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March 6, 2008 - Idol Top 12, CW Renewals, NBC Summer, & More

Let's get into this week's edition of the Wrap Up. Got some various things to talk about from the TV world.

Last night's rules change in Big Brother could shake this season up for me. I haven't enjoyed this season much at all. Splitting into pairs could make these people actually, well, play the game. Maybe this will see the Real World season of Big Brother get changed up in the rest of the game. I'm hoping that this puts a kick into this season. First, let's talk about what all happened this week.

Happenings of the week. Last week, Josh and Sharon won HOH in an easy effort. They put up Ryan & Allison and Matt & Natalie for eviction. The veto competition takes place and it is won by Matt & Natalie. They used the veto on themselves and Josh & Sharon put up Adam & Sheila in their place. The houseguests got a letter earlier in the week saying that a twist was coming and to gather in the living room when they hear the siren that was played for them. Last night's live show saw the rules changed for this season. Allison and Ryan get voted out on a 2-0 vote but the door is locked not allowing them to get out the door. The siren finally sounds and everyone gathers back in the living room including the evicted houseguests. Julie Chen announces that the couples are now over as it is now everyone playing individually for the rest of the game. Also, one member of the evicted couple is still going home after a live vote. Well, anyone besides me say bye bye Allison after hearing that news. LOL. It was easy to know that she was going home after what had occurred in the house this week. Allison gets evicted on a 6-0 vote. The first individual HOH competition takes place and the winner ends up being Ryan. Ryan goes from out the door to the new HOH. That is the way things go in the Big Brother house over the years. That happened a ton last year with people being almost evicted right to the power position. The twists aren't over though. A twist was announced at the end of the show where someone will be coming back in the house. This was NOT told to the houseguests though. The viewers get to vote between all six evicted houseguests with which one you want to see come back into the game. Interesting that the voting does not close until March 11th so that means that the returning houseguest won't happen until next week. Here is the link to vote on who you want to vote back into the house:
Now, the question is who turns on who? Who will stick together as an alliance? I could see Josh and Sharon sticking together. Sheila and Adam are done. Matt and Natalie are done. James and Chelsia will likely stick together but I tend to think that something will happen that will separate them. Did you notice on the live show how quickly people moved on the couches after the couples are done announcement? Matt could not have moved to the other side more quickly and Natalie looked very sad.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Wow, Allison had no chance. Remember when I said that Amanda had been stirring up way too much stuff which led to her eviction. Well, take what Amanda did and times it by about ten. LOL. She stirred up a ton in the house and Josh was completely ready to put her up for eviction. She tried all kinds of planning to save herself throughout the week but kept telling everyone something different. Just bizarre strategy from her through the whole game. Everyone had figured out her lies and no one believed anything that she said anymore. So, an evicted houseguest is returning. If I had to guess on who it would be that returns, I will say Amanda. Either her or Alex. I don't know if the viewers are that into the other four. I'd be stunned if Allison returned. I would be interested to see what kind of game that Alex could play on his own. It was funny to see Matt flirting with Sharon this week kissing her for game play. Well, Sharon isn't being played. Her talk on the show about Matt's game playing was very funny. She's playing the game right back at him.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
Hey new trivia!! What is that? The non-live feeders may be asking that. When there is a competition taking place, the feeds go to Big Brother trivia. We've been reading the same trivia questions for years now. Last night, the trivia was updated with recent seasons and a new background behind the questions as well. About time!! Allison was working that house big time trying to get votes to stay. Funny moment when she went to James and Chelsia to figure out how they were voting. They wouldn't tell her and she said that she'd like to at least know. They then pointed out that Allison wouldn't tell Amanda last week. Allison got that play of hers put right back at her. She confronted Josh multiple times asking why he was so mad at her. He told her the same thing multiple times as well. Most of the week of the feeds was Allison working on trying to get votes. Not a whole lot of anything else going on.

