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November 1, 2007 - Writer's Strike??, Joss & Eliza, Survivor

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Saw IV - $31.7 million. 2. Dan In Real Life - $11.8 million. 3. 30 Days Of Night - $6.8 million. 4. The Game Plan - $6.1 million. 5. Why Did I Get Married? - $5.6 million. 6. Michael Clayton - $4.9 million. 7. Gone Baby Gone - $3.8 million. 8. Nightmare Before Christmas - $3.4 million. 9. We Own The Night - $3.3 million. 10. The Comebacks - $3.3 million.

The big news of the week has revolved around something that has been brewing for some time now. The Writer's Guild Of America has been negotiating with the Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers. WGA appears ready to strike after not being able to come to a new agreement. The contract ended yesterday. The major problem leading to this seems to be the WGA wanting a bigger cut of the money that is being made off of online media such as streaming or downloading shows and also DVD sales. Studios have been rushing trying to get movies into production in anticipation of this strike looming. How will this effect things on TV? Well, most shows likely have scripts for several more episodes but then will run out of them due to the strike. This will definitely hurt shows like 24 which starts at midseason with airing on the schedule so they start shooting episodes later than most others. Late night TV will be shut down pretty much immediately. The networks have been getting prepared in advance of this coming with planning out their schedules. You'll likely see a TON of reality TV. You thought there was a lot of reality TV now? Just wait and see how much there will be if this strike happens and continues for a long time. The last strike happened in 1988 and lasted for five months. It was said that the strike in 1988 cost the TV and movie industry $500 million. Variety is reporting that the strike date could be Monday. This is something that the industry as a whole doesn't need at all. Let's hope that this doesn't happen again and a deal can be worked out!!

So much for that Heroes spinoff that was set to debut in midseason. NBC has apparently canceled what was going to be called Heroes: Origins. The show was going to be on during the Heroes hiatus in the spring and be a six episode spinoff introducing new characters. The reason behind the show not happening is it appears that NBC is getting antsy over the Writers Guild strike and didn't want to commit to it with the strike looming.

Here was a huge surprise of news today for Buffyverse fans. No, it has nothing to do actually with Buffy but we have a reunion pairing going to TV. News came out that Joss Whedon is set to jump back into the TV world to be the head of a new show starring Eliza Dushku. The show called, Dollhouse, has been picked up for seven episodes by Fox. How did this happen? Reports say that Eliza signed a developmental deal with Fox and wanted Joss Whedon to do the show. She invited him to dinner and the two brainstormed on the show coming up with a concept. Eliza was determined to get him involved and she got her wish. The show is about a group of people that are programmed with different personalities to do different tasks. The personality depends on what the task is but then after the task is completed, it is all erased. Eliza will play Echo who will apparently be the one that will start to remember stuff from the past after not having everything completely wiped out and try to figure it all out. Tim Minear, who worked on Angel and Firefly, will be a writer/producer on this show as well. This will be the first series for Whedon since Firefly. This is very exciting and these two have been wanting to pair up together on a project for a long time now. I'm in for watching it!! We'll have to wait and see when it gets put on the schedule and the strike may effect that as well.

Samantha Who? has been picked up for a full season from ABC.

Carrie Underwood's new album, Carnival Ride, debuted at number one on the charts selling 527,000 copies. How does it compare to her first week sales of her first album? Some Hearts sold 315,000 copies in its first week to debut at number two. Definitely a huge jump. With being compared to other American Idol alumni albums first week sales, she only trails Clay Aiken's Measure Of A Man album that sold 613,000 in its first week.

NBC said this week that they are going with the planned schedule with their late night lineup. There has been talk most of this year wondering if NBC might back out and keep Leno around instead of bringing Conan on to The Tonight Show. NBC said that the plan is still to have Leno step aside for Conan in 2009. Leno has said that he is not ready to retire from TV and NBC is working to try to keep him at NBC in another position. I've read that Fox appears to be interested in Leno. This is such a tough deal here with Leno and Conan. Leno is still very successful with The Tonight Show and it's the old theory of if it isn't broke, don't fix it. However, Conan has been waiting to move up for a long time now and has shown a lot of patience. I'm a fan of both of theirs obviously and can see both points of view on it.

