to see Lionel in Clark's house with Clark and Lana, he was stunned at Lionel being friends with them and being behind in all the happenings. My first thought was, geez Clark, way to keep in touch with your friends!! LOL. That was later explained as Pete had not ever returned Clark's phone calls. Pete blamed Clark for what his life had become cause he said that he is always looking over his shoulder wondering if he will have to protect Clark's secret. Pete wanted to be a hero of his own and have a different style of it which was telling everyone about it. He wanted to do interviews or whatever and be different from Clark. Kara continued to try and figure out why her past is being kept a secret from her as she still suffers from losing her memory. The question was where is her bracelet? Well, a lot of people were trying to track it down. Lex showed her the symbols that had appeared in Smallville over the years including it appearing on her bracelet. Who had the bracelet? Lionel did in his safe. Lex found this out and blackmailed Pete for him to go get it for him. Lex threatened to expose Chloe's secret and Pete wouldn't let that happen. Pete avoided Clark who tried to stop him but Pete was on his own mission to protect everyone's secret by one way and that was taking Lex out of the equation. Clark destroyed all the kryptonite gum supply so Pete only got to use his power on Lex for a few seconds. Clark made the save and all was well. Pete apologized to everyone as the gum did have an effect on him but it was clear that protecting Clark's secret had been tough on him over the years. So, Kara has now moved in with Lex after not feeling that she can trust Clark and Lana with them continuing to lie to her. Pete being on tonight's episode had a lot of great flashback stuff with such little things as the basketball game between Clark and Pete. Nice to see Chloe and Pete together again as well. Clark made it clear to Lionel that they were going to talk about some things after he found out that Lionel secretly had Kara's bracelet. Clark has it now hidden in the barn. Hope you like One Republic cause we got a ton of their music in this episode including them performing. I'm a big fan of their song "Stop and Stare" so it was cool to hear it in the first scene.

American Idol moved to the new and improved big stage this week with the top 12 portion of the season. The stage looked very impressive as did all the new graphics and show open. Very impressed and it was nice to tweak it up a bit. This week saw the contestants getting their first shot at the Beatles library. Enjoyable week of performances with some stepping up while others struggled. I do now officially have a favorite in the competition as I really look forward to hearing Carly Smithson every week. Powerhouse voice. Carly moved on and survived the week. How about Chikezie this week??!! Where had that performer been hiding all this time? He was incredible. Up until this week, he had been really low key in the competition and he jumped out big time. We'll have to wait and see if he can build off of the momentum. I like Brooke White more and more every week. Really liked her performance this week. The bottom three this week was David Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook, and Syesha Mercado. Not a really surprising bottom three but I was bummed to see Kristy there cause I've liked her so far. Going home this week was David Hernandez. It was nice to see Katharine McPhee perform on Wednesday's results show as she performed with David Foster.

I didn't expect this 90210 news today that has been breaking all over the place. There are a ton of reports saying that there are plans for a new Beverly Hills 90210 TV show. The talk is that the new show will appear on The CW. What is this 90210 show going to be? No, it's not the original cast and its not a remake either. This is going to be a spinoff with a new cast of characters at West Beverly High. To bring even more interest to this, Rob Thomas is said to be the guy that is in discussions to be given the head position of getting this show together. Rob Thomas is of course the master mind behind one of my favorite shows, Veronica Mars. Well, this is all very interesting. 90210 was a show that I grew up with and watched every week. I am not sure what to make of this cause you just never know what to expect with bringing a franchise back. I am all for giving this a chance and seeing how it turns out. Opinions among fans is all over the board as you would expect. Isn't it interesting how The CW goes back to Rob Thomas too? The CW is making a lot of interesting moves in the last few weeks. Speaking of Thomas though, ABC has announced that they picked up a pilot of his show, Cupid. With all of this news, I'm thinking that the Veronica Mars comic isn't going to happen. Well, either that or he's going to have no time to do anything else including essentials like eating and sleeping. LOL.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 10,000 B.C. - $35.8 million. 2. College Road Trip - $13.6 million. 3. Vantage Point - $7.3 million. 4. The Bank Job - $5.9 million. 5. Semi-Pro - $5.7 million. 6. The Spiderwick Chronicles - $4.7 million. 7. The Other Boleyn Girl - $4 million. 8. Jumper - $3.6 million. 9. Step Up 2 The Streets - $3 million. 10. Fool's Gold - $2.7 million.

There will now be eight movies in the Harry Potter series. An official announcement was made that the final Harry Potter book is going to be split up into two movies. The first of the movies will be released in November 2010 and the final movie will be released in May 2011.

