Saturday, March 8, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Live Feed Update - 3/8/08

12:00am - SPOILER ALERT!!! Slow day for me today so I've been watching the feeds for most of the day. I really do wonder about the lack of game play of most of this cast at times. Here is some of the recent happenings in the house. The veto competition has taken place and the veto was won by Chelsia. She is currently up on the block against Sharon. Other happenings of the veto competition was that Sheila has to wear a unitard for a week just like Jen did last season. It also appears that Adam won a motorcycle while Ryan won some money. Sharon won a slop pass. The veto ceremony has not taken place yet. What will happen now that the veto is in play? Well, I have no clue. I've said over and over how this house flips every hour. There was talk about putting Matt up in Chelsia's place but, so far, that doesn't appear to be happening. In fact, the latest talk is that Ryan is going to put James up in Chelsia's place and the plan would be to evict James. That appears to be happening without a doubt at the moment but that could change an hour from now. Chelsia's mood changed dramatically after returning from the diary room at one point tonight leading to speculation from live feed viewers that the diary room leaked some information that James may be going up. The diary room would never do that. LOL. They only did that several times last year. Chelsia has been roaming around very nervous and has Josh all panicked cause she feels like things are about to get turned on them. Her and Josh were pointing out how Ryan, Matt, and Natalie have been hanging out a lot more than they normally do. Chelsia is planning on talking to Ryan about things but she can't get him alone cause Matt has been glued to him all day. Chelsia is saying that she is thinking about telling Ryan that she feels that she has the votes to stay and not use the veto on herself to see how Ryan would react. If Chelsia even thinks about pulling a Marcellas and not using the veto, it would likely be a game ending decision for her getting her voted out. Sharon has been mostly laying low today with either sleeping or reading. With the mood in the house tonight, it is really clear where the alliance lines are as some are their regular selves while others are looking very nervous and quiet. We'll find out more of what the plan is as the veto ceremony gets closer.

7:00pm - Update - Veto ceremony is over. Chelsia used the veto and Ryan put up James in her place. James against Sharon on the nomination block and it appears that James will be going home. Some of them were completely blindsided by the decision by Ryan and the veto meeting stirred up a lot of things. It also showed who was on whose side. The turn in the game got tempers immediately going after the conclusion of the veto ceremony and has continued all afternoon which resulted in name calling, pouring drinks on a house guest, hiding belongings, etc. I feel my maturity level plummeting down the longer that I watch these people. LOL. I like one person in the house and that is Sharon who just stays out of all this craziness. If you like drama, this has been the day to watch on the feeds. You really just keep watching wondering what in the world can possibly happen next? LOL

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