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November 15, 2007 - Slap Bet Countdown Approaches, Heroes, Kid Nation, & More

No end in sight with the writers strike. The two sides aren't even talking at this point and haven't been talking for a while now. It would be nice if a mediator could be brought in to try and help settle this. I know it is tough watching my favorite shows knowing that there are very few new episodes left to air. Let's hope that everyone can at least start negotiating again.

It is looking more and more like Big Brother 9 will be starting up earlier cause of the strike. Rumors are swirling that February may be go time for the new season. News came out this week of many casting calls that will be going on across the nation. They're definitely getting prepared for the show to run if it is needed.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Bee Movie - $25.5 million. 2. American Gangster - $24 million. 3. Fred Claus - $18.5 million. 4. Lions For Lambs - $6.7 million. 5. Dan In Real Life - $6.0 million. 6. Saw IV - $4.9 million. 7. The Game Plan - $2.4 million. 8. 30 Days Of Night - $2.1 million. 9. P2 - $2.0 million. 10. Martian Child - $1.8 million.

Heroes creator, Tim Kring, did a recent interview where he basically apologized to the Heroes fans for how slow the current season has been going. He just seems to feel that mistakes have been made with how the plot has unfolded and how long while also the way that characters have been introduced. There has been a lot of debate about this season's Heroes with some fans not liking it and others liking it. Me? I'm fine with it. I know a lot of people are upset with things going slowly as far as plot but I realize that they are setting things up to run with the story. That is the attitude that I've had all along and I have a lot of patience when it comes to TV shows. I learned last season that it does play out like a comic. The story is going to continue to build and then they'll put it into high gear when they've got the story introduced like they want it. So, the pace hasn't bothered me. The only criticism that I've had is that I've felt that the Hiro back in time storyline continued on a bit long as I didn't expect it to go for as many episodes as it did. Now, I see where they were going with it. I'm still kind of up in the air with the storyline with Claire and her guy. But, I'll wait to see if they are going somewhere with it as well. I've enjoyed the season so far and the introduction of the story has really paid off in the last couple of weeks. This week's Heroes gave us a lot of answers as to what happened between the time period of the first season's finale and this season's premiere. This week saw how Peter and Adam Monroe came to know each other. Adam told Peter that they were trapped and being caged to keep them out from being in the world while having their powers taken away due to the medication. We also learned of how Elle and Peter knew each other as well. Welcome back to my TV Miss Kristen Bell. LOL. Peter and Adam escaped and Adam was able to use his blood to heal Nathan's burns. They then got out of there quickly so they wouldn't be found but were tracked down by Elle and the Haitian. They were split up and then we saw the Haitian wipe out Peter's memory to "help him". He said that Peter deserved to have a better life as he would never be able to have a normal life. So, that was when his memory was erased and he was found during the season premiere. We found out the fate of D.L. What a bummer as I liked that character. D.L. was shot and killed when he went to try and find Nikki who had left to LA. He presumed that Jessica had taken back over. She apparently now has another split personality named Gina which is who had taken control. We saw a lot of Bob in this episode and seeing how he plays into the lives of these people. Maya wiped out a whole wedding gathering when she discovered what she was able to do. Now, we know what led to them being so desperate to finding a cure for her. A fan did point out on a message board that we didn't find out what occurred with Sylar in that four month time period. Hmm, maybe we'll find that out later on.

On to tonight's Smallville. Lots of happenings tonight with some of it being stuff that is not completely understood as of yet. Clark's mother once again returned to Earth when Clark activated the crystal. Problem was that it also brought Zor-El which is Kara's father. His goals were obviously very different than everyone else's. Yeah, the full out eclipse gave a clue of that. LOL. He was stopped when the crystal was destroyed. With the crystal, along went his mother and also the disappearing of Kara as well. Kara turned up in Detroit but she apparently has no powers which I'm assuming due to her not looking very strong on trying to open up that locked door. She also has no clue who she is. Clark went back to Jor-El wanting to get Kara back. Jor-El wouldn't have any of it telling Clark once again that he had disobeyed him. It would result in....wait for it....consequences. Uh oh. I tend to remember one of the consequences from before was Jonathan. Does this mean a character is being killed off this season? Could it be Lana considering that she was the original consequence from before? Am I reading too much into this and it won't be something as big? We also got the nice twist on finding out who this Grant is from the Daily Planet. It's Julian who is apparently doing fine and being hidden away from Lionel. I wonder how Lex got all this going. Several questions that we'll have to get answered as the season goes along.

Alexis Bledel has signed on to star in a new movie. Variety is reporting that she will star in a comedy called Ticket To Ride. Her role will be that of Ryden Malby who moves back home with her family after graduating from college.

Glass shattering. That was the theme on this week's How I Met Your Mother as the friends kept pointing out each other's habits that drove each other crazy. The point was when you point out that bad habit to another that doesn't notice it, they then notice it all the time. Examples: loud crunching when eating, saying "literally" all the time, correcting people all the time, saying catchphrases in high pitched sounds, and more. The glass shattering would be heard as a general idea of that personality quirk being pointed out or that the glass would no longer keep it blocked out. Pretty funny episode and I'm completely paranoid about any quirks that I may have now. Don't tell me, just don't do it!! If I have any, just leave me with it and I apologize in advance!! LOL!!