Hulu has made its full launch. Hulu is a You Tube type site that was formed to actually compete with You Tube as deals were made with networks and all to get full episodes of shows put up on the site. Hulu has of course been around for a while but you had to register for it to get to use it. It is now up online for everyone. Hulu offers MANY free TV shows for viewing including current and older shows. The site also has many movies up for viewing as well. I've been watching stuff on Hulu for a while now and it is an impressive site. Lots of variety of shows and the quality of the video is very good. You do get commercials but each break lasts normally thirty seconds so it isn't long at all. Give it a look and you might find some things on there that you've been wanting to watch. Here is the link:

The WB is returning!!! Well, sort of. The Hollywood Reporter has news on The WB returning as a website. The Warner Brothers Television Group is reviving the network and placing it online. It is going to offer new programming in the form of mini episodes but also feature classic WB programming. Free viewing will be available for shows including Gilmore Girls, Everwood, What I Like About You, and more. The site will apparently be with a possible small launch for the site next month but the full launch coming in the fall. There is talk on whether Buffy or Angel could be included since they are actually produced outside of Warner Brothers but aired on The WB. The site will be ad supported to help pay for it like all the other streaming video sites and is said to be something like the Hulu site. I am very excited for this cause the more that I actually watch The CW (which is very little especially after the cancellation of Veronica Mars) the more that I miss The WB. I'll keep you updated on any more news on this website.

To quote Jessica from last season. This house, these people, this game. A strange thing happened in the Big Brother house this week. The houseguests figured out that this was a game and started playing. LOL. I watched House Calls this week and Dick and Gretchen were talking about how great Tuesday's episode was. Dick's reasoning? It was about the game and not about who can hook up with who. I completely agree as I thought Tuesday's episode was the best of the season as it was about game play. Last week, Ryan and Allison were evicted from the house. A twist in the game had them remain in the house but still have one of them be evicted. Allison was evicted and Ryan remained in the game. Ryan then won HOH. The house was divided. Going up on the nomination block was Sharon and Chelsia. After the veto competition was held, Chelsia had won the veto. Other prizes were also given out in the veto competition. Sheila at one point had a motorcycle but Adam traded his prize of $10,000 with her. However, Ryan got his prize and it was a unitard made famous by Jen last season. Ryan traded the unitard to Sheila taking the $10,000 away from her which devastated her. Sharon walked away with a slop pass but it was again Chelsia who left with the veto. A plan was put into place by several in the house to backdoor Matt and get him out. The plan got into motion when Natalie got hurt by Matt once again and went to the other side telling about stuff he had said about her. The plan was made to get Matt out. The problem was that Natalie went and told everything to Matt. Ryan made a deal with both sides with one saying that they'd get Matt out and promise him two weeks of safety if he did it. The others wanted James out. Sheila actually was the one that talked to Ryan and got things in motion to keep Matt in the house. The veto ceremony saw Chelsia use the veto on herself taking her off the block. Ryan chose to put James up on the block which set into motion a very nasty afternoon in the Big Brother house all of which was not shown on TV. If you want to know what was cut out which amazed me that they cut it out, scroll down to the What You Missed On The Live Feeds section. James had no chance of staying as the votes were already decided. Last night's live show saw James evicted as he only got one vote to stay which was from Chelsia. Here comes the twist though. Big Brother promoted all week for viewers to vote who they want to have a chance to come back into the Big Brother game of all the evicted houseguests. Alex got the winning vote followed by Parker in second place. Alex gets to go back in. Wait a minute. The twist is announced to the house that someone is returning but it is up to the house on what they want to do. The houseguests can either vote James back into the house or vote for the mystery returning houseguest that the viewers voted for. Ryan, Adam, and Matt vote for the mystery person but the rest vote for James to return including Natalie. James returns to the house so basically we're right back to where we were in the game. What a lame twist is all that I could think. All that voting for nothing so the game could just return to the same thing that it was last week. The HOH competition was an endurance competition last night and continued on after the show ended. Want to know what happened before the next show airs? Keep reading on.

Thoughts and other happenings in the house this week.
So, James offered up Chelsia to the boys to put on the block against Sharon and then ends up on the block himself when Chelsia uses the veto. He got hit with some Big Brother karma there. Oh Natalie. Wow, they are making her look bad on this show as they were clearly making her look like the stalker girlfriend of Matt's. Natalie is going to be so sad when she gets out of the house and realizes how Matt wants to get away from her all the time. The thing is that Natalie has been told this over and over by people in the house that he is playing her but she keeps going back to him. I can't see anything else happening other than him eventually turning on her and causing her eviction. That is my prediction anyway. Natalie keeps referring to Matt as her partner but the partners are over. She seems to be the only one in the house that doesn't get that. The theme for the house this season seems to be that it is ok for any houseguest do anything in this game as long as it is you doing it. If someone does something to you, everything is going to break loose. LOL. Chelsia and Josh would have absolutely been rubbing in things if Matt had gotten up on the block with the veto. Then, it went back at them when James went up. I'm not just speaking about that though. That theory of it's ok as long as I'm doing it pretty much goes with anything going on in the house. This has been an odd season to watch as I don't really like anyone in the house. I like Sharon. She is a gamer and just keeps her mouth shut while letting everyone else do their calling out and yelling. She is really the only one that I like in there. When watching a random argument play out on the feeds, I will be on someone's side for five minutes and then jump over to another side cause of something the other person did or said. LOL. It is interesting to watch though when you only have one person that you are cheering for. Watching it neutral is different.

