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November 21, 2007 - Strike, Slapsgiving, Chuck, and More

Hey everyone. I've got a Wrap Up coming to you a little earlier than normal due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is some good news and a glimmer of hope with the ongoing writers strike. Both sides are going back to the negotiating table on Monday. The only way anything is going to be settled is if they talk so this is definitely a positive.

Saturday Night Live returned to a live audience on Saturday night. Just not to TV of course. A reported 150 people got to be in the audience in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to see the show. Michael Cera was the host and Yo La Tengo was the musical act. The SNL event was done as a way to benefit the staff who has been hurt by the strike. Lorne Michaels was in attendance for the show. The performance was just like a regular SNL episode. Maya Rudolph was the only one of the regular cast to not attend. Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch returned to take part in it. I like reading that they are doing something like this to help out the staff cause the behind the scenes people all around are getting hurt bad cause of this strike.

NBC is apparently going to air some old Tonight Show episodes as the strike continues on. The five shows range from 1992 up to 2000. It appears that the episodes could be airing next week.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Beowulf - $27.5 million. 2. Bee Movie - $14 million. 3. American Gangster - $12.8 million. 4. Fred Claus - $11.9 million. 5. Mr. Magorium - $9.6 million. 6. Dan In Real Life - $4.3 million. 7. No Country For Old Men - $3 million. 8. Lions For Lambs - $2.8 million. 9. Saw IV - $2.2 million. 10. Love In The Time Of Cholera - $1.9 million.

Happy Slapsgiving from How I Met Your Mother this week. Fun episode with several different storylines going on. The first was the much hyped continuation of the slap bet. Marshall showed his website that he had launched with a slap bet countdown to Barney. He had it calculated down to the minute and it would end on Thanksgiving. Marshall continued to taunt a very nervous Barney throughout the episode. Then, we had Robin bringing an older guy that she had been dating to the group's Thanksgiving. The problem? Ted and Robin had a temporary lapse in their breakup and ended up sleeping together the night before. All these crazy things were going on around Lily who is working her hardest to get this dinner together. She finally got fed up with it and set everything straight including saying that no one was going to get slapped on Thanksgiving. Barney was thrilled and Marshall was heartbroken. The taunting then turned around with Barney rubbing it in that Marshall couldn't do anything. He mocked his countdown as the seconds were approaching to which Lily finally got fed up with Barney and told Marshall that he could slap him after all. Then, a big slap knocks Barney to the ground and Marshall does a theme song to it as well. Funny episode and the episode also gave us a nice closure to Ted and Robin's relationship where they realized that maybe they can be friends after all. Oh, and I am definitely going to start using that funny catchphrase with the "General Idea" and "Major Clean Up" with the salute and all. If you didn't see the episode, you have no clue what I am talking about. I thought it was a clever little joke to throw into the episode and ended up playing a major part at the end.

I have some theories after watching this week's Heroes. Yet another strong episode. This episode focused on the fathers and daughters. We had Noah & Claire and Bob & Elle. We saw that Noah was shot and killed but later appeared to heal up coming back to life. Hmm, I am wondering if he had been prepared for this moment and had injected some of Claire's blood into him in case something like this happened. That way he would always be able to take care of her. I don't know about you but when he was supposedly killed off, I really had this feeling of seeing Claire as really being alone in the world with no one capable of protecting her. That is my theory on him. However, did the company inject the blood to take care one of their own? Here is something else to throw out there. Any chance that he now has the virus? Elle and Bob. It really seemed like they got into Elle's head with it being revealed what had happened to her in her early life. I'm thinking she is going to turn on her dad and fight with the others against the company. Theories are really pointless with this show cause every time you think you have it figured out, they nail you with something else. I fully expect for my theories to be wrong. LOL.
The new Angel comic is now in stores. I have a copy on the way to me and will give my thoughts on it when I get it read. The comic picks up where the series finale left off. What happened in that final battle? We're about to find out.