What Has Happened Since Last Night's Live Show: SPOILER ALERT!!
The food competition was held earlier today and some of the house is now back on slop. Sheila, Josh, Chelsia, and Sharon are on slop for the week. Nominations were made tonight and Ryan put up Sharon and Chelsia. Ryan told Chelsia earlier in the day that she was going up but would be the pawn. You know what happens in this game with being pawns. Chelsia is not happy at all being the pawn but people are assuring her that she is fine. It does appear so far that Sharon is Ryan's target this week. With pawns in Big Brother history, I know I wouldn't feel good about being the pawn to get someone else evicted.

If you are a DirecTV subscriber and want to watch more Big Brother without having the live feeds, you're in luck. DirecTV is offering a free preview this weekend of Showtime that has already begun tonight. Big Brother After Dark is a three hour live feed show that is shown on Showtime 2 from 11pm-2am central time every night. It's like watching the live feeds but having it on TV instead of your computer. It is unedited and uncensored. I will warn you ahead of time that you NEVER know what is going to be happening in that house over night. So, tune in to After Dark knowing that ahead of time. Things have been calm in the house for the last few nights though.

I will be so glad when some scripted shows start coming back with new episodes following the strike. I feel like all there is to talk about is reality TV for the last few months. There isn't much else going on in the entertainment world.

As a Smallville fan, I am so happy with the news from The CW this week. The CW announced season renewals for several of their shows for next season which included Smallville. Other shows returning for next season include One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, and Everybody Hates Chris. I've got to say that some of those surprise me especially with renewals this early on. Some of those shows don't get renewed until the week before the upfronts. The CW has also made some midseason moves with their schedule. Beginning Monday, April 21st, The CW will have One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl on the same night. That will be the first night that they will be paired together although One Tree Hill will move to Monday nights beginning on April 7th.

Don't forget that Smallville returns with new episodes one week from tonight on March 13th. A familiar face that we haven't seen in a long time will be making a return on that episode. It looks really good by the previews.

NBC is going to be getting their summer season going earlier than normal this year. Part of the reason is due to the Summer Olympics happening on NBC in August. NBC announced that American Gladiators will return on May 12th. Other shows include: Last Comic Standing (May 22), Fear Itself (May 29), Nashville Star (June 9), Celebrity Circus (June 11), America's Got Talent (June 24), The Baby Borrowers (June 25).

The final twelve is set on American Idol and next week will begin the real competition. Guys and girls competing against each other for the first time beginning next week. Tonight saw two guys and two girls going home. Not any absolute stunners but I was surprised at the outcome of one of them. The girls going home were Kady Malloy and Asia'H Epperson. The guys going home were Luke Menard and Danny Noriega. I was surprised to see Danny go home especially being against Chikezie who has had a tough time so far in the voting rounds. He even looked surprised that Danny was going home. Not surprised to see Kady go home but there was something about her that I liked. This week's American Idol had an 80's theme to it with the contestants singing 80's songs. I really enjoyed this week as the guys and girls were both good. After watching the girls perform on Wednesday night, I didn't really have anyone that I thought should go home. My front runners that I am liking the most are Carly Smithson and Kristy Lee Cook. Really liked Carly's performance of "I Drove All Night". Also, I really liked Amanda's version of "I Hate Myself For Loving You". Ramiele Malubay won me over this week with her version of "Against All Odds". She is just this little girl with this powerhouse of a voice. I wasn't sure what to make of Paula's critique of Brooke White's version of "Love Is A Battlefield". Paula wasn't crazy about it because it was very different from the original as she is a big fan of the song. That was what I liked about it was that it was a different version. It was this nice acoustic version that I wasn't expecting at all. The rest of the judges liked it. When I was watching her perform it, I was thinking that she definitely made that song her own. That is my problem with the judges sometimes. They say over and over to make the song your own. When they do it, like Brooke did, they get critiqued for it cause it wasn't like the original. With the guys, Jason Castro got my attention this week with his performance. I also thought David Cook was a standout this week as well. This is the first week for me where the guys stood out more from each other. Most of the guys performances have just kind of run together for me and I have yet to figure out some of their names. I know just about all the girls names at this point cause they are quite a bit different in style, performance, and personality. Like I said, this was the first week where I enjoyed the guys' performance show as much as the girls' performance show. Here is your top twelve: Carly Smithson, Ramiele Malubay, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, Syesha Mercado, Amanda Overmyer, Jason Castro, David Cook, David Hernandez, David Archuleta, Michael Johns, and Chikezie. Get to voting for your favorite next week!!