What Has Happened Since Last Night's Live Show:
The HOH competition took place last night which began as the show ended. If you want to know the results of the HOH competition, scroll down the page as I did live updates as the HOH went along:
Also, here is your nominations for the week. SPOILER ALERT!!! James made his nomination picks tonight and I actually predicted this right after thinking about it last night. James put up Sheila and Ryan for eviction.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
It was kind of humorous to watch the show last night showing what happened after the veto ceremony. I say humorous cause everyone was furious on the show but they didn't even show why everyone was so tense. It was funny reading the message boards as we all waited for the veto ceremony to end cause we knew it was going to be ugly once the feeds came back on as it was known by viewers what was about to happen with James going up. Here is how it played out. On the show, Matt was shown celebrating and rubbing it in about remaining in the house after the house tried to backdoor him. We then saw Chelsia go to Ryan immediately furious over him going against their plan. What you didn't see on the show and was seen on the feeds was things getting way out of hand in the kitchen. Lots of mocking of both sides. Chelsia was told of stuff that Natalie had said about her. She went in and confronted Natalie. They yelled at each other for a while or it was more of a making fun of each other in a mocking voice. Natalie was really playing up how she got things changed up in the game keeping her "partner" here saying that no one is splitting up her and her partner. James and Josh got fed up with Natalie with James pouring pickle juice on her while Josh poured water/ice on her. That got several furious in the house and there was a lot of tension for the next few minutes. Matt stood up for Natalie saying that you don't treat girls like that. Matt called out Sharon in the backyard basically saying how can you stand by someone who acts like that and Sharon kept saying that she couldn't control what he did adding that she didn't like what Josh did either. Matt confronted Josh on what happened with Natalie but things stayed pretty cool after that. It was a very tense hour or so in the Big Brother house. Other feed stuff this week. Josh ripped on Natalie constantly over the weekend for her misspelling of cereal. Yet, Josh goes up in the food competition and misspells chicken. LOL. I thought I would add some more to the conversation that got shown on Tuesday's episode where Natalie got insulted by all the negativity and left the room. I watched this whole conversation as it happened and what really got her fired up was her telling the people in the room what she was wanting to do with the fame after the show. She talked about being an actress and other things that she wanted to do. The room especially Matt told her that it would never happen. That is when she got mad and left the room saying she didn't want to be around the negativity telling the others in the house that you should never shoot down other people's dreams. The veto competition with the pool table looking deal was given to the houseguests the night before. I watched several of them practice on it for a while as Big Brother said they could practice as long as they wanted, even all night. There was an oops moment last night on the live feeds when they accidentally leaked audio of Chelsia getting interviewed in the diary room. Someone messed up by letting that audio leak out over the feeds but it was fun to listen to how they conduct the interviews. About 25 minutes was how long the audio leak went on for!! We heard the whole thing.

Tonight's Survivor had an injury sending one competitor out of the game, another asking to go home, and talk about blindsiding a strong player to send them home. First, Jonathan had to leave the game due to his leg injury. He toughed it out for a while including him staying really tough during that reward challenge that he helped Airai win. He was checked by the medic who told him that the treatment so far had not worked as the infection was spreading. If it continued to spread, it could have ended up being life threatening. He left the game and there were a lot of tears. It's always disappointing to see someone have to leave the game under those circumstances and he was tough battling that injury. Jason and Chet were sent to exile island. Jason found Ozzy's fake immunity idol and then returned to his tribe before the immunity challenge declaring to the whole group that he thought Ozzy had the idol. Now, Ozzy has the real one and Jason has the fake one. Immunity went to Airai who went with a strategy of James and gang holding that pole solid getting Eliza and Parvati across the water. You were supposed to use two of them to get them across but they were able to use one. WOW!! Chet asked his tribe to send him home complaining about his foot which he thought had problems as well. However, Erik and Tracy tried to talk him into staying and blindsiding Ozzy. Ami said that she'd vote that way as well if they could talk Chet into staying. They couldn't though and Chet was voted out.

Janet Jackson had to back out of her appearance on this weekend's Saturday Night Live due to the flu. Well, SNL has already made a replacement and has gotten Mariah Carey to replace her as the musical guest.

I've been reading stuff saying that ER may be coming back next season on NBC. Talks are reportedly underway with Warner Brothers to bring the show back.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 18th.
Adventures of Robin Hood (Season One), Battlestar Galactica (Season Three), Bionic Woman (Volume One), Married With Children (Season Eight), McHale's Navy (Season Three), The Untouchables (Season Two - Volume One), The Wild, Wild West (Season Four).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
A clip of my favorite rookie show of this TV season.

That's it for this edition of the Wrap Up. Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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