On to tonight's Survivor. If you missed the show tonight, you missed one of the most memorable moments in Survivor history. Wow, talk about a harsh way to get voted off of Survivor!! We saw it tonight!! You may remember a couple of weeks ago when Jaime and Peih-Gee threw an immunity challenge so they could vote either James or Aaron out. They then laughed about it too and made it extremely obvious that they threw it. James was furious saying that you should never throw a challenge. Aaron was voted out and James was going to be the next one voted out. James's old tribe found the immunity idol and knew that he was in trouble. On a reward, they gave him the immunity idol that had been found so he could save himself. They also told him where to find it so he could get the other one at his tribe home to give back to them. Last week, the plan was set for James to throw the challenge so his tribe would lose thus having him to be voted out. He would then present the immunity idol and one of the other three would go home. That didn't work out when James and crew still couldn't lose despite James trying to throw it and the other tribe trying hard to win. It was really disappointing to watch last week as I knew it was going to be a great Survivor moment. However, tonight made it all worthwhile in waiting a week!! James was shown getting the second immunity idol. However, the blank space where it was removed was attention grabbing. Jaime pointed out that she wondered if it was an immunity idol that had been removed. It should be noted that the board was on each side so one side was an idol and the other was just a board with the same design. James had taken both down and didn't put the non idol board back up. Jaime sees the board laying on the ground and picks it up. While James is away from camp in the dark, she reaches into his bag and feels two immunity idols. Jaime decides that she must have an idol too. James realizes later that the board that was on the ground was missing which makes him think that someone had a fake immunity idol. That is exactly what happened. The tribes merged and Frosti won the immunity challenge. The plan was set into place as James had told everyone that he thought Jaime had the fake idol. They were all begging for her to present it at tribal council. I was too!! LOL. The voting concludes and Jeff goes to read the votes. Jaime stops it saying that she had found something asking if it was an immunity idol. She presents it to Jeff and Jeff looks at it and says that it isn't. Then, he throws it in the fire. Jaime is then voted out of the game. Unbelievable!!!! What didn't help her cause is a lot of the things that she said leading up to this tribal council to other people and in her interviews. I loved it to be honest. Nothing against her personally obviously cause it's all a game. I wasn't crazy about throwing the challenge a couple of weeks ago and their laughing about it was just kind of rubbing it in. I've never liked someone going through someone else's stuff like she did on tonight's show. My question is if she knew that what she had wasn't an immunity idol, would she have taken one of the idols in James's bag? She said in her goodbye speech that she knew she shouldn't have trusted James. Hello??!! You were throwing challenges to get him voted out. Jaime and her crew were really pushing James hoping that he was still with them. How can he still be with them when they were looking to kick him out? So Jaime is going to end up going down in Survivor history for what happened tonight. Ouch but it was great TV.

I couldn't believe it but, I kid you not, I was hearing Christmas music after midnight last night on one of the music channels. Halloween ends and we go right into Christmas. Unreal.

Is it me or does the special edition DVD thing seem to be getting out of hand? For a while now, there have been movies being released on DVD only to have ANOTHER special edition with a catchy title come out a few months later that contain more extras not on the original release. Several movies have been being released with multiple versions. One version will have just the movie. The second version will have the movie and tons of extras. However, there is often another release down the line of an "Ultimate" edition or something like that which contains more new extras. One complaint I've really had lately is with the TV on DVD stuff. I am all for releasing complete series sets but I just don't like that those are containing extras that aren't seen in the original sets. It just leaves people hanging that have been buying the season sets as they have been released. Then, they get no option of getting the extra stuff unless they buy it all again in the complete series set. I've heard of several people putting their original season sets on Ebay and getting rid of them to get the money to buy the new sets. Several series sets are putting out exclusive boxes to store their sets in. Those are nice obviously but I'm not going to spend money AGAIN on stuff that I already have. When the Friends complete series set was released a while back, Warner Brothers offered the exclusive box up for sale to people that wanted it. It sold out quickly and it was really a nice gesture to the fans that have been buying the sets as they were released. Just give people an option to get the exclusives that they are going to miss out on with these complete sets. How many times can you expect consumers to buy the same stuff over and over? It may end up hurting initial sales on movie DVD's especially as I've been reading more and more about fans not going out and buying DVD's automatically thinking that another "special edition" will be released later down the line.

If you haven't watched the commentaries on any of the Smallville DVD's, I highly recommend checking them out. They are a ton of fun. You learn quite a bit and also laugh quite a bit too.

I don't even watch Dancing With The Stars but I knew this was a shocker when I read it. Sabrina Bryan was voted off this week. I was shocked cause I figured that she'd do very well on the show with her dancing background. I then saw her dance this morning on a TV appearance and she was amazing. What is with her being voted off??!!

The new season of The Amazing Race kicks off this Sunday night on CBS. Keep in mind that the football games tend to run over sometimes (well, actually most of the time) so keep that in mind if you're recording or just watching. The games often run over and push back 60 Minutes and then also The Amazing Race.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 6th.
The Andy Williams Show (Best Of), Beetle Bailey and His Friends (Collection), The Bob Hope Show (Ultimate Collection), The Colbert Report (Best Of), The Cosby Show (Seasons Five & Six), Flight Of The Conchords (Season One), Full House (Season Eight, Full Series Box Set), Gilligan's Island (Full Series), House Of Venus (Season One), The King Of Queens (Full Series), Martin (Season Three), McLeod's Daughters (Season Four), Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (Season Three), Payback (Season Two), Project Runway (Season Three), Seinfeld (Season Nine, Full Series Box Set), Sesame Street (1974-1979), The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson (Collection), Wildfire (Season Two), Wings (Season Five), Wonder Woman (Full Series), X-Files (Full Series).

TV Line Of The Week:
I only watched this for about one minute but cracked up at this line. Sara Evans was on Foxworthy's Big Night Out and she was given a challenge to smell two different things to decide what smelled worse. Both were awful and she actually had to pull away joking that she wasn't acting at the smell. One of the guys responded to her by saying something along the lines of "those aren't suds in a bucket". That is obviously the title of a hit song of hers if you aren't familiar with her music. Pretty funny.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Some computer rage at work. LOL

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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