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March 20, 2008 - How I Met Your Mother Returns, NCAA, Survivor, Smallville, Big Brother, & More

Ah, the NCAA tournament is underway. This is a lot of fun to watch every year. The first rounds are my favorite with the crazy upsets. Nothing happening today made me shred my bracket picks. There is always tomorrow though. LOL.

How I Met Your Mother returned Monday night with a very funny St. Patrick's Day episode. Ted's night out with Barney went, well, like most nights end up when you're out with Barney. LOL. The stuff with Lily and Marshall's crooked apartment was funny stuff. They were set to move into their apartment when they realized a problem with it. Well, Marshall and Robin actually noticed it when Marshall's picture wouldn't hang on the wall straight. The whole apartment was at a slant. They put the Champaign on the floor and it rolled all the way to the wall. To not freak out Lily, Marshall came up with the idea to tell her that they saw a ghost. Why the panic? They had spent all their money on this new home. Anyway, it turned out pretty funny which resulted in them rolling on a skateboard out into the hallway. They're back in the old apartment till they get the other one fixed. Yellow umbrella alert. The future woman that we've been waiting to meet that ends up with Ted was at the same party that Barney and Ted were at. The end of the episode saw him find the umbrella and use it leaving the building. Next week's episode is the episode featuring Britney Spears guest appearance (wow, that was a quick turnaround to shoot that and get it on the air) and there is also something I read earlier in the week that we may see a return to the Robin Sparkles story in the future this season.

The week in Big Brother. This week was a revenge week for James as he looked to get even for his eviction last week. James won HOH in the endurance competition last week that lasted over four hours. James and Natalie fought it out for HOH at the end. Natalie was looking strong throughout but she faded at the very end when she got dehydrated. Natalie made a deal with James that if she dropped, James wouldn't put up herself or Matt. James agreed and Natalie bailed out. James spent several days trying to figure out who the three votes were to keep him out of the house. Sheila admitted to being one of them. Ryan was the other. So, that left him with Matt or Adam on being the vote to keep him out. James put up Ryan and Sheila on the nomination block. The veto competition was held and it was won by James as well. That left him being able to do whatever he wanted to do. He originally thought that Adam was the one that was the vote against him coming back. However, Sharon figured it out and told James that it was indeed Matt who didn't vote James back in. James took that as lying saying that ruined what was going to be their starting with a clean slate. James used the veto on Sheila and put up Matt in her place. The results of that saw Matt break down crying conceding defeat. Matt got fired up by Adam and put into motion a plea to keep himself in the house. His talk did work on Sheila. He talked to Sharon, Chelsia, and Sheila asking him what he had actually done to the three of them to make them vote him out especially with Ryan having either put them up on the block or taking money away from them. It won Sheila over and she voted for Matt to stay. The voting saw a tie vote of three a piece with Sheila, Natalie, and Adam voting to evict Ryan while Sharon, Chelsia, and Josh voted to evict Matt. That left it up to the HOH to cast the deciding vote. James voted to evict Matt. Next up was the HOH competition that came down to Adam and Chelsia. Adam wins and is the new HOH.

What a difference one week makes in the house. The results of the veto ceremony played out with Matt put up for eviction by James. It's funny that the people that were loving life, laughing, and doing all kinds of taunting last week suddenly had the same thing happen to them that they did the week before. However, they weren't taunting this week. Things weren't tense though this time around with the results but then there wasn't a big taunting display over the move in the game either. I just don't get how Matt, Natalie, Ryan, and Adam didn't think that James wouldn't hold anything against them for his eviction. Matt also told Natalie during the HOH competition to take James's deal saying that she could go back on it. I said this last week but this is how it always plays out in Big Brother, everything is fine and fair game until it happens to the target. Interesting that Julie revealed to the houseguests that Alex was the vote winner to come back in the house. The reaction was fun to watch. If I'm not mistaken, James told the houseguests last week that it was Jen that was voted to come back. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying that. Last night's show did a segment on catching up with Dick and Daniele. It is interesting to hear what previous houseguests have to say about this season. Whether you like Dick or not, he speaks what he thinks. I've enjoyed listening to him on House Calls cause he definitely calls it like he sees it.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Not a whole lot really. The stuff following Matt's veto replacement was interesting. I figured things would be very ugly in the house just like last week but it really wasn't. Matt gave up immediately thinking he had no chance in staying. Natalie was upset. The show did some interesting editing with Matt's plan of trying to stay in the house. They tried to show it like Adam's speech was before he tried the tactic of the birthday deal. His plea of not wanting to be alone on his birthday was something he talked about not long after the veto ceremony as he was still crying about everything.

What has happened since last night's live show: SPOILER ALERT!! I am wondering if Adam meant to win HOH or not. He did tell Josh that he didn't want to win it. He got his HOH room and began to talk immediately to house guests on their opinions of who should go up. Adam targeted James and Chelsia to go up. A luxury competition was held at midnight Big Brother time with Sheila and Josh winning a movie night. Nominations have been made with James and Chelsia on the block. The veto competition is set to take place tomorrow morning and the host appears to be the winner of Big Brother 8, Dick. I don't know what truth there is to it but there is talk that he may be waking the houseguests up for it. I'm hoping that its true and please give him some pats and pans. LOL.