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, the slap bet countdown clock is approaching zero. Tune in to the Thanksgiving episode on Monday night on CBS as the slap bet countdown ends.

I have to say that this week's episode of Chuck was probably my favorite of the season so far. The show has mostly been standalone episodes as far as storyline but this week saw a twist that will carry over for a little while anyway. This week saw the addition of guest star, Rachel Bilson, who was a customer named Lou that came into the Buy More in desperate need of having her cell phone fixed. She met Chuck and there was an instant spark between the two. The problem? Sarah is Chuck's pretend girlfriend as a cover for her to be around him with being an agent so she can keep an eye on him. There is an obvious little something between Chuck and Sarah but I think that Sarah is afraid to commit due to what happened with Bryce. Chuck finally just asked her if there was going to be anything between them and Sarah said no. Chuck finally decided to end the fake relationship telling Sarah that they were going to have to fake breakup. Chuck then immediately went to Lou as an earlier conversation showed that she was clearly interested in him. I liked this storyline twist as it is unfair for Chuck to not be able to find love due to his agent situation. This could turn out in two likely ways. Chuck will hit it off with Rue and the two will be happy. Option number two which I think could be the most likely is Chuck and Rue get together and makes Sarah jealous making her realize that she does want more with Chuck. Then, the two of them end up together for real. Fun episode.

Lots of moving and shaking on this week's Kid Nation when the council agreed to shake the districts up. Well, not all of them. Blaine was sent to the yellow district from the blue district which split him and Greg up. Emile was sent to the blue district from the red district. The move seemed to help her step her game up as she was miserable in the red district. Nathan was moved from the yellow district to the red district. He got a pretty bad reaction from the red district being brought over but, council leader, Guylan took most of the heat over the decision. Green district didn't gain anybody and didn't lose anybody as Laurel fought to keep her district intact. I know Laurel took some heat over being the one that didn't want to change any of her district but with all the drama that goes on with some of the other districts, who can blame her for wanting to keep her drama free district intact? Greg was furious over his best friend being switched to another district while Blaine saw it as a challenge to make his own mark with another district. The end of the episode saw the news of another election coming up and it promises to be a good one just like last time. Halfway through the episode, I predicted that we'd see Zach and Anjay replaced on the council. Now, I'm not so sure as it depends on who they're running against. We found out at the end of the episode about who would be running. After winning unopposed in the last election, Michael has stepped up to challenge Laurel in the green district. In the blue district, Greg is going to challenge Anjay. In the red district, DK is going to run against Guylan. In the yellow district, Blaine is going to run against Zach. This is going to be interesting and I'm not sure what is going to happen now that I have seen these pairings. With the red district, Guylan made it pretty clear that he has had it with being a councilman. I actually thought he'd just step down and two others run against each other. Guylan took a lot of heat from his district and actually the whole town during this episode. I think that DK will defeat Guylan to get on the council. Green district. I would like to see Laurel stay on the council as I've been a supporter of hers throughout the season. She may get a tough challenge from Michael though as he is very well liked and is a hard worker. That could end being a close race. Yellow district. I was really looking forward to Zach getting on to the council but I just don't know if he has delivered. I know yellow has had their faults of not working hard like the others but I don't think making fun of your district members who are homesick is helping things out. Blaine is a hard worker and a no nonsense kind of guy and I'm going to predict that he gets in. On to the blue district. This is going to be wild to watch this play out. I fully expected Anjay to be out as a council member until I see that he is going to face Greg. I am not sure what will happen here. I think Greg could be a good leader and he really shows that sometimes with how he helps people out. However, he has that temper of his and things end up being ugly at times when he gets mad. Will the district hold that against him? I still tend to think that Anjay will get voted out. Interesting that as the season moves on that the older kids are starting to head toward the council. Blaine and Greg are two of the oldest kids in town and they could be on the council. The last election episode was a fun hour of TV and I fully expect this to be more of the same. See how it plays out on Wednesday night on CBS.

To follow up on last week's news of the new Bring It On movie, I received news of a couple of new exclusive clips of the movie that are available. Head over to these links to check them out.

Allison Mack of Smallville is doing video blogs on her website. Her video blogs consist of her answering fan questions. This is such a great idea for her to do for the fans. If you want to check it out, head over to

James Marsters doesn't seem to having a problem in finding roles. He is reportedly set to star in the new Dragonball movie that will be released next year.

A couple of notes for the Buffy fans. If you've missed the beginning of the new season eight comics, the new novel: The Long Way Home is now available to buy. The book contains the first five issues contained in one book. Issue eight is also now available as well. I have really liked these new Buffy comics and highly recommend them if you're a fan of the show.

I have seen so many DVD commercials in the last couple of weeks of a lot of the summer movies making their way on to the shelves. Hopefully, I can get back to reviewing some movies here in the near future. There were a ton of summer movies that I never got the chance to see.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 20th.
The Batman (Season Four), C.S.I. (Season Seven), Chappelle's Show (Full Series), Charles In Charge (Season Two), The Doris Day Show (Season Five), Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (Season Two), Ice Road Truckers (Season One), Mission Impossible (Season Three), Teen Titans (Season Four), The Wild, Wild West (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week:
From The Hills
"I want to forgive you and forget you." - what Lauren had to say to Heidi on patching up their differences. Ouch.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
A clip to set you up for the continuation of the How I Met Your Mother slap bet.

Wishing all of you a great week!! Take care and God bless!!

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