Survivors, you may drop your buffs. The tribes are shaking up. Jeff Probst had that announcement tonight as things switched up on tonight's Survivor. Everyone was given a bag to pick balls out of to see who would be the leaders of each tribe. Airai had Natalie as the leader while Malakai had Ozzy. They started picking tribe members in a school yard style. The only catch was that they had to pick someone opposite of them such as either favorite or fan. Each person that was picked was then the next one to make the pick on who would also join the team. This is how it all shook out. Malakai has Ozzy, Joel, Amanda, Eric, Ami, Tracy, Cirie, and Chet. Airai has Natalie, James, Alexis, Jonathan, Jason, Parvati, Kathy, and Eliza. Airai immediately got a camp upgrade when the favorites realized how bad the shelter conditions were there. The favorites joining the tribe had a plan and executed it immediately making things much better. James had a comment seeing how they set up their fire right by the rising water tide saying he was surprised that the tribe "was still alive". Rough reward challenge that saw teams of two competing in a tag like event where you had to grab the flag off of the duo that you are chasing. Several injuries in this one cause you were basically being dragged along by who was running first. Parvati, Ami, and Jonathan all got hurt with some worse than others. Joel and Chet ended up losing the last round to Eliza and Parvati which gave Airai the victory. The loss mostly resulted form Joel dragging Chet along and ramming him into stuff which also saw him hit his head at one point. Jonathan was treated by the medics later for his leg. The previews for next week show that things may get much worse with an infection with his leg. The immunity challenge saw Airai get another victory with Eliza helping call the shots on putting the puzzle together. Chet was doing the puzzle calling on the other side but didn't get a lot of help from Joel who began calling the shots on his own. It was decided by several to vote out Chet. However, a change was on the way in the way of Cirie who saw that the weaker people were being targeted which she included herself in. Cirie went to Chet and Tracy to get things going to get Joel voted out. Well, it worked and it caught several by surprise. Joel is voted out and was completely stunned. Next week's Survivor preview showed Jonathan getting more bad medical news while it appears that Jason may be finding Ozzy's fake hidden immunity idol. Looks like a can't miss episode next week.

Movie box office numbers for this past weekend. 1. Semi-Pro - $15.1 million. 2. Vantage Point - $12.8 million. 3. Spiderwick Chronicles - $8.7 million. 4. The Other Boleyn Girl - $8.2 million. 5. Jumper - $7.6 million. 6. Step Up 2 - $5.7 million. 7. Fool's Gold - $4.4 million. 8. No Country For Old Men - $4.1 million. 9. Penelope - $3.8 million. 10. Definitely Maybe - $3.4 million.

Friday Night Lights may still have life after all. This show is definitely the little engine that could. Much respect to the fans and everyone that are trying to keep this show alive. There is said to be a deal almost in place between NBC and DirecTV to produce a new season of the show. No word on how the show would air with this arrangement but I've read different speculation on it. This is definitely good news for all the Friday Night Lights fans.

I forgot to mention this last week but new episodes are now airing of Little People Big World on TLC. New episodes premiered this past Monday night.

It looks like fans of 24 will get something this fall to watch. A movie is said to be in the works that would be a prequel to season seven. The new season of 24 won't premiere until January.

Ten years ago. What were the top ten movies at the box office on this weekend ten years ago? Well, here you go. 1. Titanic - $17.6 million. 2. US Marshalls - $16.8 million. 3. The Wedding Singer - $6.1 million. 4. Twilight - $5.8 million. 5. Hush - $5.7 million. 6. The Big Lebowski - $5.5 million. 7. Good Will Hunting - $5.1 million. 8. As Good As It Gets - $3.2 million. 9. Dark City - $2.8 million. 10. The Borrowers - $2 million.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 11th.
Slow week with TV on DVD releases. Love, American Style (Season One - Volume Two), The Mod Squad (Season One - Volume Two).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Does this ever happen on your newscast? LOL.

That is all for this Wrap Up. Just not a lot happening in the entertainment world this week overall. I hope each and every one of you have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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