Survivor was moved to last night due to the NCAA tournament. The show had two people eliminated once again with one having the game finally just wearing them completely down and the other with the usual tribal council. The reward challenge had Malakai win which gave them a spa treatment. However, they had to send someone to exile island and then one of their own. Jason was sent to exile while Tracy was asked to take one for the team and volunteer to go. She reluctantly agreed. While Malakai was enjoying their reward, Airai was getting beaten up by the terrible weather. It looked absolutely miserable and it was Kathy's breaking point. She had been struggling already but that bad weather night just broke her. The next morning, she told the tribe that she was going to have to leave the game cause she couldn't take it anymore. Jeff Probst was brought out on the boat where he talked to Kathy and to the tribe. He said that he wasn't there to talk her out of it but was instead there to figure out exactly what was going on. So, Kathy left the game. Airai goes into the immunity challenge with another member down yet on a winning streak. Airai makes a comeback and wins immunity. Who would get voted out? The wheels seemingly started to turn on getting rid of Ozzy as far as the editing goes. Cirie seemed all for it as she had already clashed with him earlier on in the episode over going out farther in the boat than she wanted. There was also talk about how close Erik and Ozzy had become. Ami seems ready to turn on Ozzy but just keeps waiting for the right moment. The moment was not in this episode as Tracy was voted out. Cirie was cracking me up in this episode with her interview footage especially where she was talking about the shower stuff with Ozzy, Amanda, and Ami during the spa reward. It was also funny hearing her talk about the relationship between Ozzy and Erik.

Tonight's Smallville saw some big happenings going on that leave me wondering just what is going on with Lionel Luthor anyway? Is there more going on with him that we didn't know about? It sure seems that way. Was he protecting Clark or was Patricia trying to help Clark? Chloe and Lana worked together in what was a nice flashback of previous seasons. They tracked down Kara and then Chloe took her to the fortress to plea for her powers and memory to be given back so she could help save Clark. It was nice to see Kara get to save the day for Clark. Clark is definitely seeing that he can't trust the Luthors at all. Is a Luthor power play about to be made?

This week's American Idol saw round two of McCartney stuff. It seems like the overall opinion from fans was that one week was enough. The performances were a lot of fun last week but just didn't have that fun this week. I'd say that most of the contestants struggled and some of the contestants weren't taking the criticism of the judges well. Not sure if it was the song choice that got them or if the performances themselves weren't as good. With some, it could be either. I said how Carly is my favorite so far this season but I wasn't liking her performance this week. The song just didn't match up with her. There weren't actually many of the performances that I liked and, to back that up, I don't even have one that pops into my head at the moment. Anyway, bottom three this week was Kristy Lee Cook, Amanda Overmyer, and Carly Smithson. Wow, I was thankful to see Carly get sent back cause the competition would have lost a lot of punch without her in it. Going home this week was Amanda. With this bottom three, it just goes to show that anything can happen as always. Keep voting for who you like cause you never know who may end up going home regardless of whether you think someone is safe or not.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Horton Hears A Who! - $45 million. 2. 10,000 B.C. - $16.8 million. 3. Never Back Down - $8.6 million. 4. College Road Trip - $7.8 million. 5. Vantage Point - $5.5 million. 6. The Bank Job - $5.1 million. 7. Doomsday - $4.9 million. 8. Semi-Pro - $3 million. 9. The Other Boleyn Girl - $2.9 million. 10. Spiderwick Chronicles - $2.3 million.

I've been watching basketball for a long time but never have I seen a scene like what happened Friday night at the SEC tournament. If you missed it, a tornado struck downtown Atlanta during overtime of a SEC tournament game at the Georgia Dome. It was definitely a scary scene there and I can't imagine being either one of those teams that had to go out there and finish that game after going through something like that. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Atlanta that is dealing with the effects of those nasty storms. Here is a video of the SEC game that has the footage as it happened live.

Carrie Underwood is set to become a member of The Grand Ole Opry. She will be inducted on May 10th in Nashville. I was actually thinking about a year or so ago that with as many appearances that she does there that she should definitely be invited to become a member. Now, she will be. I'm sure she has to be thrilled with that news.

A follow up to last week's 90210 spin off news. It definitely appears to be happening and things could get very busy with it very quickly. I've read some stuff about what the overall story is going to be like and it appears to be very similar as far as profiles to what the original cast was like when attending West Beverly High with a modern spin on them. There is talk that there may be original cast members participating in it somehow. I am interested to see if they tie the original series to it much. I guess they could always have the younger family members in it if they chose to such as maybe Andrea's kid or, hey, even Kelly's little sister. They'd be around high school age by now. It's got my interest.

I was hoping to have some Buffy season eight comic thoughts for you this week but I haven't had the opportunity to do some reading. I'll see what I can do for next week.

Add the A-Team to the latest show making a comeback. I say show but it is being turned into a movie. John Singleton is directing the movie which will be released in theatres in 2009.

I got an email last week wanting to let my readers know about a new show on HGTV called Myles Of Style. The show features Design Star 2 winner, Kim Myles using her talent to help people change the design of rooms from ordinary to anything but ordinary. She'll also do this change on a smaller affordable budget. The show airs on Thursdays at 7:30pm central time on HGTV. For more info on the show, head over to:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 25th. Arthur (Season Ten), Baldwin Hills (Season One), The Invisible Man (Season One), Painkiller Jane (Complete Series), Party Of Five (Season Three), Sliders (Season Four), The Vice (Season One), Wings (Season Six).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Scary Maze reaction. Who hasn't been emailed that Scary Maze trick? The maze that you do and try to avoid hitting the sides only to have a scary woman come up on the screen and scare you. Yeah, I think my reaction to that maze trick involved having my heart jump into my throat. LOL.

Wishing everyone a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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