This week's Chuck saw more progress made in the love triangle. Then, the triangle got more complicated. I was annoyed with how much was revealed in the promos for the episode which I am going to talk about in a moment. I really liked the moment with Chuck and Sarah when it appeared they were going to be blown up and then she laid a kiss on him just seconds before the time expired. Then, there was no explosion....except for the kiss which continued. Chuck decided to end things with Lou so he could end up with Sarah. The problem with that? Bryce is back. It was revealed at the end of the episode that he appears to be alive. We go from one triangle with two women and one man to now a triangle that involves two men and a woman. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

One thing that is becoming annoying with TV shows is the promos for the next episode. Is it me or is it getting much worse with how much of the episode that they are giving away before the episode even airs? My example this week was Chuck. Wow, that episode promo showed a TON more than I wanted to know about. The promo covers the whole love triangle including them showing Sarah kissing Chuck. I didn't want to know that was going to happen!! The way they did the promo was saying that something incredible was going to happen in the episode but the kiss wasn't it. I didn't want to know about the kiss!!! I watched the whole episode knowing that it was about to happen. I'm getting to the point now where I'm about to stop watching previews for next week's episodes of every show. I'm not picking on just Chuck as there are a TON of shows that are doing this.

Tonight's Kid Nation saw the election take place. Going back to my promo rant, they showed who won the election in the episode promo!!! I luckily didn't catch who everyone was that had made council in that clip cause the scene was so fast. I was surprised to see the whole council get replaced. Guylan pulled himself off the council and DK got on to the council unopposed. Zach was replaced by Blaine. Laurel was replaced by Michael. What a bummer. I like Michael too but Laurel has just been amazing the whole time she's been there. And....Anjay was replaced by Greg. The reaction of the town was not good at all when they realized who their council was going to be. Michael was the voice of reason throughout the episode while the other three stirred things up. Nice to see Michael step up for his district and actually the whole town. The new council (although I can't remember if Michael was there or not) threatened Taylor of not getting the town reward on whatever it might be if she did not work. She said that she still wasn't going to work. Later, the reward ended up being letters from home. They went against what they said and let Taylor have the letter. I was glad to see that. Even if she goes back to not working, it would just be completely wrong to not let her have a letter from her family. Good call there. Things got ugly between the town and the new council in this episode including the council threatening to not give the gold star to anyone. Laurel ended up being given the gold star. Pretty fitting that she won it on her first chance of actually being able to win it due to her previously being on the council. Very good episode tonight. Next week looks good as well with the decision of starting a school in the town.

One of my favorite shows ever, Charles In Charge, now has its second season released on DVD in stores now. Unfortunately no extras on the DVD set.

Jennie Garth was eliminated from this week's Dancing With The Stars. The finale will be next week with Helio Castroneves, Melanie Brown, and Marie Osmond.

Entertainment Weekly recently did a list of the Top 50 Greatest TV Icons. The top 10 rounded out to be (in order) Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Walter Croncite, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson, and Dick Clark.

To no surprise, Shrek The Third opened up at number one on the DVD sales and rental charts for the week.

I read something over the week saying that Journeyman may be in trouble on NBC. There is talk that the ratings for this previous Monday and next week may help decide the fate of the show. The talk also said something along the lines that NBC is only interested in the live ratings and not the DVR ratings or downloads. Well, I guess me and many others are out considering I don't watch it live. To make matters worse, a lot of the feedback on the show appears to be people that watch it online as well. I'd be disappointed to see this show canceled. It's not a can't miss show for me but I do enjoy the show.

The Munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz were given a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this week. This is great to hear!!

Dexter is doing big numbers for Showtime. The network announced that Dexter drew 1.23 million viewers for the episode that aired on Sunday. That topped the record for Soul Food in 2004 as Dexter now holds the record for the most watched episode of a Showtime series.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 27th.
Futurama (Bender's Big Score), Happy Days (Season Three), Laverne and Shirley (Season Three), Mork and Mindy (Season Three), The O.C. (Full Series Release).

TV Line Of The Week:

From Heroes:
"What 's your super power? Punching bag?" Elle to a nose bandaged Suresh.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Season One of Chad Vader comes to a close with episode eight. I love these Chad Vader clips!!

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!! If you're going to be traveling, have a safe trip to wherever your destination may be. Take care and God bless!!

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